Hummus (chickpea paste); tahini (sesame seed paste); chilli; cocktail onions; prepared olives; anchovies; baked beans; beans, preserved; pickles; pickled vegetables; kimchi (fermented vegetable dish); prepared salads; coleslaw; prepared soups; miso soup; pastes made from nuts; jellies, jams, compotes; conserves; relishes (pickles); stock (prepared); liquid stock; meat based stock; edible oils and fats; coconut oil; cocoa butter; coconut butter; coconut cream; coconut milk for cooking; coconut flakes; food products made from nuts; mixtures of nuts and dried fruits; nuts, prepared; roasted nuts; chickpeas; bombay mix; coated peanuts; candied nuts; salted nuts; cooked vegetable chips; cooked fruit chips; crisps; vegetable based snack food products; snack foods made from extruded vegetables; vegetable extracts for food; potato based snack food products; canned fish; canned vegetables; pre-prepared meals consisting primarily of meat, fruit or vegetables (including fresh and frozen); burgers (meat patties); falafel; curry (prepared meals with or without rice); frozen seafood products; frozen vegetables; frozen potato products; fruit and vegetable products in freeze dried form; dried fruit products; food products made from preserved and dried fruits and vegetables; fruit contained in syrup; fruit or vegetable puree; fruit pastes; fruit concentrates; fruit and vegetable juice extracts for cooking; fruit based snack foods; tinned fruits; food mixtures of vegetables and herbs; milk and milk products; dairy products; yoghurt; yoghurt preparations; yoghurt powders; yoghurt beverages; spreads made from dairy products; butter; cheese; rice milk; soy milk; nut milks namely almond milk, cashew milk; soya based dairy substitutes; kefir (milk beverage); beverages having a milk base; aerated beverages (predominantly of milk); eggs; tofu; soya (prepared); soya bean protein; aloe vera prepared for human consumption; desserts being milk based (except icecream and frozen yoghurt); meat, fish, poultry and game; coconut spreads; coconut chips