Gumbo; banana chips; bisques; legume salads; preparations for making bouillon; ox bone based broth (seolleongtang); broth; stock [prepared]; stock cubes; white pudding; vegetable burgers; vegetarian sausages; beef jerky; beef stew; cooked meat dishes; prepared snails [escargot]; prepared salads; ready cooked meals consisting wholly or substantially wholly of game; ready cooked meals consisting wholly or substantially wholly of poultry; ready cooked meals consisting wholly or substantially wholly of meat; prepared meat dishes; prepared meals made from meat [meat predominating]; prepared meals made from poultry [poultry predominating]; prepared meals consisting primarily of meat substitutes; prepared dishes consisting primarily of fishcakes, vegetables, boiled eggs, and broth (oden); prepared meals consisting principally of game; prepared meals consisting substantially of seafood; tzatziki; dairy-based dips; yoghurt desserts; artificial milk based desserts; desserts made from milk products; nut-based food bars; roast beef extracts; extracts for soups; stewed apples; potato-based snack foods; scotch eggs; frozen cooked fish; frozen appetizers consisting primarily of seafood; frozen appetizers consisting primarily of chicken; frozen prepared meals consisting principally of vegetables; frozen french fries; frozen pre-packaged entrees consisting primarily of seafood; sugar-coated fruits on a stick; stuffed cabbage rolls; vegetable stock; vegetable-based entrees; vegetable soup preparations; vegetable chips; bottled vegetables; bombay mix; instant miso soup; instant stew; caponata; potato crisps; potato salad; potato snacks; potato-based dumplings; potato fritters; potato flakes; hash brown potatoes; potato pancakes; potato sticks; mashed potato; coconut shrimp; bologna; condensed tomatoes; canned pork and beans; consommes; broth concentrates; soup concentrates; chowder; soup pastes; custard style yoghurts; croquettes; faggots [food]; quenelles; meatballs; tofu burger patties; vegetable-based snack foods; meat-based snack foods; fruit-based snack food; tofu-based snacks; nut-based snack foods; hazelnuts, prepared; chile con queso; olives stuffed with almonds; olives stuffed with pesto in sunflower oil; olives stuffed with feta cheese in sunflower oil; olives stuffed with red peppers; olives stuffed with red peppers and almonds; meat boiled down in soy sauce (tsukudani meat); dairy puddings; powdered milk for food purposes; potato-based gnocchi; shepherd's pie; omelets; organic nut and seed-based snack bars; chilled dairy desserts; chilled foods consisting predominately of fish; chilled meals made from fish; breaded and fried jalapeno peppers; sausages in batter; aubergine paste; vegetable marrow paste; roast chestnuts; roasted nuts; casseroles [food]; spicy beef broth (yukgaejang); chicken stock; chicken croquettes; chicken balls; fruit desserts; spiced nuts; pre-packaged dinners consisting primarily of game; pre-packaged dinners consisting primarily of seafood; pre-cooked soup; pre-cooked miso soup; pre-cooked curry stew; steamed or toasted cakes of fish paste (kamaboko); steamed cakes of smashed fish and yam (hampen); prepared meals containing [principally] chicken; prepared meals containing [principally] bacon; prepared meals containing [principally] eggs; cooked dish consisting primarily of rich soybean paste and tofu (cheonggukjang-jjigae); cooked dish consisting primarily of chicken and ginseng (samgyetang); cooked dish consisting primarily of stired-fried beef and fermented soy sauce (sogalbi); cooked dish consisting primarily of stir-fried chicken and fermented hot pepper paste (dak-galbi); cooked dish consisting primarily of soybean paste and tofu (doenjang-jjigae); cooked dish consisting primarily of fermented vegetable, pork and tofu (kimchi-jjigae); edible birds' nests; filled potato skins; chile rellenos; french fries; onion rings; chicharron; potato fritters; rhubarb in syrup; radish cubed kimchi (kkakdugi); fish in olive oil; fish and chips; fish stock; fish jellies; fish croquettes; fish sausages; rosti [fried grated potato cakes]; chicken salad; antipasto salads; dolmas; prepared dishes consisting principally of meat; broth [soup]; mincemeat made from fruits; mixes for making broths; mixes for making soup; puffed pork rind; soy chips; soy burger patties; soy-based snack foods; tofu; clam juice; salted nuts; dips; soya [prepared]; instant soup; soup cubes; matzo ball soup; soups; preparations for making soup; soup powders; beef bouillon; veal stock; pollen prepared as foodstuff; falafel; snack foods based on vegetables; snack foods based on nuts; snack foods based on legumes; dahls; yucca chips; chop suey; nuts, prepared; chili con carne; cooked meals consisting principally of fish; stews; corned beef hash; meats; meat spreads; meat-based mousses; goose liver pate; liver pâté; lamb products; processed lamb; bacon; bratwurst; bulgogi [korean beef dish]; bottled cooked meat; beef; beef slices; cooked chicken; foie gras; game, not live; poultry; poultry, not live; deep frozen chicken; deep-frozen poultry; extracts of poultry; gelatine; meat gelatines; meat jellies; animal marrow for food; meat substitutes; poultry substitutes; frozen meat; mincemeat [chopped meat]; offal; knockwurst; bacon rinds; cured sausages; meat preserves; preserved sausages; canned cooked meat; canned pork; pork preserves; kielbasa; beefburgers; sausages; quenelles [meat]; pickled pigs' feet; meat extracts; frozen meat products; meat products being in the form of burgers; meat, tinned [canned (am)]; sausage meat; meat, preserved; mortadella; hot dog sausages; sliced meat; processed meat products; cured meats; salted meats; packaged meats; chicken nuggets; bacon bits; pieces of chicken for use as a filling in sandwiches; pates; pastrami; pepperoni; roast beef; caesar salad; chicken; grilled chicken (yakitori); chicken mousse; chicken pieces; pie fillings of meat; prepared beef; prepared meat; prosciutto; fresh meat; fresh poultry; turkey burger patties; turkey products; turkey meat; turkey; smoked sausages; smoked meats; dehydrated chicken; fried meat; fried chicken; steaks of meat; salami; pork rinds; pork cutlets; pork; luncheon meats; pork loin; grilled pork belly (samgyeopsal); corned beef; charcuterie; meat floss; uncooked sausages; uncooked hamburger patties; saveloys; dried meat; haggis; veal; chicken breast fillets; hamburgers; corn dogs; liver; chorizo; shish kabobs; tripe; ham; knuckle of ham; edible frogs, not live; yakitori; dairy products and dairy substitutes; flavoured milk; flavoured milk powder for making drinks; almond milk for culinary purposes; whipping cream; dairy-based whipped topping; soft white cheese; double cream; non-alcoholic eggnog; sour cream substitutes; margarine substitutes; butter substitutes; cheese substitutes; freeze-dried tofu pieces (kohri-dofu); ripened cheeses; curd cheese; artificial cream (dairy product substitutes); yoghurt made from goats milk; cheese sticks; prostokvasha [soured milk]; kumys [kumyss] [milk beverage]; smetana [sour cream]; drinking yogurts; cheese; yoghurt; low fat yoghurts; soya yoghurt; goat milk; coconut milk powder; coconut milk for culinary purposes; evaporated milk; cows' milk; margarine; mascarpone; buttercream; blended butter; butter; butter with herbs; garlic butter; soft cheese; milk beverages, milk predominating; milk drinks containing fruits; dairy spreads; milk products; milk ferments for culinary purposes; milk shakes; milk; hemp milk used as a milk substitute; mozzarella sticks; buttermilk; drinks made from dairy products; beverages having a milk base; drinks based on yogurt; milk-based beverages flavored with chocolate; milk-based beverages containing coffee; milk-based beverages containing fruit juice; yogurt drinks; lactic acid bacteria drinks; beverages made from milk; ready grated cheese; non-dairy creamer; low fat dairy spreads; low fat cheese; skimmed milk; processed cheese; flavoured yoghurts; flavoured milk beverages; sheep milk; sheep cheese; organic milk; rice milk; brawn; fruit flavoured yoghurts; preparations for making yoghurt; ghee; cottage cheese preparations; albumin milk; fresh unripened cheeses; smoked cheese; fried tofu pieces (abura-age); ryazhenka [fermented baked milk]; blue cheese; cheddar cheese; cottage cheese; cheese spreads; cream cheese; cheese powder; goat cheese; cheese containing herbs; cheese containing spices; rennet; blended cheese; cheese mixtures; coffee creamer; coffee cream in the form of powder; creamers for beverages; cream [dairy products]; powdered cream; soya milk; cheese dips; whey; dry whey; coffee whiteners consisting principally of dairy products; whiteners [dairy] for beverages; powdered milk; hard cheese; tempeh; soft-ripened cheeses; mould-ripened cheese; acidophilus milk; cheese fondue; cancoillotte; peanut milk for culinary purposes; strained soft white cheeses; strained cheese; processed fruits, fungi and vegetables (including nuts and pulses); jellies, jams, compotes, fruit and vegetable spreads; aspic; almond butter; berries, preserved; guacamole [mashed avocado]; tomato concentrates [puree]; tomato paste; jellies for food; coleslaw; vegetable jellies; vegetable pastes; cranberry sauce [compote]; compotes; preserved jujubes; strawberries being preserved; lemon curd; marmalade; cashew nut butter; butter made of nuts; guava paste; olive paste; hummus [chickpea paste]; pastes made from nuts; garlic-based spreads; vegetable-based spreads; fruit paste; fruit marmalade; fruit spread; hazelnut spread; isinglass for food; jams; ginger jam; mincemeat [preserved fruit]; tahini [sesame seed paste]; tapenades; peanut butter; apple purée; nut toppings; ajvar [preserved peppers]; alginates for culinary purposes; aloe vera prepared for human consumption; arrangements of processed fruit; processed fruit; flavoured nuts; artichokes, preserved; processed asparagus; almonds, ground; broad beans; peeled tomatoes; peeled vegetables; shelled nuts; marrowfat peas; blanched nuts; nut and seed-based snack bars; bean dip; processed pignoli; processed blueberries; broccoli; maraschino cherries; glazed fruits; cooked spinach; cooked olives; cooked fruits; nuts being cooked; peas, preserved; peas, processed; mushroom puree; mushrooms, preserved; mushrooms, prepared; tomato juice for cooking; tomato extracts; processed tomatoes; processed quinces; seaweed extracts for food; jelly made from devils' tongue root (konnyaku); animal kidneys [offal]; vegetable-based meat substitutes; frozen bamboo shoots; frozen brackens (gosari); frozen celery cabbages; crystallized ginger; crystallized fruits; candied fruit snacks; candied nuts; processed cabbage; processed collard greens; vegetable mousses; vegetable extracts for cooking; extracts of vegetables [juices] for cooking; vegetable extracts for food; vegetables, tinned [canned (am)]; vegetable salads; vegetable juices for cooking; vegetable puree; vegetable powders; frozen vegetables; vegetables, preserved; vegetables, cooked; grilled vegetables; processed vegetables; vegetables, dried; baked beans; instant mashed potato; tofu skin; potato crisps in the form of snack foods; low-fat potato crisps; processed potatoes; kelp [processed]; kimchi [fermented vegetable dish]; cucumber kimchi [oi-sobagi]; sauerkraut; prepared coconut; coconut, desiccated; coconut powder; coconut flakes; cocktail onions; preserves, pickles; canned beans; preserved balloon flower root (doraji); canned spinach; canned pulses; tinned tomatoes; preserved vegetables; preserved vegetables (in oil); preserved potatoes; preserved chilli peppers; canned sliced vegetables; canned sliced fruits; canned processed olives; fruit, preserved; preserved plums; canned peanuts; preserved nuts; vegetable juice concentrates for food; gherkins; dried fruit-based snacks; lecithin for culinary purposes; dried lentils; lentils, preserved; processed lemongrass; processed lemons; processed mustard greens; processed grape leaves; toasted sheets of laver (yaki-nori); onions, preserved; chilli beans; processed pimientos; processed mangos; tangerines [preserved]; pickled onions; pickled vegetables; pickled watermelon rind; pickled jalapenos; pickled fruits; pickled radishes; olives, [prepared]; olives, preserved; dried olives; refried beans; dried fruit mixes; carrots; algae prepared for human foods; cut vegetables; sliced fruit; bottled sliced fruits; split peas; processed chickpeas; processed artichokes; processed shallots [used as a vegetable, not seasoning]; processed cactus for food; processed onions; processed eggplant; processed spirulina; processed bean sprouts; processed legumes; processed apricots; processed roots; processed lychee fruit; processed peaches; processed watermelon seeds; processed sweet potatoes; processed pumpkin seeds; processed apples; processed, edible seaweed; processed nuts; processed betel nuts; processed edible cordyceps; processed avocados; processed brussel sprouts; processed olive puree; processed beets; walnut kernels; palm hearts, processed; processed papayas; hawthorn flakes; kiwi fruit flakes; peach flakes; artichoke paste; anchovy paste; garlic paste; eggplant parmigiana; pectin for culinary purposes; processed pepperoncinis; roasted peanuts; spicy pickles; fruit pectin; fruit pulp; fruit-based fillings for cakes and pies; fruit chips; bottled fruits; fruit powders; fruit preserved in alcohol; fruit jellies; squashes [plants, preserved]; fruit preserves; fruit peel; fruit leathers; pie fillings of fruits; fruit purees; fruit salads; fruit juices for cooking; prepared rootstocks; seasoned laver (jaban-gim); processed oranges; pre-cut vegetable salads; pre-cut vegetables for salads; toasted laver; processed scallions; prepared pistachio; prepared walnuts; prepared fruits; prepared vegetable products; prepared peppers; cashew nuts (prepared -); dried fruit products; beancurd sticks; frozen fruits; fruit-based fillings for cobblers; fried platano; olive puree; pickles; edible seeds; seeds, prepared; processed plantain seeds; prunes; sweetcorn [preserved]; yams; sunflower seeds, prepared; mixed pickles; mixed vegetables; snack mixes consisting of dehydrated fruit and processed nuts; mixtures of fruit and nuts; soya beans, preserved, for food; processed soybeans; truffle juice; spinach [prepared]; frozen spinach; raisins; sultanas; dried pineapples; dried beans; green split-peas; yellow split peas; dried pawpaws; dried persimmon (got-gam); dried pulses; dried durians; dried pieces of agar jelly (kanten); dried fruit; dried figs; dried soya beans; dried truffles [edible fungi]; dried dates; edible dried flowers; dried cranberries; dried strawberries; dried edible algae; dried edible tremella fuciformis; dried edible seaweed; dried edible seaweed (hoshi-wakame); dried edible black fungi; dried nuts; dried edible mushrooms; dried mangoes; dried flakes of laver for sprinkling on rice in hot water (ochazuke-nori); pickled hot peppers; truffles, preserved; beans; beans, preserved; fermented bean curd; fermented bamboo shoots boiled and preserved in salt (menma); fermented soybeans (natto); dates; processed dates; ground nuts; wasabi-coated peanuts; peanuts, prepared; peanut paste; grated potato nuggets; processed edible flowers; processed edible flowers in crystallized form; beans cooked in soy sauce (kongjaban); processed cherries; preserved garlic; kale chips; pickled peppers; processed peppers; apple chips; laver; edible shavings of dried kelp (tororo-kombu); edible nuts; seasoned nuts; edible sunflower seeds; birds eggs and egg products; albumen for culinary purposes; white of eggs; yolk of eggs; egg substitutes; frozen eggs; hen eggs; pickled eggs; processed eggs; salted eggs; duck eggs; century eggs; eggs; quail eggs; powdered eggs; fish, seafood and molluscs; fish and seafood spreads; seafood paste; smoked fish spread; fish spread; anchovy, not live; silver carps, not live; boiled and dried fish; shellfish, not live; cooked snails; prepared entrees consisting primarily of seafood; frozen shellfish; fish products being frozen; crucian carps, not live; eels, not live; artificial fish roes; dried squid; silkworm chrysalis for human consumption; common plaice, not live; whales [not live]; fish, preserved; tinned seafood; canned snails; soft-shelled turtles [not live]; perches, not live; shelled prawns; salmon croquettes; quenelles [fish]; crab cakes; sea basses [not live]; spiny lobsters; spiny lobsters, not live; sheets of dried laver (hoshi-nori); pickled fish; ark-shells [not live]; short-necked clams [not live]; mussels, not live; seafood [not live]; seafoods boiled down in soy sauce (tsukudani); sea-cucumbers, not live; seafood products; crab; sea urchins [not live]; non-living molluscs; processed seafood; octopuses [not live]; lobsters, not live; salted fish; salted and fermented seafood (jeotgal); flakes of dried fish meat (kezuri-bushi); blocks of boiled, smoked and then dried bonitos (katsuo-bushi); crab roe paste; fish paste; tube-shaped toasted cakes of fish paste (chikuwa); sea bream, not live; red snapper, not live; processed fish; smoked salmon; trouts, not live; soy sauce marinated crab (ganjang-gejang); crustaceans, not live; crabs [not live]; crayfish, not live; swordfish, not live; smoked fish; dried fish; tuna fish [preserved]; tuna fish [not live]; tuna, not live; frozen fish; fish, tinned [canned (am)]; fish mousses; prepared fish roe for human consumption; bottled fish products; processed fish products for human consumption; fish sticks; steaks of fish; fish balls; fish fillets; mullet roe salad; sardines, not live; escargots; snails prepared for human consumption; squid [prepared]; blue mussels [not live]; shrimps, not live; prawns, not live; sweetfish [not live]; oysters [not live, for human consumption]; oysters, not live; dried herring roe; dried prawns; salmon, not live; salt-fermented sea urchin roe; anchovy fillets; kipper fillets; caviar; sea trout roe for food; sea salmon roe for food; fish roe, prepared; herrings, not live; fish meal for human consumption; fish-based foodstuffs; sea bream, not live; carp [not live]; clams, not live; snail eggs for consumption; dishes of fish; oils and fats; hardened oils for food; hardened oils [hydrogenated oil for food]; beef tallow [for food]; beef fat; animal oils for food; animal fats for food; vegetable fats for food; olive oil; olive oil for food; whale fat for food; whale oil for food; coconut butter; coconut oil for food; coconut fat; concentrated butter; bone oil, edible; linseed oil for culinary purposes; suet for food; cooking fats; edible fats; seed butters; butter for use in cooking; linseed oils [edible]; camellia seed oil for food; nut oils; honey butter; grapeseed oil; rice bran oil for food; rape oil for food; pumpkin seed oil for food; soybean oil; spiced oils; palm kernel oil for food; palm oil for food; savory butters; clarified butter; butter preparations; canola oil; vegetable fats for cooking; cooking oils; vegetable oils for food; edible oils derived from fish [other than cod liver oil]; lard; sunflower oil for food; blended oil [for food]; fat-containing mixtures for bread slices; soya bean oil for food; soybean oil for cooking; fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats; sesame oil for food; shortening; butter oil; groundnut oil; peanut oil [for food]; hydrogenated oils for food; corn fats; maize oil for food; edible oils for glazing foodstuffs; edible oils for use in cooking foodstuffs; cocoa butter for food; extra virgin olive oil; spreads consisting of hazelnut paste; sesame paste.