Goat milk; milkshake; milk powder; soya bean based beverages; fermented milk; lactic acid bacteria beverages; yoghurt; yoghurt drink; milk flavored with papaya juice, green bean paste or fruit juice; flavored milk; sesame oil; peanut oil; corn oil; olive oil; bean oil; vegetable oil; sunflower seed oil; jelly; fruit jelly; tea jelly; coffee jelly; almond jelly; fried shredded meat; dried meat; meat fluff; meat paste; preserved meat; fried shredded fish; fish fluff; fish ball; meat ball; sausage; bacon; chicken nugget; fish nugget; poultry meat; food stuffs made from seafood; meat and vegetable covered with frying powder; tempura; prepared foodstuffs made from fish, meat and vegetables; frankfurter; ham; frozen processed instant foodstuffs in this class; concentrated instant bouillon; meat and preserved canned meat; dried or frozen foodstuffs made from fresh fruit and vegetable; dried fruit and vegetable; dried konnyaku or jelly made of the root of devil's tongue; dehydrated fruit and vegetable; pickles; pickled vegetable; soya-preserved vegetable; pickled cucumber; eggs; preserved egg; salted egg; chicken essence; edible pollen; edible lecithin; fried gluten; man-made meat; foodstuffs made from bean; preserved vegetables, fruit, fish and meat, prepared foodstuffs principally made of meat, seafood, poultry, game or vegetables, all being preserved, dried, refrigerated, frozen or cooked; soups; tomato paste; processed milk; milk based beverages; non-alcoholic drinks prepared from milk o yoghurt; edible oils; frozen prepared foodstuffs made fr fish, meat and vegetables; potato fries; peanut sou soup flavored with milk; potato chips in Int'l class 29