Gelatin; anchovy; peanut butter; butter; cocoa butter; coconut butter; butter cream; egg white; caviar; preserved fruit; potato chips; sauerkraut; desiccated coconut; rave oil for food; turnip oil for food; jams; deep-frozen fruit; soups; raisins; gherkins; preserved vegetables; cooked vegetables; dried vegetables; edible oils; fresh cream [dairy product]; cheese; crystallized fruits; croquettes (food); crustaceans, not live; dates; milk; crab, not live; fillets of fish; rennet; stewed fruit; fruit jelly; fruit pulp; fish, not live; edible jelly; ginger jam; preserved soy for food; herrings (not live); corn oil; palm kernel oil for food; sesame oil; oysters (not live); fish gelatin for food; egg yolk; yogurt; kefir [milk beverage]; kumis [milk beverage]; milk beverages or beverages predominantly consisting of milk; whey; dairy products; spiny lobsters, not live; lentils preserved; margarine; marmalade; shellfish (not live); crustaceans (not live); palm oil for food; processed nuts; eggs; powdered eggs; preserved onions; preserved olives; olive oil for food; edible bone oil; pectin for food; piccalilli [chopped pickled vegetables]; pickled gherkins; preserved peas; tomato purée; fruit salads; sardines (not live); salmon (not live); tuna fish (not live); tomato juice for cooking; sunflower oil for food; fruit skin; alginates for culinary use; crushed almonds; prepared peanuts; preserved mushrooms; coconut fat; coconut oil; preserved beans; liver; main courses consisting primarily of fish; fruit chips; scallops, not live; fruit preserved in alcohol; shrimp (not live); preserved fish; tofu; fresh whipped cream; whipped cream; fish meal for food; canned fruit; potato fritters; salted fish; canned vegetables; potato cereals; apple sauce; cranberry sauce [compote]; tahini [sesame paste]; hummus [chick-pea paste]; cooked seaweed (nori); fruit-based snack food; curd; kimchi [fermented vegetable dish]; soya milk [milk substitute]; milkshakes; ajvar [preserved peppers]; prepared sunflower seeds; fish mousses; vegetable mousses; prepared fish spawn; prepared seeds; aloe vera for food; preserved garlic; protein milk; linseed oil for food; low-calorie potato chips; compotes; sour cream [fresh]; fermented milk; vegetable paste; aubergine paste; peanut milk for food.