Game; fish; poultry; meat; meat extracts; frozen vegetables; preserved vegetables; vegetables, dried; vegetables, cooked; preserved fruits; dried fruit; frozen fruits; cooked fruits; jellies; fruit marmalade; jams; eggs; milk products; dried milk; oils for food; edible fats; gherkins; ajvar [preserved peppers]; albumen for culinary purposes; alginates for food; aloe vera prepared for human consumption; anchovy, not live; oysters, not live; dates; ferments (milk -) for culinary purposes; potato fritters; shrimps, not live; sauerkraut; smetana [sour cream]; curd; herrings, not live; peas, preserved; lobsters, not live; hummus [chickpea paste]; ginger jam; mussels, not live; crayfish, not live; yoghurt; cranberry sauce [compote]; cheese; curd; caviar; cocoa butter; fish, tinned [canned (am.)]; fish fillets; fish meal for human consumption; processed fish spawn; isinglass for food; mousses (fish -); potato flakes; potato chips; low-fat potato crisps; kephir [milk beverage]; kimchi [fermented vegetable dish]; compotes; condensed milk; bone oil, edible; animal marrow for food; vegetables, tinned [canned (am)]; vegetable preserves; vegetable juices for cooking; vegetable salads; vegetable soup preparations; mousses (vegetable -); coconut oil for food; coconut, desiccated; coconut fat; coconut butter; cream [dairy products]; crustaceans, not live; croquettes; frozen fruits; kephir [milk beverage]; garlic [preserved]; rennet; lentils, preserved; spiny lobsters; lecithin for culinary purposes; canned meat; canned meat; meat jellies; linseed oil for culinary purposes; salmon, not live; peanuts, prepared; peanut butter; maize oil for food; liver; liver pâté; ground almonds; margarine; pickles; marmalade; clams, not live; weed extracts for food; sea-cucumbers, not live; yolk of eggs; non-alcoholic eggnog; powdered eggs; white of eggs; preserved beans; pollen prepared as foodstuff; olives, preserved; olive oil for food; apple purée; sunflower oil for food; processed sunflower seeds; processed nuts; palm oil for food; palm kernel oil for food; bacon; pectin for foods; milk; milk beverages, milk predominating; milk shakes; whey; suet for food; broth; broth concentrates; preparations for making bouillon; fruit preserves; fruit, stewed; fruit preserved in alcohol; fruit-based snack food; fruit peel; fruit chips; fruit pulp; fruit salads; fruit jellies; colza oil for food; fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats; fat-containing mixtures for bread slices; ryazhenka [fermented baked milk]; raisins; toasted sheets of laver (yaki-nori); tripe; sardines, not live; pork; lard; seeds, prepared; mushrooms, preserved; sesame oil for food; onions, preserved; silkworm chrysalis, for human consumption; ham; soya beans, preserved, for food; soya milk [milk substitute]; edible birds' nests; oils for food; salted fish; salted meats; crystallized fruits; soups; soup (preparations for making -); tahini [sesame seed paste]; jellies; snail eggs for consumption; tofu; foods made from fish; tomato juice for cooking; tomato purée; truffles, preserved; tuna, not live; whipped cream; protein milk; black pudding; butter; buttercream; sausages; sausages in batter; gelatine; meat spreads; fish paste; processed wheat germ for human consumption; ground almonds; crystallized fruits; processed spirulina; grapeseed oil; vegetable powders; dried cranberries; dried strawberries; dried fruit mixes; fruit desserts; freeze-dried vegetables; organic nut and seed-based snack bars; apple flakes; apple chips; nut and seed-based snack bars; nut-based food bars; nut-based snack foods; fruit- and nut-based snack bars; fruit powders; processed vegetables; processed roots; processed blueberries; black currants, processed; prepared fruits; pressed fruit paste; fruit paste; powdered berries; berry seed oils; algae prepared for human foods; dried edible algae; berry chips; peanut milk; almond milk; pickled ginger.