Acidophilus milk; anchovy paste; applesauce; artichoke paste; aspic; bacon; bacon rinds; baked beans; banana chips; bean dip; beef; beef stock; black pudding; blood sausage; bologna; bouillon; broth; butter; butter substitutes; candied fruit; candied fruit snacks; candied nuts; canned pork and beans; caviar; charcuterie; cheese processed; cheese and cracker combinations; cheese fondue; cheese food; cheese spreads; cheese substitutes; chicken; chicken and dumplings; chicken stock; chili con queso; chili; chocolate milk; chop suey; chow mein; chowder; clam juice; clams not live for human consumption; coconut oil; cole slaw; cooking oil; corned beef; corned beef hash; cottage cheese; cranberry sauce; crayfish not live for human consumption; cream; cream cheese; croquettes of meat; crystallized fruit; dairy products excluding ice cream, ice milk and frozen yogurt; dairy-based chocolate food beverages; dairy-based dips; dairy-based food beverages; desiccated coconut; dips excluding salsa and other sauces used as dips; edible fats; edible oil; egg nog; egg nog mixes; egg substitute; eggs; entrees consisting primarily of meat, fish, poultry or vegetables prepared; escargot; fish for food purposes; fish and chips; fish fillets; fish stock; flaked coconut; foie gras; frankfurters meat only, not sandwiches; french fried potatos; fruit chips; fruit conserves; fruit leathers; fruit paste; fruit pectin; fruit peels; fruit preserves; fruit pulps; fruit rinds; fruit topping; fruit-based filling for cakes and pies; fruit-based snack food; fruit-based spreads; fruits canned; fruits preserved in alcohol; gherkins; guacamole; guava paste; milk and cream mixture; ham; hamburger meat only, not sandwiches; hot dogs meat only, not sandwiches; jams; jellies; jerky; kefir; processed kelp; lard; laver; lemon curd; lentils; liver; liver paste; lobsters not live for human consumption; smoked salmon; luncheon meats; maraschino cherries; margarine; margarine substitutes; marmalade; meals consisting primarily of meat, fish, poultry or vegetables packaged; meat; meat extract; meat jellies; meat juices; meat paste; meat substitutes; meat- based spreads; milk; mincemeat; nondairy creamer; nut topping; shelled nuts; oil for cooking vegetable; olive oil; omelets; onion rings; oysters not live for human consumption; pate; peanut butter; piccalilli; pickled vegetables; pickled watermelon rind; pickles; pork; pork rinds; potato chips; potato crisps; potato pancakes; potato-based snack foods; poultry substitutes; prawns not live for human consumption; pre-cut vegetable salad; protein for use as a food additive; protein for use as a food filler; quenelles; raisins; refried beans; rennet; roast beef; salad oil; salads except macaroni, rice and pasta salad; salami; salmon for food purposes; sardines; sauerkraut; sausages; shortening; shrimp not live for human consumption; snack food dips; snack mix consisting primarily of processed fruits, processed nuts and/or raisins; soup mixes; soups; sour cream; sour cream substitutes; soy-based food beverage used as a milk substitute; soybean oil for cooking; stews; tahini; tofu; tomato paste; tomato puree; tripe; tuna fish; turkey; veal; veal stock; vegetable based spreads; vegetable oils for cooking; vegetable paste; vegetable-based chocolate food beverages; vegetable-based food beverages; whey; whey-based food beverages; whipped topping; whipping cream; yogurt; yucca chips; boiled crab
Acidophilus milk; ajvar [preserved peppers]; albumen for culinary purposes; alginates for culinary purposes; fish, preserved; almond butter; almond milk for culinary purposes; almond milk-based beverages; almond oil; anchovy, not live; anchovy fillets; antipasto salads; arrangements of cut fruit; arrangements of processed fruit; desserts made from milk substitutes; baked beans; banana chips; bean curd; beans, preserved; shrimp paste; berries, preserved; beverages made from yoghurt; bisques; bouillon; bouillon concentrates; broad beans, preserved; broth; butter; buttercream; canned soups; cashew nut butter; cassava chips; cheese powder; cheese; chicken; chicken stock; chile con queso; coconut butter; flaked coconut; coconut milk for culinary purposes; coconut milk-based beverages; coconut oil for food; coffee creamers; condensed milk; cream being a dairy product; curd; pre-cooked curry dishes; dairy products based on milk substitutes; chilled dairy desserts; desserts made primarily from milk products; dried beans; coconut, processed; kanten [dried pieces of agar jelly]; dried pineapples; beverages consisting primarily of milk; soup mixes; nuts, prepared; edible oils for culinary purposes; preserved soybeans for food; fish stock; peas, processed; instant mashed potato; instant soup; jellies, jams, compotes; mashed potatoes; nut oils; olives, preserved; peanut butter; peanut milk; peanut milk-based beverages; peppers, prepared; pineapple, prepared; potato-based snacks; pre-cooked soup; preserved beans; preserved chilli peppers; preserved soya beans for food; poultry salads; fruit and vegetable salads; soup cubes; soup pastes; sweet corn, processed.