Anti-slip floor coverings; anti-slip material for use under floor coverings; bath mats; bathroom rugs; bathroom tiles (carpet); books of wallpaper samples; borders being wall decorations in the nature of wall coverings; carpet backing; carpet inlays; carpeting; carpets; carpets for automobiles; ceiling coverings; ceiling paper; cork tiles; coverings for ceilings; coverings for walls (wall hangings, non-textile); door rugs; external bath mats; floating flooring for covering existing floors; floor covering materials (for existing floors); floor coverings; floor coverings (mats) for use in sporting activities; floor coverings and wall hangings made from animal skins or hides; floor coverings for indoor use; floor mats for automobiles; floor rugs; floor tiles made of carpet; floor tiles made of cork; foldaway mats; friezes (non-textile wall hangings); gymnasium mats; gymnastic mats; hand made woollen carpets; handcrafted non-textile wall hangings; insulating wallpaper; linoleum; mat (carpet) tiles; materials for covering walls (non-textile); mats; mats for bathroom use; mats for floor covering purposes; mats incorporating brushes; mats of woven rope for ski slopes; matting; moquettes (carpets); mural hangings (non-textile); non-metallic floor mats; non-slip mats; non-slip mats for baths; non-slip mats for showers; non-slip underlays; non-textile wall coverings; non-textile wall dressings; non-textile wall hangings; padded coverings (not hangings) of textile for existing walls; padded coverings for existing ceilings; padded coverings for existing floors; padded linings for existing ceilings; padded linings for existing floors; padded linings for existing walls; pedestal mats; plaited straw (matting); reed mats; rubber-backed mats; rugs; runners (mats); sheepskin floor rugs; sound-absorbent floor coverings; squares for use as carpets; synthetic sporting surfaces; tapestry (wall hangings), not of textile; textile wallpaper; tiles (carpet, cork, linoleum, vinyl), being materials for covering existing floors; tiles made of linoleum; transfer film of plastic for use as wall coverings; transfer film of plastic in the nature of wallpaper; trimmings for wallpapering; underlay for carpets; underlay for floating flooring; underlay for mats; underlays for rugs; vinyl floor coverings; wall coverings (hangings) of non-textile materials; wall coverings of cork; wall coverings of paper; wall coverings of plastic; wall hangings, not of textile; wallpaper; wallpaper borders; wallpaper trimmings; wallpaper with a textile covering; wallpapers; woven articles for interior floor decoration