Sewing supplies other than thread and yarn; needles; knitting needles; circular needles; sewing needles; sewing machine needles; embroidery needles; beading needles; crochet hooks; latched hooks [needles]; marking pins; needle sharpeners; fork pins; weaving sticks; needle threaders; needle threader machines; sewing thimbles; pin and needle cushions; magnet pin holders; magnet tools for picking up needles; cases for needles and pins; knitting implements; cases adapted to hold knitting needles; caps for knitting needle; stitch holders; stitch markers; yarn spools; knitting counters; knitting registers; bead embroidery tools and parts and fittings therefor; embroidery punch needles; sewing implements; embroidery implements; sewing kits; tracing wheels (roulette); bodkins; loop turners; loop pressing bars; hand-operated rollers for making creases used in handicraft; dressmakers' impressing blades; seam liners; stitch guide; yarn guides; knitting needle guide; clips used for handicraft; bias tape making implements; bias tape for handicraft; weights for handicraft; tatting shuttles (a hand tool for making a knotted lace); yarn bobbins; holders of bobbins; adhesive interlining; interlinings for handicraft; wires for handicraft; belt clasps; cords for handicraft; belts for handicraft; cord stoppers; rubber cords for handicraft; rubber belts for handicraft; hooks and eyes; hook and pile fastening tapes; tapes [haberdashery]; hemming tapes; safety pins; pins used for handicraft; pins for sewing; eyelets; buttons; button moulds; snap fasteners; rivet buttons; strap buckles; rings for handicraft; making rings for use in knitting; darning lasts (darning mushroom); sewing clamps; hem clips; handicraft boards; bead looms; bead accessory makers; bracelet maker; pom-pom making implements; tassel making implements; twisted string making implements; picot making implements; ornamental knot making implements; knitting spools; mesh sheets for rug crochet; flower-shaped ornament making implements; yo-yo quilt making implements; rosette making implements; frames for making fabric panels; string art making kits; needle felting tools and parts and fittings therefor; mats for needle felting; hairpin-lacing crochet looms; lace knitting implements; heat adhesive patches, tapes and sheets for repairing clothing; adhesives for repairing clothing; adhesive patches, tapes and sheets for repairing clothing; craft kits for needlecraft; knitting kits; needlecraft kits; sewing kits; sewing repair kits; sewing aids; articles for use in embroidery; smallwares for knitting; smallwares for sewing; smallwares for embroidery