Needles and hooks of all kinds in this class including, knitting needles including those made of plastics, metals and bamboos, knitting needles with flexible cord, circular knitting needles, crochet hooks including those made of metal, plastics and bamboos, Afghan knitting needles, embroidery needles, embroidery punch needles, punch needles, tapestry needles, beading needles, cross stitch needles, chenille needles, hand sewing needles, sewing machine needles, easy threading needles, darningneedles, quilting needles, carpet needles, needles for mattress, needles for bedquilts, leather needles, handicraft needles including those for making stuffed dolls and toys, repair needles and latched hooks; filet-lacing implements; bobbin-lacing implements; hairpin-lacing crochet looms; daisy looms; tatting shuttles; cases and containers for knitting needles and/or crochet hooks, including those of A box-type, a purse-type, a foldable-type or a zipper-type; sewing boxes and sewing baskets; containers for bobbins for sewing machines; pin-cushions including wrist pin-cushions; rubber caps for knitting needles; knitting bobbins; stitch holders including cable stitch holders and safety-pin type stitch holders; marking rings for knitting; pompom making implements; thimbles; needle threaders; thread tweezers; bodkins; loop turners; bias tape making implements; templates for cutting fabrics; tracing wheels; tracing spatulas and implements for marking fabric; macrame boards, handicraft boards; sewing clamps; hem clips; safety pins; pins for macrame handicraft; pins for handicraft; marking pins; dressmaking pins; tailor tuckers for marking fabric; hooks and eyes; buttons; press buttons; appliques including iron-on types and sew-on types; elastic and non-elastic ribbons; elastic and non-elastic tapes for garments; Elastic and non-elastic braids; woven fabric tape type fasteners; edging and hemming tapes for garments; and all other goods in this class