Corset busks; Hooks for corsets; Whalebones for corsets; Arm bands (clothing accessories); Articles of common metal for use as parts for clothing; Belt buckles (clothing accessories); Bindings for hemming clothing; Birds' feathers (clothing accessories); Blossoms for attachment to clothing; Borders for hemming clothing; Bows for clothing; Brooches (clothing accessories); Buckles (clothing accessories); Buttons for attachment to clothing; Clips for clothing; Common metal fasteners for clothing; Concealed fastening devices for clothing; Cords for clothing; Cords for rimming, for clothing; Decorative brooches (clothing accessories); Double-sided body tape for holding clothing in place; Edgings for clothing; Eyelets for clothing; Eyes for clothing; Fasteners for clothing; Fastening devices for clothing; Fastenings for clothing; Feathers (clothing accessories); Feathers for clothes; Frills for clothing; Letters and numerals of textile for decorating clothing; Name tags of textile for identifying clothing; Name tags of textile for marking clothing; Ornaments for clothing (not of precious metal); Orsedew (trimmings for clothing); Ostrich feathers (clothing accessories); Patches for use in the repair of clothing; Reinforcing tapes for clothing; Shapes of cloth for making patchworks; Shoulder pads for clothing; Snap buttons for clothing; Spangles for clothing; Studs for clothing; Tinsels (trimmings for clothing); Touch and close fasteners for clothing; Trimmings for clothing; Twisted cords for clothing; Waist bands for clothing; Whalebones for clothing; Belt buckles (shoe); Eyelets for shoes; Laces for shoes; Ornaments for shoes (not of precious metal); Shoe buckles; Shoe clips, not of precious metal; Shoe eyelets; Shoe fasteners; Shoe hooks; Shoe lace fastening devices; Shoe laces; Shoe trimmings; Shoemakers' needles; Hat bands; Hat pins (not of precious metal); Hat trimmings; Ornaments for hats (not of precious metal); Fasteners for brassieres; Under wires for brassieres; Strap holders (dressmaking materials); Boot laces; Embroidered lace fabrics; Embroidery laces; Frills (lacework); Lace; Lace for edgings; Lace for use on blinds; Lace for use on curtains; Lace trimmings; Laces (other than leather); Laces for boots; Picot (lace); Shapes for making lace; Woollen laces; Articles for use in embroidery; Embroidery; Fancy goods (embroidery); Festoons (embroidery); Smallwares for embroidery