Cases adapted to hold knitting needles; Hand implements for use in knitting; Knitted cords for clothing or trimming; Knitting bobbins (other than parts of machines); Knitting needles; Knitting pins; Marking rings for use in knitting; Small wares for knitting; Trays for knitting articles; Embroidery laces; Appliques (haberdashery); Haberdashery (dressmakers' articles), except thread; Haberdashery bows; Haberdashery ribbons; Heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile; articles (haberdashery); Hooks (haberdashery); Rosettes (haberdashery); Small wares for haberdashery; Tassels (haberdashery); Textile or non-textile, heat adhesive transfers; for application to fabrics (haberdashery); Buttons; Buttons being fastenings; Buttons for attachment to clothing; Buttons for sewing; Buttons incorporating hooks and eyes; Buttons used in upholstery; Snap buttons for clothing; Pins; Pins (other than jewellery); Safety pins; Tailors' tackers (pins); Appliques (haberdashery); Appliques of textile; Emblems in the nature of appliques; Beads, other than for making jewelry; Cases adapted to hold crochet hooks; Embroidering crochet hooks; Needle cushions; Embroidering crochet hooks; Embroidery laces; Articles for use in embroidery; Bobbins for retaining embroidery floss or wool (not parts of machines); Embroidery; Embroidery laces; Fancy goods (embroidery); Festoons (embroidery); Gold embroidery; Silver embroidery; Small wares for embroidery; Eyelets; Eyelets for clothing; Frames for crochet; Zips; Decorative ribbons; Elastic ribbons; Haberdashery ribbons; Ribbons and bows, not of paper, for gift wrapping; Marking rings for use in knitting; Needle-threaders; Pin cushions; Ribbons of textile materials; Setting pins; Sewing boxes; Sewing kits; Sewing needles; Stitch holders; Tassels (haberdashery); Sewing thimbles; Haberdashery ribbons and braid; Ribbons; Hand-knitting needles; Hooks; Setting pins; Sewing needles with an oval eye; Structural and replacement parts and fittings in relation to the aforesaid; Eyelets; T-pins; Sewing baskets; Sewing machine needles