Buttons; press buttons; haberdashery; smallwares for haberdashery, except thread; appliques (haberdashery); heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile articles (haberdashery); textile or non-textile heat adhesive transfers for application to fabrics (haberdashery); heat adhesive patches for repairing textile articles and garments; heat adhesive transfers (textile or non-textile); ornamental novelty badges and buttons; knitting needles; sewing needles; crochet needles; pins and needles; crochet hooks; embroidery needles; embroidery being textile smallwear; embroidery laces; smallwares for embroidery; thread of metal for embroidery; silver embroidery; gold embroidery; fringes; garlands; articles for use in embroidery; hooks; needle cushions; pin cushions; darning lasts; darning needles; letters, numerals and monogram tabs for marking linen; sewing thimbles; finger protectors for sewing; needle cases, not of precious metal; sewing boxes; sewing aids; sewing boxes; sewing fasteners; sewing repair kits; smallwares for sewing; trays for sewing articles; safety pins; knitting pins; binding needles; boxes for needles; cases adapted to hold knitting needles; craft kits for needlecraft; latched hooks (needles); needle cases; needlecraft kits; bindings being textile smallwares; bias binding; elastic for use in dressmaking; hook and loop fastening tapes; hook and pile fastening tapes; reinforcing tapes for clothing; reinforcing tapes for textile articles; tapes for use in sewing; tapes for curtain headings; artificial flowers; clasps; fasteners for clothing or luggage; buckles for articles of clothing or for personal use; hooks and eyes; ribbons; braid; rosettes (haberdashery); tassels (haberdashery); lace; embroidery; embroidery kits; tapestry; tapestry kits; embroidering hooks; tinsel trimmings for clothing; pompoms; cords for clothing; parts, fittings, components and accessories for the aforesaid goods