Brooches [clothing accessories]; feathers [clothing accessories]; buckles [clothing accessories]; brassards; birds' feathers [clothing accessories]; ostrich feathers [clothing accessories]; belt buckles [clothing accessories]; buckles of precious metal [clothing accessories]; badges (for wear) not of precious metal; ornamental novelty badges; appliques [haberdashery]; expanding bands for holding sleeves; ribbons of textile for wrapping; ribbons [haberdashery]; cords for clothing; lace for edgings; trimmings for clothing; brooches [clothing accessories]; chenille [passementerie]; mage [buns for Japanese hair styles]; ornamental novelty pins, other than jewelry; heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile articles [haberdashery]; snap fasteners; removable push-up silicone pads for bras; removable reshaping silicone pads for buttocks; elastic ribbons; elastic hair bands; mitten clips; ornamental feathers [trimmings for clothing]; festoons [embroidery]; whalebones for corsets; heat adhesive patches for repairing textile articles; patches for repairing textile articles; fringes; hair twist ties; embroidered patches for clothing; embroidered emblems; mica spangles; gold embroidery; gold embroidery for clothing; belt clasps; hair bands; scrunchies [elastic ornaments for hair]; hair clips; hair grips; waving pins for the hair; hair pins; hair nets; motoyui [strings with tassels for Japanese hair styles]; bows for the hair; hair ornaments; brooches for the hair; hair barrettes; hair extensions; tresses of hair; hooks [haberdashery]; hooks and eyes; shirt buttons; binding needles; pant leg cuff straps; fastenings for suspenders; hat ribbons; hat pins for securing hats; hat ornaments [not of precious metal]; frills [lacework]; edgings for clothing; hooks for clothing [fastenings]; eyelets for clothing; frills for clothing; fastenings for clothing; clasps for clothing; skirt flounces; hook and eye fastening tape; hook and pile fastening tapes; buttons; buttons for clothing; buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles; chokers [cords]; collar supports; wreaths of artificial flowers; artificial flowers for attaching to clothing; artificial flowers; beads other than for making jewelry; haberdashery, except yarns; hair curl clips; metal fasteners for footwear; ornamental novelty buttons; novelty buttons; needles; spangles for clothing; wigs; ponytail rubber bands; top-knots (pompoms); zipper pulls; zip fasteners; slide locks for bags; zippers and parts thereof; rosettes [haberdashery]; flexible buckles for clothing; hooks for corsets; saddlers' needles; decorative cloth patches; decorative ribbons of textile; decorative bows of textile; buckles for clothing; shoe laces; bodkins; shoe hooks; shoe eyelets; shoe buckles; shoe fasteners; shoe ornaments [not of precious metal]; shoulder pads for clothing; safety pins; silver embroidery for clothing; obi-dome [special fasteners for Japanese sashes]; lace and embroidery, ribbons and braid; appliques of fabric [haberdashery]; patches of fabric for clothing; ribbons of textile materials; bows of textile for wrapping; toupees; braids; numerals or letters for marking linen; decorative ribbons [haberdashery]; marugushi [ornamental combs for Japanese hair styles]
Bra extenders; Bra inserts for enhancing the bust for cosmetic purposes; Silicon bra inserts for enhancing the bust for cosmetic purposes; Under wires for brassieres; Underwires for brassieres; Skirt flounces; Top-knots (pompoms); Collar supports; Stiffening supports for collars; Corset busks; Whalebones for corsets; Embroidered decalcomanias; Embellishments for hosiery; Silk flowers; Ankle garters; Artificial flower arrangements; Artificial Christmas garlands; Artificial Christmas garlands incorporating lights; Artificial Christmas wreaths; Artificial Christmas wreaths incorporating lights; Artificial flowers; Artificial foliage; Artificial fruit; Artificial garlands; Artificial trees, other than Christmas trees; Bouquets of artificial flowers; Wreaths of artificial flowers; Beads, other than for making jewellery; Beads, other than for making jewelry; Bobbins; Bodkins; Braid; Braids; Brassards; Buckles for bags; Press buttons (dressmaking articles); Buttons; Buttons for fixing by means of punches; Buttons used in upholstery; Charms, other than for jewellery, key rings or key chains; Charms, other than for jewelry, key rings or key chains; Belt clasps; Clasps for bags; Clasps for coin purses; Trouser clips for cyclists; Cockades; Competitors' numbers; Starched cords for use in dressmaking; Frames for crochet; Darning lasts; Elastic for use in dressmaking; Emblems in the nature of appliques; Epaulettes; Hat bands; Expanding bands for holding sleeves; False beards; False moustaches; Embroidery; Fancy goods (embroidery); Festoons (embroidery); Gold embroidery; Silver embroidery; Articles for use in embroidery; Bobbins for retaining embroidery floss or wool (not parts of machines); Mobile phone accessory charms; Shoulder pads for clothing; Spangles for clothing; Whalebones for clothing; Snap buttons for clothing; Twisted cords for clothing; Waist bands for clothing; Blossoms for attachment to clothing; Edgings for clothing; Feathers for clothes; Bows for clothing; Buttons for attachment to clothing; Cords for clothing; Lanyard cords for clothing; Eyelets for clothing; Eyes for clothing; Birds' feathers (clothing accessories); Brooches (clothing accessories); Feathers (clothing accessories); Ostrich feathers (clothing accessories); Buckles (clothing accessories); Belt buckles (clothing accessories); Clips for clothing being clothing accessories; Arm bands (clothing accessories); Novelty badges (for wear); Embroidered badges; Novelty buttons (badges) for wear; Arrangements of artificial flowers for decorative purposes; Floral decorations (artificial); Decorative charms for cellular phones; Decorative bands; Decorative brooches (clothing accessories); Frills for clothing; Frills (lacework); Fringes; Haberdashery bows; Fittings for lingerie [haberdashery]; Appliques (haberdashery); Haberdashery (dressmakers' articles), except thread; Eyelets (haberdashery); Tassels (haberdashery); Bows for the hair; Hair bows; Hair coloring caps; Hair colouring caps; Hair buttons; Hair clips; Hair curling papers; Elastic for tying hair; Electric hair rollers; Electric hair setting apparatus containing heated hair rollers; Elasticised hair bands; Hair bands; False hair; Decorative articles for the hair; Sticks for use in decorating the hair; Grips for the hair; Hair grips; Hair barrettes; Hair colouring foils; Hair extensions; Hair nets; Hair rollers; Hair slides; Human hair; Plaited hair; Plaits of hair; Sticks for use in styling the hair; Strips of plastics for use in highlighting of hair; Strips of plastics for use in tinting of hair; Synthetic hair; Tresses of hair; False hairpieces; Hairpieces; Human hairpieces; Synthetic hairpieces; Electrically heated rods for curling hair, other than hand implements; Hatbands; Hatpins, other than jewelry; Hem clips; False hems; Borders for hemming clothing; Bindings for hemming clothing; Hemming web for ironing-on; Hooks for corsets; Embroidering crochet hooks; Cases adapted to hold crochet hooks; Crochet hooks; Buttons incorporating hooks and eyes; Hooks and eyes; Hooks (haberdashery); Rug hooks; Trays for knitting articles; Knitting bobbins (other than parts of machines); Hand implements for use in knitting; Knitting kits; Boot laces; Laces for boots; Lace for use on curtains; Embroidery laces; Hand implements for use in lacing; Lace; Lace for edgings; Lace for use on blinds; Laces; Woollen laces; Lettering for fabric articles; Marking rings for use in knitting; Letters for marking linen; Numerals for marking linen; Collar stays, not of precious metal; Lapel buttons, other than of precious metals; Lapel badges, other than of precious metal; Festival badges for wear (not of precious metal); Metal badges for wear (not precious metal); Souvenir badges (novelty) for wear, not of precious metal; Badges for wear made of common metal; Badges for wear, not of precious metal; Club badges (for wear, not of precious metal); Spangles for decoration, not of precious metal; Mica spangles; Name tags for identifying clothing; Craft kits for needlecraft; Needlecraft kits; Binding needles; Boxes for needles; Needle cases; Darning needles; Embroidery needles; Latched hooks (needles); Cases adapted to hold knitting needles; Knitting needles; Needle cushions; Needle-threaders; Needles; Saddlers' needles; Shoemakers' needles; Nipple covers (cosmetic purposes); Non-electric hair rollers; Hair curlers, electric and non-electric, other than hand implements; Non-metallic buttons for wear; Non-metallic badges for wear; Ornamental badges (buttons) for wear; Ornamental novelty badges (buttons); Decorative ornaments for mobile phones; Hair ornaments; Ornaments for hats (not of precious metal); Ornaments for clothing (not of precious metal); Chenille (passementerie); Passementerie; Embroidered patches; Adhesive patches; Patches for use in the repair of clothing; Picot (lace); Picots; Hat pins, other than jewellery; Bobby pins; Pin cases; Curling pins; Entomological pins; Pin cushions; Pins; Pins (other than jewellery); Pins, other than jewellery; Safety pins; Tailors' tackers (pins); Decorative pins for wear (other than jewellery); Hair curling pins; Hair pins; Pins for the hair; Knitting pins; Hat pins (not of precious metal); Lapel pins, other than of precious metals; Artificial plants, other than Christmas trees; Plants for aquaria (artificial); Plants for ponds (artificial); Ponytail holders; Ribands; Ribbons and bows, not of paper, for gift wrapping; Silk ribbons; Ribbons with artificial stones; Elastic ribbons; Decorative ribbons; Haberdashery ribbons; Elasticised hair ribbons; Hair ribbons; Ribbons for the hair; Prize ribbons; Sealing ribbons; Velvet ribbons; Rosettes (haberdashery); Sequins; Trays for sewing articles; Sewing boxes; Buttons for sewing; Sewing needles; Sewing aids; Sewing kits; Sewing repair kits; Sewing thimbles; Shapes of cloth for making patchworks; Shapes for making lace; Shapes for making pompons; Belt buckles (shoe); Shoe buckles; Eyelets for shoes; Shoe eyelets; Shoe hooks; Laces for shoes; Shoe laces; Shoe clips, not of precious metal; Ornaments for shoes (not of precious metal); Shuttles for making fishing nets; Tatting shuttles; Blouse fasteners; Fastenings for braces; Fasteners for brassieres; Dress body fasteners; Dress fastenings; Fastenings for footwear; Adjustable fasteners; Fastenings for suspenders; Snap fasteners; Snap rings (fasteners); Suspender ends (fasteners); Suspender holders (fasteners); Buttons being fastenings; Clasp fasteners; Touch and close fasteners for clothing; Concealed fastening devices for clothing; Fasteners for clothing; Fastening devices for clothing; Fastenings for clothing; Hair fasteners; Hook and loop fasteners; Snap hooks (fasteners); Hook and eye fasteners; Common metal fasteners for clothing; Sewing fasteners; Shoe fasteners; Shoe lace fastening devices; Smallwares for crochet; Smallwares for embroidery; Smallwares for haberdashery; Smallwares for knitting; Smallwares for sewing; Smallwares for dressmaking; Smallwares for tailoring; Stitch counters; Stitch holders; Bra strap extenders; Strap holders (dressmaking materials); Press-studs (dressmaking articles); Studs for clothing; Decorative studs for leatherwear; Collar studs, not of precious metal; Metal studs for leatherwear; Stud-buttons (fasteners) for saddles; Lingerie tapes; Breast-lift adhesive body tape; Breast lift tapes; Curtain tapes; Tapes for curtain headings; Fabric backed tapes; Double-sided body tape for holding clothing in place; Reinforcing tapes for clothing; Decorative tapes; Tapes for use in making hems; Adhesive body tape (non medical); Hook and loop fastening tapes; Hook and pile fastening tapes; Appliques of textile; Heat transfer emblems of textile; Badges of textile materials; Lettering for textile articles; Letters and numerals of textile for decorating clothing; Name tabs (textile) for ironing-on; Patches for repairing textile articles; Heat adhesive patches for repairing textile articles; Heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile articles (haberdashery); Textile patches for ironing-on; Textile plants on artificial stems; Textile plants on natural stems; Ribbons of textile materials; Rosettes of textile materials; Bindings being textile smallwares; Textile smallwares for dressmaking; Reinforcing tapes for textile articles; Tapes for repairing textile articles; Textile piping; Toupees; Hat trimmings; Beads for trimming; Cords for trimming; Trimmings for clothing; Orsedew (trimmings for clothing); Knitted cords for clothing or trimming; Lace trimmings; Shoe trimmings; Textile trimmings; Wigs for wear; Wigs; Woggles; Zip fasteners; Zip fasteners for bags; Zips; Slide fasteners (zippers); Zippers; Zippers for bags