Boot laces; embroidered lace fabrics; embroidery laces; frills (lacework); knit lace fabrics; lace; lace for edgings; lace trimmings; laces (other than leather); laces for boots; laces for shoes; picot (lace); shapes for making lace; shoe lace fastening devices; shoe laces; woollen laces; articles for use in embroidery; embroidery; embroidery laces; fancy goods (embroidery); festoons (embroidery); gold embroidery; silver embroidery; smallwares for embroidery; thread of metal for embroidery; decorative ribbons; elastic ribbons; elasticised hair ribbons; hair ribbons; ribbons (haberdashery); ribbons of textile materials; ribbons with artificial stones; sealing ribbons; silk ribbons; velvet ribbons; braid; braids; buttons; buttons being fastenings; buttons for attachment to clothing; buttons for fixing by means of punches; buttons for sewing; buttons incorporating hooks and eyes; buttons used in upholstery; hair buttons; lapel buttons, other than of precious metals; non-metallic buttons for wear; novelty buttons (badges) for wear; ornamental badges (buttons) for wear; ornamental novelty badges (buttons); press buttons (dressmaking articles); snap buttons for clothing; buttons incorporating hooks and eyes; embroidering crochet hooks; eyes for clothing; hooks (haberdashery); hooks and eyes; hooks for corsets; latched hooks (needles); rug hooks; shoe hooks; snap hooks (fasteners); binding needles; bobby pins; curling pins; darning needles; decorative pins for wear (other than jewellery); hair curling pins; hair pins; hat pins (other than of precious metal); lapel pins, other than of precious metals; latched hooks (needles); needles; pins; pins for the hair; safety pins; sewing needles; arrangements of artificial flowers for decorative purposes; artificial flowers
Bows for the hair; Decorative articles for the hair; Elastic for tying hair; Elasticised hair bands; Elasticised hair ribbons; Electric hair rollers; Electric hair setting apparatus containing heated hair rollers; Electrically heated rods for curling hair; False hair; False hairpieces; Grips for the hair; Hair bands; Hair barrettes; Hair bows; Hair buttons; Hair clips; Hair coloring caps; Hair colouring caps; Hair curlers, other than hand implements; Hair curling papers; Hair curling pins; Hair extensions; Hair fasteners; Hair grips; Hair nets; Hair pins; Hair ribbons; Hair rollers; Hair slides; Hair slides; Hairpieces; Human hair; Human hairpieces; Non-electric hair rollers; Pins for the hair; Plaited hair; Plaits of hair; Sticks for use in decorating the hair; Sticks for use in styling the hair; Strips of plastics for use in highlighting of hair; Strips of plastics for use in tinting of hair; Synthetic hair; Synthetic hairpieces; Tresses of hair; Feathers for clothes; Arm bands (clothing accessories); Belt buckles (clothing accessories); Birds' feathers (clothing accessories); Brooches (clothing accessories); Buckles (clothing accessories); Decorative brooches (clothing accessories); Feathers (clothing accessories); Ostrich feathers (clothing accessories); Articles of common metal for use as parts for clothing; Bindings for hemming clothing; Blossoms for attachment to clothing; Borders for hemming clothing; Bows for clothing; Buttons for attachment to clothing; Clips for clothing; Common metal fasteners for clothing; Concealed fastening devices for clothing; Cords for clothing; Cords for rimming, for clothing; Double-sided body tape for holding clothing in place; Edgings for clothing; Eyelets for clothing; Eyes for clothing; Fasteners for clothing; Fastening devices for clothing; Fastenings for clothing; Frills for clothing; Letters and numerals of textile for decorating clothing; Name tags of textile for identifying clothing; Name tags of textile for marking clothing; Ornaments for clothing (not of precious metal); Orsedew (trimmings for clothing); Patches for use in the repair of clothing; Reinforcing tapes for clothing; Shoulder pads for clothing; Snap buttons for clothing; Spangles for clothing; Studs for clothing; Tinsels (trimmings for clothing); Touch and close fasteners for clothing; Trimmings for clothing; Twisted cords for clothing; Waist bands for clothing; Whalebones for clothing