Adhesive patches; Heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile articles (haberdashery); Heat adhesive patches for repairing textile articles; Artificial flower arrangements; Artificial flowers; Artificial foliage; Beads for trimming; Beads, other than for making jewellery; Binding needles; Bindings being textile smallwares; Bindings for hemming clothing; Birds' feathers (clothing accessories); Bows for clothing; Bows for the hair; Ribbons and bows, not of paper, for gift wrapping; Boxes for needles; Buttons; Buttons being fastenings; Buttons for attachment to clothing; Buttons for fixing by means of punches; Buttons for sewing; Buttons incorporating hooks and eyes; Buttons used in upholstery; Snap buttons for clothing; Cases adapted to hold crochet hooks; Cases adapted to hold knitting needles; Charms, other than for jewellery, key rings or key chains; Craft kits for needlecraft; Curling pins; Curtain tapes; Darning lasts; Darning needles; Decorative articles for the hair; Decorative bands; Decorative brooches (clothing accessories); Decorative pins for wear (other than jewellery); Decorative ribbons; Decorative tapes; Double-sided body tape for holding clothing in place; Dress body fasteners; Dress fastenings; Elastic for use in dressmaking; Edgings for clothing; Elastic ribbons; Elasticised hair bands; Elasticised hair Ribbons; Embroidered badges; Embroidered decalcomanias; Embroidered lace fabrics; Embroidered patches; Embroidering crochet hooks; Embroidery; Embroidery laces; Eyelets for clothing; Eyelets for shoes; Eyes for clothing; Fabric backed tapes; Frills (lacework); Frills for clothing; Fringes; Gold embroidery; Heat transfer emblems of textile; Hem clips; Hemming web for ironing-on; Hook and eye fasteners; Hook and loop fasteners; Hook and loop fastening tapes; Hook and pile fastening tapes; Hooks (haberdashery); Hooks and eyes; Hooks for corsets; Knitted cords; Knitting bobbins (other than parts of machines); Knitting needles; Knitting pins; Lace; Lace for edgings; Lace for use on blinds; Lace for use on curtains; Lace trimmings; Laces (other than leather); Laces for boots; Laces for shoes; Needle cases; Needle cushions; Needle-threaders; Needlecraft kits; Needles; Needles for wool combing machines; Ribbons for the hair; Ribbons of textile materials; Ribbons with artificial stones; Sewing aids; Sewing boxes; Sewing fasteners; Sewing kits; Sewing needles; Sewing repair kits; Sewing thimbles; Smallwares for crochet; Smallwares for dressmaking; Smallwares for embroidery; Smallwares for haberdashery; Smallwares for knitting; Smallwares for sewing; Smallwares for tailoring; Snap fasteners; Snap hooks (fasteners); Snap rings (fasteners); Tapes for curtain headings; Tapes for repairing textile articles; Tapes for use in making hems; Tassels (haberdashery); Textile plants on natural stems; Textile smallwares for dressmaking; Textile trimmings; Zip fasteners; Zip fasteners for bags; Zippers; Zippers for bags; Zips