Accessories for apparel, sewing articles and decorative textile articles; hair ornaments, hair rollers, hair fastening articles, and false hair; artificial fruit, flowers and vegetables; charms, other than for jewellery, key rings or key chains; entomological pins; lace; embroidery; ribbons and braid; buttons; hooks and eyes; needles; artificial flowers; artificial fruit; artificial garlands; ornamental novelty badges; badges for wear, not of precious metal; zippers; expanding bands for holding sleeves; hair ribbons; barrettes; belt buckles; blouse fasteners; bows for the hair; sewing boxes; boxes and cases for needles; trimmings for clothing; brooches; buckles [clothing accessories]; shoe buckles; needle cushions; pin cushions; heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile articles; shoe fasteners; fastenings for clothing; fastenings for suspenders; artificial flower wreaths; gold embroidery; lace trimmings; bobby pins; hair colouring caps; hair curlers; curling pins; hair nets; decorative articles for the hair; hair pins; hat ornaments; hat trimmings; hooks for corsets; knitting needles; ornaments (shoe -); prize ribbons; rosettes [haberdashery]; sewing needles; sewing thimbles; shoe hooks; shoe laces; tassels [haberdashery]; top-knots [pompoms]; woollen laces; ponytail holders; safety pins; clips and fasteners for bibs and aprons; frills [lacework]; appliqués [haberdashery]; wigs; toupees; false beards; brassards; cords for clothing; shoulder pads for clothing; trouser clips for cyclists; spangles for clothing; belt clasps; hair extensions; tresses of hair; frills for clothing; hook and fastening tapes; competitors' numbers; darning lasts; electrically heated hair curlers; haberdashery bows; all the aforesaid goods included in this class; brooches [clothing accessories]; feathers [clothing accessories]; whalebones for corsets; heat adhesive patches for repairing textile articles; tinsel [trimmings for clothing]; mica spangles; false hair; hat ornaments, not of precious metal; collar supports; non-electric hair rollers; hair curling papers; needle cases; boxes for needles; zippers for bags; shuttles for making fishing nets; false moustaches; shoe trimmings, not of precious metal; darning needles; ostrich feathers [clothing accessories]; birds' feathers [clothing accessories]; monogram tabs for marking linen; numerals for marking linen; needle-threaders; electrically heated hair curlers, other than hand tools.
Accessories for clothing, underwear, underclothes, headwear and footwear, sewing articles and decorative textile articles namely brooches [clothing accessories], ornamental novelty badges [buttons], top-knots [pompoms], sequins, spangles for decoration, not of precious metal, feathers [clothing accessories], arrangements of artificial flowers, intertwined cords for clothing, bracelets and expanding bands for holding sleeves [clothing accessories], shoulder pads for clothing, skirt flounces, hat decorations; accessories for clothing, underwear, underclothes, lingerie, headwear and footwear, sewing articles and decorative textile articles namely ornaments for shoes [not of precious metal], shoe laces, buttons, clasps, belt clasps, clasps for clothing, metal fasteners for footwear, buckles [clothing accessories], buckles for belts, shoe fasteners, zip fasteners, fastenings for clothing, fastenings for suspenders, snap rings [fasteners], scarf clips not being jewellery; accessories for clothing, underwear, underclothes, lingerie, headwear and footwear, sewing articles and decorative textile articles namely appliques [haberdashery], artificial blossoms for attachment to clothing, bindings for hemming clothing, lace, tapes, reinforcing tapes for clothing, beads for trimming, embroidery lace, embroidery for garments, ornamental cloth patches, decorative articles for the hair namely hair elastics, hair bands, hair barrettes, hair weaves, charms (other than for jewellery, key rings or key chains) namely decorative charms for eyewear, decorative charms for mobile telephones.