Towels (textile) for medical use; Textiles; Coated textiles; Coated woven textile materials; Composite textile materials; Fabrics being textile goods in roll form; Fabrics being textile piece goods; Fabrics for textile use; Fabrics for garments; Textiles for garments; Heat formable non-woven textile materials; Textiles with deposition coatings; Textiles with deposition treatments; Functionally coated textiles; Non-woven textile articles; Non-woven textile fabrics; Textile used as lining for clothing; Non-woven textile piece goods; Non-woven textiles; Non-woven textile fabrics; Synthetic textiles; Organic textiles; Natural textiles; Non-woven textiles; Woven textiles; Insulation textiles for garments; Textile material; Textile piece goods; Textiles with metal depositions; Textiles with aluminium coatings; Textiles with copper coatings; Textiles with ion releasing coatings; Textiles with radiant barriers; Activated textiles; Waterproof textile fabrics; Fabrics for insulation purposes; Fibrous fabrics for insulation purposes; Heat resistant fabrics (other than for insulation); Textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of garments, bags, jackets, gloves and apparel; Lining fabric for footwear; Radiant barriers applied to textiles; Metalised textiles; Sleeping bags; Bags for sleeping bags; Sleeping bag liners; Sleeping bags for camping; Textile filter materials; Filtering cloth; Filtering materials of textile; Filters made of textile materials; Filter fibres (textile); and Treated textiles