Sleeping bags; filtering materials of textile; textile goods, and substitutes for textile goods; fabrics; insecticide-treated mosquito nets; sheets of sailcloth for screening; labels of textile; curtains; linens; coverings for furniture; wall hangings; textile material; bunting of textile or plastic; lining fabric for footwear; linen lining fabric for shoes; linings [textile]; frieze [cloth]; plastic flags; felt pennants; flags of textile or plastic; removable covers of textile for electronic apparatus [not fitted or shaped]; interfacings; disposable cloths; printers' blankets of textile; brocade flags; nightdress cases of textile; coated textiles; dimity; banners of textile or plastic; bags for sleeping bags [specifically adapted]; cloths for removing make-up; napkin liners of textile; sponge cloths for textile use; sponge cloths [textile piece goods]; textiles for furnishings; plastic banners; nylon flags; upholstery fabrics; mosquito nets; make-up pads of textile for removing make-up; fabric cascades; shrouds; insect protection nets; textiles for interior decorating; household textiles; ticks [mattress covers]; hat linings, of textile, in the piece; household cloths for drying glasses; household textile articles made from non-woven materials; household textile articles; rubberized textile fabrics; fabrics for textile use; wall fabrics; patterned textiles for use in embroidery; nap raised cloth; prayer cloth; valances; cloth bunting; cloth; dish cloths of textile for drying; fitted toilet lid covers of fabric; pennants of textile; non-woven textile articles; textiles made of linen; textiles made of synthetic materials; textiles made of flannel; handkerchiefs of textile; fabric on the roll; textile goods for making headshawls and yashmaghs; towels [textile] for kitchen use; flags and pennants of textile; tapestries of textile; soft pelmets; woven fabrics; textile tissues; textile materials use in the manufacture of soft furnishings; japanese ceremonial wrapping cloth (fukusa); japanese general wrapping cloth (furoshiki); covers for toilet lids of fabric; banners of textile; interlinings made of non-woven fabrics; streamers of textile; plastic pennants; textiles and substitutes for textiles; traced cloths for embroidery; waterproofed textile piece goods; wash cloths; textile flags used for place settings; labels (textile -) for marking linen; labels (textile -) for marking clothing; labels (textile -) for identifying linen; labels of textile for identifying clothing; labels of textile for bar codes; iron-on cloth labels; tags of textile for attachment to linen; tags of textile for attachment to clothing; markers [labels] of cloth for textile fabrics; self-adhesive cloth labels; name badges of fabric material; adhesive labels (textile -); printed textile labels; curtains for showers; curtains made of plastics for use in shower baths; fire-retardant textile shower curtains; shower curtains of textile or plastic; window curtains; window curtains made of textile material; ready made curtains; ready made curtains of plastics; ready made curtains of textiles; curtain linings; curtains of textile or plastic; curtain holders of textile material; swags [curtains]; small curtains made of textile materials; moquettes [curtains]; pleated curtains; door curtains; pelmets; draperies [thick drop curtains]; lace curtains; drapes in the nature of curtains made of textile materials; textile curtain pelmets; curtains made of textile fabrics; drapes in the nature of curtains; indoor and outdoor curtains; curtains of plastic; valances [textile draperies]; vinyl curtains; textile materials for use as window coverings; textiles in the form of window furnishings; bath linen; bed linen; kitchen and table linens; glass cloths [towels]; towels of textile; bath towels; duvet covers; bath linen, except clothing; hooded towels; furniture coverings of plastic; furniture coverings (unfitted); furniture coverings of textile; unfitted fabric furniture covers; loose covers for garden furniture; bean bag covers; protective loose covers for mattresses and furniture; sofa covers; chair covers; toilet seat covers; chair backs [textile articles]; fitted toilet lid covers [made of fabric or fabric substitutes]; woven fabrics for furniture; canopy covers; covers of textile for water closets; replacement seat covers [loose] for furniture; loose covers made of textile materials for furniture; coverings of textile and of plastic for furniture (unfitted); wall plaques of textile; padded coverings [hangings of textile] for existing walls; wall decorations of textile; wall hangings of textile; wall hangings of silk; handcrafted textile wall hangings; borders (textile wall hangings); friezes [textile wall hangings]; vinyl place mats.
sleeping bags; soft furnishings and furnishing fabrics; Curtain fabrics; textiles for furnishings; upholstery fabrics; fabrics for interior decoration; chenille fabric; cotton fabric; crepe (fabric); esparto fabric; flannel (fabric); hemp fabric; jersey (fabric); jute fabric; knitted fabric; nylon fabric; polyester fabric; ramie fabric; rayon fabric; silk fabrics; woollen fabric; worsted fabrics; woven fabrics; chemical fiber fabrics; elastic fabrics for clothing; fabric for footwear; jersey material (fabric); lining fabric for shoes; synthetic fibre fabrics; cloth coasters; cotton cloth; crepe cloth; face cloths; felt cloth; hemp cloth; jute cloth; linen cloth; silk cloth; taffeta (cloth); woollen cloth; velvet; canvas for tapestry or embroidery; damask; fustian; towels of textile; household linen; table linen of textile; bath linen, except clothing; bed linen; bath towels; beach towels; children's towels; golf towels; kitchen towels; tea towels; dish towels for drying; face towels of textile; large bath towels; washing mitts; linen (fabric); coasters (table linen); linen for household purposes; bed blankets; bed clothes; bed covers; bed sheets; bed skirts; bed spreads; bed throws; comforters (bedding); bed covers of paper; covers for cushions; table covers; table runners; table cloths, not of paper; table napkins of textile; table mats, not of paper; place mats, not of paper; textile napkins; mattress covers; ticks (mattress covers); pillow covers; pillow cases; pillow shams; fitted toilet lid covers of fabric; quilts; futon quilts; sleeping bags (sheeting); flags, not of paper; banners and flags of textile; pennants not of paper; curtains of textile or plastic; handkerchiefs of textile; labels of cloth; cloth; flags, of textile or plastic, incorporating fiber optics; nylon flags; nylon flags incorporating fiber optics; banners; textile pennons; curtains; shower curtains; window curtains; curtain holders of textile material; napkins, of cloth, for removing make-up; tissues of textile for removing make-up; furniture coverings of textile; furniture coverings of plastic; labels of textile for identifying clothing; mosquito nets; tapestry (wall hangings), of textile; wall hangings of textile; travelling rugs