Runners (textile) for table tops; Bed skirts; Bath sheets (towels); Bath towels; Beach towels; Disposable drying towels; Face cloths of towelling; Face towels of textile; Golf towels; Hand towels of textile; Hooded towels; Kitchen towels (textile); Tea towels; Terry towels; Towel blankets; Towels (textile); Turkish towels; Bar cloths; Bath linen (except clothing); Cloth; Cloths for removing make-up; Cloths for washing the body (other than for medical use); Cotton cloths; Dish cloths of textile for drying; Face cloths of textile; Linen cloth; Tea cloths; Wash cloths; Waterproof cloths; Woollen cloth; Bed sheets; Cot sheets; Protective covers (dust sheets); Sheets (textile); Silk sheets (bedding); Textile sheets; Valance sheets; Bathroom linen; Bed linen; Bedding (linen); Cot bumpers (bed linen); Household linen; Infants' bed linen; Kitchen linen; Linens; Table linen (not of paper); Valence linen; Waterproof bed linen; Bed blankets; Blanket throws; Blankets for household pets; Children's blankets; Cot blankets; Picnic blankets; Quilted blankets (bedding); Travel blankets; Bed quilts; Continental quilts; Quilt covers; Quilts; Pillowcases; Bean bag covers; Bed covers; Canopy covers; Chair covers; Cot covers; Coverings for windows; Coverings of plastic for furniture; Coverlets (bedspreads); Covers (loose) for furniture; Covers for cushions; Covers for toilet seat lids; Cushion covers; Down coverlets; Dust covers; Duvet covers; Fabric covers; Fabrics covered with motifs to be embroidered; Fitted toilet cistern covers (fabric); Fitted toilet lid covers (fabric); Furnishing covers for household use; Furniture coverings of plastic; Furniture coverings of textile; Loose covers for furniture; Materials for covering walls (textile); Mattress covers; Padded coverings (hangings of textile) for existing walls; Pads in the form of chair covers; Protective covers for furniture (loose); Protective covers for vehicle seats (loose); Seat covers (loose) for furniture; Sofa covers; Table coverings (not of paper); Table covers; Textile covers (loose) for furniture; Ticks (mattress covers); Toilet covers (textile); Valanced bed covers; Weather-resistant covers for the outdoor protection of furniture; Travellers' rugs