Pet blankets; Blankets for household pets; Furnishing covers for household use; Household linen; Household textile piece goods; Household textiles; Sponge cloths (covers) for household use; Textile articles for household use; Textile fabrics for making up into household textile articles; Textile articles for kitchen use; Textile articles for sale as part of embroidery kits; Textile articles for sale as part of needlecraft kits; Textile articles for soft furnishings; Woven fabrics for making up into articles of clothing; Quilted textile articles (other than for insulation); Non-woven textile articles; Articles made of textile material with a self-adhesive surface; Textile covers for hot water bottles; Fabrics for interior decorating; Textiles for interior decorating; Wall decorations of textile; Dish cloths of textile for drying; Dish mats; Padded articles made of textile materials; Picnic blankets; Fabric place mats; Place mats of textile; Textile place mats; Table covers; Table mats of textile; Table napkins of textile; Table linen (not of paper); Table coverings (not of paper); Table runners, not of paper; Textile napkins (table linen); Textile smallwares (table linen); Runners (textile) for table tops; Textile articles for table use; Table place setting mats of textile; Plastic table cloths; Drink mats of table linen; Drink coasters of table linen; Billiard table baize; Tea cloths; Covers for toilet seat lids; Fitted toilet cistern covers (fabric); Fitted toilet lid covers (fabric); Make-up removal cloths (textile), other than impregnated with toilet preparations; Make-up removal wipes (textile) other than impregnated with toilet preparations; Toilet covers (textile); Tea towels; Make-up removal towels (textile) other than impregnated with toilet preparations; Bath sheets (towels); Bath towels; Beach towels; Disposable drying towels; Face cloths of towelling; Face towels of textile; Glass-cloth (towels); Golf towels; Hand towels of textile; Hooded towels; Kitchen towels (textile); Make-up removal towels (textile) other than impregnated with cosmetics; Terry towels; Textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of towels; Towel blankets; Towelling (textile); Towelling (textile) adapted for use in dispensers; Towelling material; Towels (textile); Towels (textile) for kitchen use; Towels (textile) for use in connection with toddlers; Towels of textile; Turkish towels; Towels of textile sold in pack form; Coverings for windows; Curtains for windows; Textile materials for use as window coverings; Textiles in the form of window furnishings; Window covering products made of textile material; Window furnishing fabrics; Sleeping bags for camping; Curtain holders of textile material; Textile curtain holders; Travel blankets; Travellers' rugs; Travelling rugs (lap robes); Towels (textile) for use in connection with babies; Baby buntings; Sleeping bags for babies; Bathroom linen; Textile goods for bathroom use; Textile articles for beds; Bed blankets; Bed blankets made of cotton; Bed blankets made of man-made fibres; Bed blankets made of wool; Bed coverings; Bed covers; Bed covers of paper; Bed linen; Bed linen of paper; Bed quilts; Bed skirts; Bed spreads; Bed valances; Bed warmer covers; Bed sheets; Bedding (linen); Canopies (covers for beds); Comforters for beds; Cot bumpers (bed linen); Disposable bedding; Infants' bed linen; Quilt bedding mats; Quilted blankets (bedding); Sheets (bed linen) of paper; Crib bumpers (bed linen); Silk sheets (bedding); Textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of beds; Textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of bedding; Textile goods for use as bedding; Textile piece goods for making bedding covers; Valanced bed covers; Valanced bed sheets; Valances for beds; Waterproof bed linen; Books of fabric samples; Books of textile samples; Chair slings (textile articles); Chair backs (textile articles); Chair covers; Pads in the form of chair covers; Fabric straps for use in securing babies to change tables; Diaper changing cloths for babies; Nappy changing cloths for babies; Covers for change mats; Coverings of plastic for furniture; Covers (loose) for furniture; Fabrics for furniture; Loose covers for furniture; Protective coverings for furniture (loose); Replacement seat covers (loose) for furniture; Seat covers (loose) for furniture; Silk fabrics for furniture; Textile covers for furniture; Textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of furniture; Weather-resistant covers for the outdoor protection of furniture; Protective covers for furniture (loose); Velours for furniture; Woven fabrics for furniture