Linens; Bathroom linen; Household linen; Kitchen linen; Linen cloth; Valance linen; Woven linen fabrics; Tea cloths; Tea towels; Dinner napkins; Apparel fabrics; Bath linen (except clothing); Bath mitts; Bath sheets (towels); Bath towels; Bean bag covers; Bedding (linen); Infants' bed linen; Bed blankets made of cotton; Bed blankets made of wool; Bed covers; Bed linen; Bed sheets; Bed skirts; Bed spreads; Bed valances; Bedspreads; Chair covers; Comforters; Cot blankets; Cot sheets; Covers for cushions; Duvets; Face cloths of towelling; Furnishing covers for household use; Textiles made of linen; Bedroom textile fabrics; Textiles; Face cloths of textile; Hand towels of textile; Handkerchiefs of textile; Hooded towels; Kitchen towels (textile); Mattress covers; Mosquito nets; Picnic blankets; Pillow cases; Pillow covers; Place mats of textile; Bed quilts; Quilt covers; Quilt bedding mats; Quilts; Sheets (textile); Table covers; Table napkins of textile; Table runners, not of paper; Tags of textile for attachment to linen; Textile fabrics for making into linens; Textile serviettes; Coasters of textile; Mats (coasters) of textile; Textile coasters; Travel blankets; Underblankets; Valance sheets; Valanced bed covers; Valanced bed sheets; Valances (textile draperies); Valances for beds; Wall hangings of textile; Cloths for washing the body (other than for medical use); Wash cloths; Woven fabrics for furniture; Beach towels; none of the foregoing being non-woven fabrics or textiles