Garden fleece and capillary matting; bathroom linen; textile goods for bathroom use; textiles and textile articles for household use; woven fabrics; knitted fabrics; non-woven fabrics; bathroom textiles; shower curtains; shower curtains made of plastic material; shower curtains of textile or plastic; household linen; bedding; bathroom linen; kitchen linen; bed linen; bed covers; quilts, blankets, duvets, covers and overlays; pillow shams; pillow cases; sheets; towels; table linen (not of paper); table covers; linen cloth; quilts; quilted blankets; napkins; serviettes; face towels; flannels; curtains; curtain holders of textile materials; linings; valances; covers for toilet seat lids; fitted toilet cistern covers (fabric); fitted toilet lid covers (fabric); coverings of plastic for furniture; covers (loose) for furniture; fabrics for furniture; furniture coverings of plastic; furniture coverings of textile; loose covers for furniture; protective coverings for furniture (loose); protective covers for furniture (loose); replacement seat covers (loose) for furniture; seat covers (loose) for furniture; silk fabrics for furniture; textile covers (loose) for furniture; textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of furniture; velours for furniture; weather-resistant covers for the outdoor protection of furniture; woven fabrics for furniture; make-up removal towels and wipes (textile) other than impregnated with toilet preparations; toilet covers (textile); pleated shades; roller shades (outdoor) of textile; curtain holders of textile material; textile curtain holders; parts, fittings and accessories for all the foregoing goods