Elastic woven material; zephyr [cloth]; textiles and substitutes for textiles; woven fabrics imitating leather; adhesive fabric for application by heat; coated woven textile materials; woven fabrics for furniture; place mats of textile; interior decoration fabrics; woven cloth with breathable polyurethane coating; traced cloths for embroidery; textiles for making up into articles of clothing; plastic woven textile materials for use in agriculture; woven cloth with breathable polyurethane coating sold in the piece; woven cloth with breathable polyurethane coating for water proof garments; fabrics; textile goods, and substitutes for textile goods; towels of textile; handkerchiefs of textile; face towels of textile; non-woven textile fabrics; filtering materials of textile; furniture coverings of textile; fabric for footwear; fibreglass fabrics for textile use; curtain holders of textile material; plastic material [substitute for fabrics]; fabrics for textile use; printers' blankets of textile; wall hangings of textile; diaper changing cloths for babies; shower curtains of textile or plastic; curtains of textile or plastic; bed blankets; duvet covers; comforters; bed covers, bed linen; bed blankets made of man-made fibres; bed blankets made of cotton; silk bed blankets; table linen; tablecloths, not of paper; textile tablecloths; bed clothes and blankets; tablemats of textile; bed linen and blankets; infants' bed linen; table napkins of textile; napkin liners of textile; coasters of textile; children's towels; hand towels; hand towels of textile; duvets; sheets [textile]; textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of sheets; bed sheets of plastic [not being incontinence sheets]; kitchen towels; towels [textile] for kitchen use; felt piece goods; piece goods made of textile materials bonded with rubbers; piece goods made of textile materials bonded with plastics; quilt covers; quilt bedding mats; quilts, blankets; eiderdowns [down coverlets]; quilts made of terry cloth; quilts filled with half down; quilts filled with feathers; quilts filled with stuffing materials; quilts of textile; quilts filled with synthetic stuffing materials; quilts filled with down; bed covers; kit comprised of fabrics for making quilts; fabrics for use in making diapers; coverings for furniture; loose covers for garden furniture; loose covers made of textile materials for furniture; mosquito nets; protective loose covers for mattresses and furniture; woven textiles having protective properties against electromagnetic rays; textile piece goods for use in the manufacture of protective clothing; cot sheets; cot blankets; cot covers; pillow shams; cushion covering materials; covers for cushions; swags [curtains]