All goods included in this class inclusive of woven fabrics, cotton fabrics, waste cotton fabrics, linen fabrics, hemp fabrics, ramie fabrics, jute fabrics, silk filament fabrics, spun silk fabrics, handspun silk fabrics, worsted fabrics, woollen fabrics; chemical fibre fabrics including synthetic fibre fabrics, semi-synthetic (chemically treated natural) fibre fabrics, reclaimed fibre fabrics; inorganic fibre fabrics including glass fibre fabrics, metallic fibre fabrics, mixed fabrics, mixed cotton fabrics, mixed fibre fabrics, mixed silk fabrics, mixed woollen and worsted fabrics, mixed chemical fibre fabrics, silk and cotton mixed fabrics, wool and cotton mixed fabrics, hemp and cotton mixed fabrics, silk and wool mixed fabrics, hemp and wool mixed fabrics, hemp and silk mixed fabrics, chemical fibre mixed fabrics, inorganic fibre mixed fabrics, gaiter cloth, suspender cloth, belt cloth, mat edge cloth; special fabrics including rubber covered yarn fabrics, paper fabrics; knitted fabrics including loop knit fabrics, cotton loop knit fabrics, silk loop knit fabrics, wool loop knit fabrics, chemical fibre loop knit fabrics, lace fabrics, knit lace fabrics, embroidered lace fabrics; felt including roll felt, press felt; other cloth including non-woven cloth, oil-cloth, rubberized cloth, vinyl cloth; fabric apparel accessories including handkerchieves, Japanese towels, towels, wrapping cloths, crepe wrappers; bedding including quilts, quilt covers, pillow covers, sheets, blankets, mosquito nets all of the aforementioned goods being cloth, fabric and other textile goods included in class 24