Afghans; Apparel fabrics; Banners; Bath linen (except clothing); Bathroom linen; Bed covers; Bed linen; Bed skirts; Bed spreads; Bedding (linen); Blanket throws; Bunting; Cloth; Cloths for washing the body (other than for medical use); Comforters; Covers (loose) for furniture; Covers for cushions; Covers for toilet seat lids; Curtains; Dust ruffles; Duvet covers; Duvets; Fabric; Flags (not of paper); Furnishing covers for household use; Furniture coverings of textile; Handkerchiefs of textile; Household linen; Household textiles; Kitchen furnishings (textile); Kitchen linen; Linens; Loose covers for furniture; Mattress covers; Mattress protectors (other than incontinence); Napkins for removing makeup; Pennants (flags), other than of paper; Pennants of textile; Pillow cases; Place mats (not of paper); Protective covers for furniture (loose); Protective covers for vehicle seats (loose); Quilt covers; Quilted blankets (bedding); Quilted textile articles (other than for insulation); Quilts; Sanitary flannel; Seat covers (loose) for furniture; Sheets (textile); Shower curtains; Soft furnishings; Sun screens (indoor), of textile; Table coverings (not of paper); Table linen (not of paper); Tablecloths (not of paper); Tablemats (not of paper); Tea towels; Terry linen; Terry towels; Textile articles for beds; Textile articles for household use; Textile articles for kitchen use; Textile articles for sale as part of embroidery kits; Textile articles for sale as part of needlecraft kits; Textile articles for soft furnishings; Textile articles for table use; Textile covers (loose) for furniture; Textile covers (loose) for headboards; Textile covers for duvets; Textile covers for hot water bottles; Textile goods; Textile material; Textile piece goods; Textiles; Tissues being textile piece goods; Towel blankets; Towelling material; Towels (textile); Travel blankets; Travellers' rugs; Travelling rugs (lap robes); Underblankets; Upholstery fabrics; Upholstery materials; Valance sheets; Valanced bed covers; Valanced bed sheets; Valances for beds; Wall hangings of textile; Wash cloths; Wash gloves; Washing mitts; Water resistant fabrics; Waterproof textile fabrics; Window covering products made of textile material; Woollen cloth; Woollen fabric
Afghans; barbecue mitts; bath linen; bed blankets; bed canopies; bed linen; bed pads; bed sheets; bed spreads; billiard cloth; bolting cloth; brocade; buckram; calico; cheese cloth; chenille fabric; cheviot fabric; cloth banners; cloth doilies; cloth flags; cloth labels; cloth napkins for removing makeup; comforters; cotton fabric; covers for cushions; crepe cloth; crib bumpers; crib canopies; curtain fabric; curtains; damask; dimity; dish cloths; draperies; dust ruffles; duvet covers; duvets; eiderdowns; esparto fabric; fabric for boots and shoes; fabric impervious to gases for aeronautical balloons; fabric of imitation animal skin; fabric table runners; felt cloth; fiberglass fabric for textile use; flannel; flax cloth; frieze; fustian; gauze fabric; glass cloth; golf towels; handkerchiefs; hemp cloth; jersey material; jute cloth; kitchen towels; linen; linen lining fabric for shoes; mattress covers; mattress pads; moleskin; mosquito nets; net curtains; nylon fabric; oil cloths; oven mitts; pillow cases; pillow shams; polyester fabric; pot holders; poufs; printed labels of textile; puffs; quilts; rags for paper making; ramie fabric; rayon fabric; sackcloth; sail cloth; shams; shower curtains; shrouds; silk cloth; silk fabric for printing patterns; swags; table cloths not of paper; table linen; table linen, namely coasters; table mats not of paper; taffeta; tapestries of textile; tea towels; textile bathmats; textile linings for garments; textile napkins; textile napkins for removing makeup; textile place mats; textile printers' blankets; textile used as lining for clothing; textile wall hangings; towels; tulle; upholstery fabrics; velvet; washcloths; washing mitts; window curtains; woollen cloth; woollen fabric; zephyr fabric