Acrylic fabrics; adhesive fabric for application by heat; adjustable vinyl banners suspended on metal poles inserted into square metal ground sleeves; afghans; aida cloth for cross-stitching; aircraft curtains; aromatic herb-filled quilts; aromatic herb-filled quilts for pets; baby bedding, namely, bundle bags, swaddling blankets, crib bumpers, fitted crib sheets, crib skirts, crib blankets, and diaper changing pad covers not of paper; baby blankets; baby bunting; backdrops comprised of polymeric material being a textile substitute for use in photography; ballistic resistant fabrics for use in the production of bulletproof and blast proof clothing, shoes and bullet proof and blast proof garments and shields; bamboo fabric; bands of elastic fabric to be stretched around luggage for the purpose of luggage identification; banners and flags of textile; banners of textile; banners of textile or plastic; bath gloves; bath linen; bath linen, except clothing; bath mitts; bath sheets; bath towels; beach towels; beaver skin bed blankets; beaver skin blanket throws; bed and table linen; bed and table linen, wall hangings of textile; bed blankets; bed canopies; bed covers; bed covers of paper; bed linen; bed linen and table linen; bed pads; bed sheets; bed sheets of paper; bed sheets of plastic, not being incontinence sheets; bed sheets, fitted bed sheet covers, bed flat sheets, and pillow cases used in the bedding, health care, home-health care and nursing home industries made of biodegradable film created from renewable bio-polymer resources; bed skirts; bed spreads; bed throws; bed valances; bedsheets; bedspreads; billiard cloth; billiard cloth; blanket throws; blankets for household pets; blankets for outdoor use; bolting cloth; box spring covers; brocade; brocade flags; brocades; buckram; bunting fabric; bunting of textile or plastic; burp cloths, not of paper; calico; canvas and muslin backdrops for use in photographic and video production; canvas fabric; canvas for tapestry or embroidery; cashmere blankets; cashmere fabric; cheese cloth; chemical fiber base mixed fabrics; chemical fiber fabrics; chenille fabric; cheviot fabric; chiffon fabric; children's bed sheets, pillow cases, and blankets; children's blankets; children's towels; cloth banners; cloth bunting; cloth coasters; cloth cover for the face that is placed around the hair line of the head to protect the skin of the forehead, ears, side of face, and neck while using hair curling irons or flat iron; cloth doilies; cloth flags; cloth for tatami mat edging ribbons; cloth labels; cloth napkins for removing make-up; cloth pennants; cloths for removing make-up; cloths used for wrapping goods; coasters of textile; comforters; compressed towels; contour sheets; contoured mattress covers; corduroy fabrics; cot bumpers; cot sheets; cotton base mixed fabrics; cotton cloth; cotton fabric; cotton fabrics; cotton towels; covered rubber yarn fabrics for textile use; coverlets; covers for cushions; covers for mattresses; crepe cloth; crib bumper pads; crib bumpers; crib canopies; crib sheets; curtain fabric; curtain holders of textile material; curtain liners; curtain loops of textile material; curtain tie-backs in the nature of textile curtain holders; curtains; curtains and towels; curtains made of textile fabrics; curtains of plastic; curtains of textile; curtains of textile or plastic; cushion covers; damask; denim fabric; diaper changing cloths for babies; diaper changing pads not of paper; dimity; dining linens; cloths for drying dishes; dish towels for drying; door curtains; draperies; draperies; drapery; drink mats of table linen; drugget fabric; dust ruffles; duvet covers; duvets; eiderdown covers; eiderdowns; elastic fabrics for clothing; elastic yarn mixed fabrics; esparto fabric; fabric bed valances; fabric cascades; fabric covers for use on various straps; fabric curtains for mining and industrial uses; fabric diaper stackers; fabric drapes designed to conceal the act of breastfeeding in public; fabric finish or surface treatment composition sold as a component of finished treated or coated textiles and fabrics to enhance printing of designs and patterns thereon; fabric finish or surface treatment composition sold as a component of finished treated or coated textiles and fabrics to preserve color dyes and inks thereon and to reduce or eliminate fade; fabric flags; fabric for boots and shoes; fabric for fire barrier curtains; fabric for footwear; fabric for wrapping bundles; fabric impervious to gases for aeronautical balloons; fabric of imitation animal skin; fabric of imitation animal skins; fabric table runners; fabric valances; fabric window coverings and treatments, namely, curtains, draperies, sheers, swags and valances; fabric, impervious to gases, for aeronautical balloons; fabrics coated with thermoplastic coatings for use in manufacturing in a wide variety of industries; fabrics for textile use; fabrics for the manufacture of cotton textiles; fabrics that may or may not have printed patterns and designs thereon for use in textile applications, namely, the manufacture of apparel, upholstery, signage, flags, banners and wallpaper; fabrics used in home decorative items with inspirational messages imprinted or woven into the fabrics; face cloths; face towels; face towels of textile; face towels of textiles; felt and non-woven textile fabrics; felt cloth; felt pennants; felts; fiberglass fabric for textile use; fiberglass fabrics for textile use; fiberglass fabrics, for textile use; fibreglass fabrics for textile use; fireproof upholstery fabrics; fitted bed sheets; fitted bed sheets for pets; fitted futon covers not of paper; fitted toilet lid covers; fitted toilet seat covers of textile; flags of textile or plastic; flame retardant fabrics for the manufacture of bedding and upholstered furniture; flannel; flat bed sheets; flax cloth; flax fabrics; fleece blankets; football towels; foulard; frieze; furnishing and upholstery fabrics; furniture coverings made of plastic materials; fustian; futon quilts; futon ticks, namely, unstuffed futon covers not of paper; gauze fabric; gift wrap of fabric; gift wrap of textile; glass cloths being towels; glass fiber fabrics; golf towels; gummed waterproof cloth; hand spun silk fabrics; hand towels; hand towels of textile; hand-towels made of textile fabrics; handkerchiefs of textile; handkerchiefs of textiles; heat-activated adhesive fabrics; hemp base mixed fabrics; hemp cloth; hemp fabric; hemp yarn fabrics; hemp-cotton mixed fabrics; hemp-silk mixed fabrics; hemp-wool mixed fabrics; hooded towels; household linen; household linen, including face towels; individual place mats made of textile; indoor and outdoor curtains; inorganic fiber mixed fabrics; insect protection nets for household purposes; insecticide-treated mosquito nets; interior decoration fabrics; japanese ceremonial wrapping cloth (fukusa); japanese cotton towels (tenugui); japanese general wrapping cloth (furoshiki); jeans fabric; jersey fabrics for clothing; jersey material; jute cloth; jute fabric; jute fabrics; kente cloth; kit comprised of fabrics for making quilts; kitchen linens; kitchen towels; kitchen towels of textile; knitted fabric; knitted fabrics; knitted fabrics of chemical-fiber yarn; knitted fabrics of cotton yarn; knitted fabrics of silk yarn; knitted fabrics of wool yarn; kuba cloth; labels of cloth; labels of textile; labels of textile for bar codes; labels of textile for identifying clothing; laid scrim, knit, woven and non-woven reinforcement fabrics made of polyester or fiberglass for industrial applications; laminated textiles to be affixed to the surface of furniture; lamé; lap blankets; lap robes; lap rugs; lap-robes; large bath towels; lightweight cotton cloth in the nature of a wash cloth designed to clean the external ear and the visible ear canal by removing crusted ear wax, dirt, dried skin, and soap residue; linen; linen cloth; linen for household purposes; linen lining fabric for shoes; liners adapted to sleeping bags for camping; lingerie fabric; lining fabric for footwear; mantel runners not of paper; mattress covers; mesh-woven fabrics; metal fiber fabrics; mixed fiber fabrics; moisture absorbent microfiber textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of athletic apparel, namely, shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, bags, towels and athletic uniforms; moleskin; moleskin fabric not for medical use; muslin fabric; narrow woven fabrics; natural and synthetic fabrics and textiles, namely, cotton, silk, polyester and nylon fabrics; net curtains; non-paper doilies; non-woven fabrics and felts; non-woven textile fabrics; nursing covers; nylon fabric; nylon flags; oil cloths; oilcloth; oilcloth for use as tablecloths; paper bed covers; paper pillowcases; paper yarn fabrics for textile use; pashmina fabrics; pennants of textile; pile fabrics; pillow cases; pillow covers; pillow shams; pillow-top, low-profile bed skirts; pillowcases; pillowcases; place mats of textile; place mats of textile material; plastic banners; plastic bunting; plastic flags; plastic handkerchiefs; plastic pennants; plastic table covers; polyester fabric; polylactic acid fabrics for manufacturing clothing; pouf valances comprised of fabric; prayer cloth; precut fabrics for needlecraft; press felt; printed calico cloth; printed fabric signage panels; printed textile labels; printers' blankets of textile; puffs; quilt covers; quilts; quilts made of cotton; quilts of textile; quilts of towels; rags for paper making; ramie fabric; ramie fabrics; rayon fabric; receiving blankets; regenerated fiber yarn fabrics; reusable house training pads of fabric for pets; reusable housebreaking pads of fabric for pets; reversible bed blankets; rubberized cloth; rubberized cloths; sackcloth; sail cloth; satin; plastic material [substitute for fabrics], namely, woven aramid fabrics for use in the manufacture of protective clothing and helmets and in hard armor; semi-synthetic fiber fabrics; serviettes of textile; shams; sheet sets; shower curtain liners; shower curtains; shower curtains of textile or plastic; shower room curtains; shrouds; silk base mixed fabrics; silk bed blankets; silk blankets; silk cloth; silk fabric for printing patterns; silk fabrics; silk fabrics for printing patterns; silk-cotton mixed fabrics; silk-wool mixed fabrics; sleeping bag liners; sleeping bags; sleeping bags for babies; sleeping bags for camping; sleeping bags in the nature of sheeting; small curtains made of textile materials; spandex fabric for use in the manufacture of clothing; spirit-filled quilts for pets; spun silk fabrics; swaddling blankets; swags; synthetic fiber fabrics; table and bed linen; table cloth of textile; table cloths not of paper; table linen; table linen of textile; table linen, namely, coasters; table linen, not of paper; table napkins of textile; table covers; table runners not of paper; table runners of plastic; table runners of textile; table runners, not of paper; tablecloths of textiles; tablecloths, not of paper; tablemats of textile; taffeta; taffeta fabric; tapestries of textile; tea towels; terry towels; textile backdrops for use in photography; textile exercise towels; textile fabric of animal skins imitations; textile fabrics for home and commercial interiors; textile fabrics for lingerie; textile fabrics for the manufacture of clothing; textile fabrics for use in making clothing and household furnishings; textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of garments, bags, jackets, gloves, and apparel; textile goods, namely, a synthetic sheet with fragrance for the purpose of inserting into pillow slip and under fitted sheet to emit fragrance; textile hair drying towels; textile handkerchiefs; textile hang tags; textile labels; textile napkins for removing make-up; textile place mats; textile printers' blankets; textile serviettes; textile signage panels; textile substitute materials made from synthetic materials; textile tablecloths; textile used as lining for clothing; textile wall hangings; textile wall hangings, namely, cloth posters; textile wraps for knobs and handles to protect users' hands from heat/cold when touching the knobs or handles; textiles for digital printing; textiles for dye-sublimation printing; textiles with inspirational messages imprinted or woven into textiles; throws; throws designed to also be wrapped around a person; throws for traveling; ticking fabric; toilet tank covers made of fabric or fabric substitutes; towel sets; towel sheet; towelling coverlets; towels; towels; towels for use in salons and barber shops; towels made of textile materials; towels of textile; towels that may be worn as a dress or similar garment; traced cloth for embroidery; traced cloths for embroidery; travelling blankets; travelling rugs; travelling rugs; tricot quilts; true hemp fabrics; tulle; turkish towel; unfitted coverings of plastic for furniture; unfitted fabric covers for vehicle seats; unfitted fabric crib rail covers; unfitted fabric furniture covers; unfitted fabric slipcovers for furniture; unfitted furniture covers not of paper; unfitted futon covers not of paper; unfitted seat covers of textile; upholstery fabrics; upholstery leather fabrics; velvet; vinyl banners; vinyl curtains; viscose fabric; wall hangings of textile; wash cloths; washcloths; washing gloves; waste cotton fabrics; waterproof fabric for manufacturing clothing, furniture and automobile upholstery, and luggage; wavy fiber textiles; window curtains; window treatments in the nature of window panels of polyester, cotton and wool; wool base mixed fabrics; wool yarn fabrics; wool-cotton mixed fabrics; woolen cloth; woolen fabric; woollen blankets; woollen cloth; woollen fabric; worsted fabrics; woven fabrics; woven fabrics and knitted fabrics; woven fabrics of cotton for textile use; woven felt; woven reinforcement fabrics made of cotton for use in structural reinforcement in industrial applications; wrapping cloth for general purposes; zephyr fabric; cotton fabric for use as a textile in the manufacture of bedsheets, pillows, clothing.