Devices for securing luggage on vehicles; Elastic ropes; Fabric gift bags; Coverings in the nature of tarpaulins; Fishing nets; Hammocks; Caravan annexes of canvas; Liners for use in bulk containers; Packaging string; Plastic sheet materials (tarpaulins); Packing rope; Adhesive coated plastic netting; Ropes for rock climbing; Ropes for use in climbing and mountaineering; Ropes for tents; Sails for kiteboards; Ropes for mountaineering; Sails for sailboards; Plastics bags (sacks) for the storage of materials in bulk; Sails for ski sailing; Covers (not shaped) for vehicles; Tarpaulins; Swags (groundsheet and bed-roll cover); Tents; Tents (awnings) for caravans; Tents (awnings) for vehicles; Tents for camping; Tents for mountaineering; Tents for use as an adjunct to vehicles; Tents made of textile materials; Car towing ropes; Towing ropes for vehicles, not of metal; Waterproof covering sheets (tarpaulins); Waterproof covers (tarpaulins); Awnings for tents; Awnings of synthetic materials; Awnings of textile; Canopies (awnings); Shade awnings and canopies, not of metal; Bags (sacks) for transportation purposes; Cotton tow; Bags (envelopes, pouches) of textile, for packaging; Windbreaks (screening); Blackout blinds (outdoor) of textile; Wrapping or binding bands, not of metal; Beach awnings and canopies, not of metal; Bottle covers; Ropes; Covers (not shaped) for barbecues; Covers (not shaped) for pick-up trucks; Covers for ponds; Containers (bags, sacks) for the transport and storage of materials in bulk; Canopy awning incorporating a clothesline; Bags made of textile material for packaging; Sails; Sails for boats; Vehicle covers (not fitted); Bags for storage purposes; Bags made of textile for the storage of tents; Canvas structures