Commercial nets; commercial nets completely or substantially of plastic material; commercial extruded plastic nets; commercial laminated nets; commercial laminated nets in the form of sheets and/or containing fabrics; one-way stretched commercial plastic nets; two-way stretched commercial plastic nets; commercial plastic nets namely commercial plastic nets for fencing, gardening, horticulture, agriculture, aviculture, pisciculture and packing; commercial nets and tarpaulins for cultivation protection, cultivation defence and cultivation growth, namely commercial nets and tarpaulins for shading, windbreaks, anti-hail, anti-aphid, for pollination, for protection against birds, for mulching, for use as thermo-reflecting screens, to promote growth of cultivation, for creepers; supports and espaliers for floriculture and horticulture; commercial support nets for floriculture and horticulture; commercial nets for harvesting and drying off agricultural products, for packing and transportation of plants, for flower picking and production of grass carpets; commercial packaging nets, namely nets for protection of bottles or mechanical parts of machines; commercial separation nets for packing; commercial protection and packing nets for furnishing articles, for packaging of toys, bottles and for packaging of food products; commercial nets for plant wrapping; commercial nets for packing of industrial articles such as pipes and panels; non-metallic bands for wrapping or binding; tarpaulins, namely biodegradable fleeces for protection and against weeds; protection tarpaulins for plants; horticulture bags and sacks, namely bags and sacks made of woven synthetic or natural fibers or plastic materials, all for use in growing any type of plant, shrub or tree; non-metallic commercial nets, namely non-metallic nets so called "geonets" for filtration, separation and drainage; commercial nets for filtering; commercial dockyard nets; commercial nets for reinforcement; commercial protection nets, namely nets for crop protection and plant protection such as shelters, partitions, and for river and coastline protection; commercial covering nets for scaffolding; commercial nets for signalling piping systems for gas, water, electricity and telephony; commercial nets for plastering reinforcement and for avoiding concrete cracking