Bungee ropes; Car towing ropes; Clothes lines (rope or cord); Devices in form of elasticised rope for securing goods on vehicles; Devices in form of elasticised rope for supporting goods on vehicles; Elastic ropes; Elasticised ropes; Non-metallic ropes; Non-metallic tow ropes; Packing rope; Rope blasting mats; Rope ladders; Ropes; Ropes for mountaineering; Ropes for rock climbing; Ropes for tents; Ropes for use in climbing and mountaineering; Ropes, not of metal; Towing ropes for vehicles, not of metal; Non-metallic webbing straps for handling loads; String; Awnings of synthetic materials; Awnings of textile; Canopies (awnings); Shade awnings and canopies, not of metal; Tents (awnings) for vehicles; Cables, not of metal; Mooring cables, not of metal; Non-metallic cables; Non-metallic towing cables; Bungee cords; Cords made of plastics; Cords made of textile fibres; Sash cords; Fitted nets; Garden nets; Nets for leaves; Nets for protective use in gardening; Plastic nets and netting (not for sports); Coverings in the nature of tarpaulins; Covers in the nature of tarpaulins for vehicles; Plastic sheet materials (tarpaulins); Plastics sheet materials for use as tarpaulins; Tarpaulins; Waterproof covering sheets (tarpaulins); Waterproof covers (tarpaulins); Harness, not of metal, for handling loads; Non-metallic hoisting slings for handling loads; Non-metallic lifting slings for handling loads; Slings, not of metal, for handling loads; Binding twine made of plastic fibres; Twine; Twine made of polypropylene; Twine made of sisal