Works of art made of crystal; art objects of glass; articles of glass for household use; articles of crystal for household use; articles of glass for kitchen use; articles of crystal for kitchen use; artistic objects made of glass; artistic objects made of crystal; beakers of glass; boxes of glass; beakers of crystal; boxes of crystal; crystal (glassware); crystal ornaments; glass ornaments; decorative boxes of glass; decorative boxes of crystal; decorative crystal prisms; decorative glass prisms; decorative household containers of glass; decorative household containers of crystal; decorative objects (ornaments) made of glass; decorative objects (ornaments) made of crystal; decorative pots of glass; decorative pots of crystal; decorative trays of glass; decorative trays of crystal; drinking glass holders; drinking crystal holders; enamelled glass; enamelled crystal; figures made of crystal; figures made of decorative glass; figures made of glass; figures made of lead crystal; figurines (statuettes) of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; figurines made of decorative glass; figurines made of decorative crystal; figurines made of glass; figurines made of lead crystal; glass bowls; crystal bowls; glass containers; crystal containers; glass crystals; glass cups; crystal cups; glass decanters; crystal decanters; glass dishes; crystal dishes; glass ornaments; crystal ornaments; glass stemware; crystal stemware; glass tableware; crystal tableware; glass vases; crystal vases; hand cut crystal glassware; model animals (ornaments) made of glass; model animals (ornaments) made of crystal; moulded glass; moulded crystal; opal glass; opal crystal; opaline glass; opaline crystal; ornamental figurines made of crystal; ornamental figurines made of glass; ornamental glass; ornamental crystal; ornamental models made of crystal; ornamental models made of glass; ornamental sculptures made of crystal; ornamental sculptures made of glass; ornaments (statues) made of crystal; ornaments (statues) made of glass; ornaments made of crystal; ornaments made of glass; pressed glass; pressed crystal; statues of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; statues of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or crystal; trophies made of glass; trophies made of crystal; vases of glass; vases of crystal
Works of art made of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; glassware; crystal ware; Non-electric household or kitchen utensils and containers (neither of precious metal, nor coated therewith); porcelain and earthenware not included in other classes; busts and figurines of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; china ornaments [porcelain]; signboards of porcelain or glass; opaline glass; flower-pot covers not of paper; vases; table plates; plates of porcelain; bowls; butter dishes; glass jars [carboys]; boxes; tea caddies; boxes of glass; bread bins; cookie jars; candy boxes; glass stoppers; glass balls; tea infusers; tea filters; bottles; tea services; coffee services; candlesticks; candle holders (candlesticks); candelabra [candlesticks]; cheese-dish covers; butter-dish covers; egg cups; bread baskets; fruit cups; table mats and coasters (tableware) not of paper; pot lids; dish covers; candle extinguishers; flasks; vegetable dishes; molds [kitchen utensils]; hand-operated pepper mills; hand-operated coffee grinders; pie servers; cutting boards for the kitchen; bread boards; trays for household use; dishes; pepper pots; menu card holders; knife rests for the table; toothpick holders; table napkin holders; pots; pots of porcelain; napkin rings; salad bowls; salt cellars; gravy boats; stands; kitchen spatulas; sugar bowls; saucers; soup bowls; services [dishes]; cups; cruet stands for oil and vinegar; teapots; goblets; colanders; urns; kitchen utensils; tableware; glasses [receptacles]; drinking glasses; decanters; pocket flasks; liqueur sets; jugs; pitchers; ice buckets; ice buckets; soap boxes; soap holders; comb cases; powder compacts; lithophanes; lithophane cups; candle jars [holders]; candle jars; perfume diffusers [receptacles]; perfume burners; cosmetic jars of porcelain; perfume pots of porcelain; cream pots of porcelain; funerary urns of porcelain; tombstones and grave markers of porcelain; ashtrays of porcelain; non-electric wall sconces [candle holders]; sugar tongs; ladles for wine; nutcrackers not of precious metal; cheese graters; kitchen graters; perfume dispensers; non-electric decorative wall brackets; tidies of porcelain
Works of art of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass; works of art made of earthenware; ceramics for household purposes; candelabra [candlesticks]; meal trays; pillar candle plates; table plates; shallow bowls; candy boxes; table napkin holders; baskets for household purposes; vases; tableware, cookware and containers; figurines [statuettes] of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; crystal [glassware]; majolica; holders for flowers; window-boxes; flower pot holders; bowls [basins]; incense burners [domestic]; bottles; tablemats, not of paper or textile; all-purpose portable household containers; fruit bowls; sugar bowls; coin banks; soap dispensers; sponge holders; brushes; sponges; glasses, drinking vessels and barware; decanters; epergnes; coupes; oven mitts; basting spoons [cooking utensils]; cruet sets for oil and vinegar; scoops for household purposes; basting brushes; potholders; cooking pots and pans [non-electric]; cookie jars; services [dishes]; spatulas; cookery molds [moulds]; dishes; knife boards; cups; skillets; teapots; utensils for household purposes; glassware for household purposes; soup bowls; cosmetic and toilet utensils and bathroom articles; cages for household pets; cosmetic utensils; deodorising apparatus for personal use; floss for dental purposes; fly swatters; gardening gloves; indoor aquaria; indoor terrariums [plant cultivation]; indoor terrariums [vivariums]; appliances for removing make-up, non-electric; appliances for removing make-up, electric; mangers for animals; menu card holders; powder compacts; powder puffs; sprinklers; watering devices; statues of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass; plaques of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; figurines of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass; glass, unworked or semi-worked, except building glass; flower bowls; plastic bowls; toilet brush holders; storage jars; hand-operated spice grinders; holders for toothbrushes; shaving brush holders; spice grinders, hand-operated