Tempered glasses (not for building); glass pipes (not for building); cups of plastics; cups of glass; dishes of ceramic; bowls of ceramic; lunch boxes of plastics; teacups of plastic; bowls of ceramic; candy cans of non-precious metal; bread-cases (for kitchen use); ice pails; whisks (non-electric); strainers; pepper pots; sugar bowls and salt cellars, not of precious metal; egg stands, not of precious metal; napkin holders and napkin rings, not of precious metal; trays, not of precious metal; toothpick stands, not of precious metal; colander; shakers; Japanese style cooked rice scoops (shamoji); coffee mills and pepper grinders; funnels; Japanese style wooden pestles; Japanese style earthenware mortars; Japanese style personal dining trays or stands (zen); bottle openers; cooking graters; tart scoops; pan mats; chopsticks; chopstick cases; sifters; chopping boards; rolling pins; grills (cooking utensils); toothpicks; lemon squeezers; waffle irons (non-electric); clothes pins; washing brushes; wash-basins; mops; cooking skewers; rice chests; food storage glass bottles; drinking flasks (for travellers); insulating flasks; personal washing cloths; combs; cosmetic brushes; cosmetic sponges; powder compacts; toothbrushes; toothbrush cases; hair brushes; powder puffs; soap boxes; nail brushes; tongue brushes; electric toothbrushes; dental floss; brushes for tubs; wire brushes not being parts of machines; brushes for pipes; brushes for industrial use; shipping-scrubbing brushes; hog bristles for brushes; clothes brushes; shoe brushes; shoehorns; shoe rags; light shoe cleaners; shoe trees; packaging containers of glass other than glass stoppers and glass lids; packaging containers of ceramic; glass stoppers; glass lids; feeding troughs for animals; poultry rings; iron stands; tailors' sprays; ironing boards (kotedai); marking boards for use with an impress blades (hera-dai); feeding vessels for pets; brushes for pets; cages for small birds; basins for small birds; plant poots; hydroponic apparatus for domestic horticultural purposes; watering devices; cinder sifters for home use; coal scuttles; paper towel dispensers of metal; boot jacks; soap dispensers; chamber pots; toilet paper holders; piggy banks, not of metal; mouse traps; fly swatters; stirrers for hot bathtub water (yukakibo); bathroom pails; candle snuffers and candlesticks, not of precious metal; vases and basins, not of precious metal; standing signboards of glass or porcelain; cups with straws; cups with removable handles; spouts for baby cups; cups with spouts; plastic spouts for baby cups; graters, squeezers, strainers and mashers for preparing weaning food; hand-operated mixers for preparing weaning food; portable cold boxes; nylon brushes for cleaning table ware; sponge brushes for cleaning table ware; nylon brushes for cleaning nursing bottles; sponge brushes for cleaning nursing bottles; portable baby baths; clips with a strap for pinching a towel to make an apron for babies; bowls with mortar; chamber pots; baby-tooth brushes; baby-tooth brush cases; electric baby-tooth brushes; baby-tooth brushes; natural sponges for bath; spout bottles; spout bottles with handles; bottle adaptors; spouts for spout bottles; hoods for spout bottles; straw bottles; bottle adapters with handles for straw bottles; spouts for straw bottles; hoods for straw bottles; tanks (indoor aquaria); aquaria for fancy fish