Statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, made of materials such as porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, included in the class; glass, unworked or semi-worked, except building glass; decorative glass [not for building]; semi-worked glass; enamelled glass; float glass [semi-worked]; glass sheets; glass tubing for use in making signs; glass rods; mosaics of glass, not for building; decorative stained glass; figured plate glass, not for building; opaline glass; stamped glass; luminous glass [not for building]; works of art made of glass; baking containers made of glass; drinking glasses; glass bowls; boxes of glass; busts of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass; coloured glass (semi-worked -); plastic bottles; bottles; refrigerating bottles; glass bulbs [receptacles]; glasses [receptacles]; glass stoppers; glass decanters; fruit bowls of glass; food preserving jars of glass; statues of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; sculptures made from glass; ornamental sculptures made of porcelain; drinking glass holders; tumblers; pilsner drinking glasses; crystal [glassware]; decorative boxes of glass; glass cups; glass flasks [containers]; planters of glass; glass holders; glass holders for candles; glass jars; glass jars [carboys]; glass mugs; wine glasses; glass plates; glass pans; glass pots; glass storage jars; glass tableware; glass vases; glasses, drinking vessels and barware; glassware for household purposes; painted glassware; hand cut crystal glassware; heat insulated domestic vessels of glass; pint glasses; stained glass figurines; schnapps glasses; whisky glasses; works of art of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; beer mugs; cups made of pottery; coffee mugs; cups and mugs; mugs made of ceramic materials; mugs made of earthenware; mugs made of fine bone china; mugs made of plastic; saucers; saucers made of precious metals; saucers not of precious metals; fireproof dishes; butter dishes; table plates; dish covers; cooking pot sets; baking dishes made of porcelain; baking dishes made of earthenware; casseroles [dishes]; collector plates; commemorative plates; relish dishes; roasting dishes; services [dishes]; serving platters; shaving dishes; soufflé dishes; souvenir plates; squeegees for dishes; stands for dishes; vegetable dishes; decanters; wine decanters; tablemats, not of paper or textile; coasters (tableware); plastic coasters; porcelain coasters; beverage stirrers; ice cube moulds; ice buckets; baking trays made of aluminium; cake trays; crumb trays; meal trays; cabarets [trays]; trays for household purposes; egg cups; cocktail shakers; pepper pots; salt cellars; salt shakers of precious metal; shakers for spices; pepper mills, hand-operated; salt mills; coffee grinders; coffee grinders, hand-operated; whisks, non-electric, for household purposes; blenders, non-electric, for household purposes; beaters (non-electric -) for kitchen use; non-electrical coffee grinders; coffeepots, non-electric; non-electric meat grinders; spice grinders (non-electric -); cruet sets for oil and vinegar; teapots; flower vases; flower bowls; vases; candelabra [candlesticks]; candle holders of wrought iron; candle rings; candle extinguishers; cake servers; cake stands; cake stands of non-metallic materials; cake moulds; toothbrushes for animals; toothbrushes for pets; toothbrushes; signboards of porcelain or glass.
Statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, made of materials such as porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, included in the class; Unworked and semi-worked glass, not specified for use; Containers for flowers; Repotting containers for plants; Sprinkling devices; Sprinklers for watering flowers and plants; Holders for flowers; Window-boxes; Flower baskets; Flower bowls; Flower syringes; Flower pots; Flower pot holders; Watering can sprinklers; Nozzles for watering hose; Nozzles for hosepipes; Seed tray inserts; Gardening gloves; Garden syringes; Watering cans; Compost containers for household use; Plastic lids for plant pots; Covers, not of paper, for flower pots; Plant syringes; Plant baskets; Lawn brushes; Sprinklers; Seed trays; Bowls for floral decorations; Bowls for plants; Greenhouse syringes; Plastic spray nozzles; Pot plant support sticks; Planters of glass, ceramic, plastic, porcelain, earthenware or clay; Saucers for flower pots; Vases; Terrariums (Indoor -) (plant cultivation); Brushes and other articles for cleaning, brush-making materials; Air fragrancing apparatus; Dustbins; Tableware, cookware and containers; Glasses, drinking vessels and barware; Coin banks (Piggy banks); Cosmetic and toilet utensils and bathroom articles; Dental cleaning articles; Aquaria and vivaria; Devices for pest and vermin control; Bird baths; Cages; Feed and drinking articles; Goldfish bowls; Grooming articles; Nesting articles; Swing tags, waste disposal articles; Household articles for clothing and footwear, Namely boot jacks and Shoe horns; Buttonhooks; Clothes racks; Stretchers for clothing; Irons and wringers; Wax-polishing appliances, non-electric, for shoes; Shoe trees and stretchers; Parts and accessories for all the aforesaid goods, included in this class; Household or kitchen utensils and containers; Combs; Sponges; Brushes; Brush-making materials; Articles for cleaning purposes; Steelwool; Glass, unworked or semi-worked, except building glass; Glassware, porcelain and carthenware not included in other classes; Baby baths, portable; Baskets for household purposes; Mugs; Flower pots; Birdcages; Blenders; Ironing boards; Boot jacks; Bottle openers, electric and non-electric; Bottles; Dishes; Soap boxes; Bread boards; Buckets; Cabarets (trays); Cages for household pets; Cake moulds; Waffle moulds; Candle extinguishers; Candle rings; Candlesticks; Candy jars; Comb cases; Decorative china; China goods; Chopsticks (cooking utensils); Cleaning rags; Coasters for bottles and glasses, not of paper or plastic; Cocktail stirrers; Coffee filters not of paper; Coffee grinders; Coffee percolators; Coffee sets; Coffee pots; Comb (electric); Combs for animals; Dough mixing and kneading bags of silicone; Pots; Pins of metal (Cooking -); Ice buckets; Kitchen grinders, non-electric; Portable non-electric refrigerating containers; Corkscrews, electric and non-electric; Covers for dishes; Covers for flower pots; Crockery; Cups; Jogs; Mugs; Cutting boards for the kitchen; Decanters; deep fat fryers; Soap dishes; Soap dispensers; Hip flasks; Jars; Feeding troughs; Containers for household or kitchen use; Clothes drying racks; Egg cups; Gloves for household purposes; Goblets; Graters; Insulating jars; Heaters for feeding bottles, non-electric; Holders for flowers and plants; Hot pots; Ice cube molds; Ironing board covers, shaped; Pitchers; Cauldrons; Knife rests; Lazy Susans; Liqueur sets; Lunch boxes; Menu card holders; Cooking pot sets; Mixing spoons (kitchen utensils); Mops; Table napkin holders; Napkin rings; Pads for cleaning; Skillets; Paper plates; dough choppers; Pepper mills, hand-operated; Perfume vaporizers; Picnic baskets; Piggy banks; Pot lids; Pressure cookers; Salt shakers; Pepper pots; Saucepans; Saucers; Tart scoops; Shaving brushes; Shirt stretchers; Boot brushes; Shoe horns; Shoe trees; Strainers; Smoke absorbers for household purposes; Soup bowls; Spice sets; Sponge holders; Sponges for household purposes; Stands for shaving brushes; Statues of glass, porcelain or earthenware; Figurines (statuettes) of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass; Tableware; Tankard; Tea balls; Tea caddies; Tea infusers; Tea services (tableware); Teapots; Toilet brushes; Toilet roll holders; Toilet sponges; Toilet cases; Toothbrushes; Toothbrushes, electric; Toothpick holders, not of precious metal; Toothpicks; Litter boxes for pets; Trays for household purposes; Pan-mats; Trouser presses; Trouser stretchers; Vacuum bottles and insulating flasks; Waffle and pancake irons, non-electric; Cookery and baking irons, non electric; Washing boards; Washtubs; Non-electric polishing apparatus for household purposes; Works of art, of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass; decorative ornaments for window or doors made of/from ceramics, china, glass, crystal, earthenware, terra-cotta or porcelain; Lunch or food boxes or containers (other than of precious metal); Mouse traps; Floss for dental purposes; Household or kitchen containers of glass, porcelain and earthenware for aromas and fragrances; Refrigerating bottles; Boxes of glass; Brooms; Brush goods; Butter dishes; Butter-dish covers; Cleaning instruments (hand-operated); Clothes-pegs; Portable coldboxes, non-electric; Cookie jars; Non-electrical cooking utensils; Eyebrow brushes; Frying pans; Funnels; Glass flasks (containers); Powder puffs; cocktail shakers manual; Tea strainers, not of precious metal; Swizzle sticks; Whisks, non-electric; Vessels of metal for making ices and iced drinks; Biscuit cutters; Cruet stands for household purposes; Oil cruets; Dusting cloths; Cocktail shakers; powder cases not made of precious metals; Pill or tablet boxes; Tissue paper box covers of wood, or plastic; Toothbrush holders; Grips for dental floss (in the form of goods designed for dental floss); Indoor aquaria; Aquarium hoods; Closures for pot lids; Deodorising apparatus for personal use; Disposable table plates; Grills and grill supports; Straws for drinking; Cooking utensils, non-electric; Electric water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums; Cups of paper and plastic; Rails and rings for towels; Tea cosies; Terrariums (Indoor -) (vivariums); Laundry drying racks; Metal coin banks; Attracting and killing insects (Electric devices for -); Appliances for removing make-up, electric; Household containers of precious metal; Coffee services of precious metal; Coffee-pots, non-electric, of precious metal; Kitchen containers of precious metal; Napkin holders and rings of precious metal; Powder compacts of precious metal; Services (dishes) of precious metal; Brushes of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Non-electric mills; Stands for dishes; All the aforesaid goods included in class 21; Broom handles, not of metal; Appliances for removing make-up (non-electric); Aerosol dispensers, not for medical purposes; Nest eggs, artificial; Polishing gloves; Glove stretchers; Abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin; Cosmetic utensils; Water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums; Cages for pets; Urns; Rings for birds; Nutcrackers; Watering can sprinklers; Watering can sprinklers; Flower pots; Flower pots; Nozzles for hosepipes; Nozzles for hosepipes; Nozzles for hosepipes; Nozzles for watering hose; Plastic spray nozzles; Dustbins; Pads for cleaning; Sprinklers for watering flowers and plants; Cocktail stirrers; Hip flasks; Piggy banks; Terrariums (Indoor -) (plant cultivation); Nozzles for watering hose; Birdcages
Stainless steel kitchen utensils and cookware, non-electric grills, grill utensils, vacuum flasks, vacuum flasks for meal, stainless steel kettles, pressure cookers, non-electric coffee makers, tea kettles, kitchen accessories like cookware, pots, pans, glass lids, covers, jugs, frying pans, frying pans with special surfaces, bakeware, roasting pans, dinner services, serving sets, plates, stainless tableware, trays and bowls, food trays, coasters and sets of them, microwave cookware, cookware for freezing and cooling boxes, kitchen utensils and other kitchen accessories like bottle openers, tart moulds, cooking skewers for grills, glazing brushes, whisks, ladles, mousse makers, strainers, sieves, funnels, kitchen funnels, folding baking racks, steamers, graters, rolling pins, dumpling makers included in this class, cookie cutters, cake decorators, servers, sugar bowls, cream dishes with lid, jars, kitchen foil holders, salt/pepper/sugar shakers, spice jars and sets of them, manual grinders, manual spice grinders, toothpicks, skewers, napkin holders, knife blocks, turners, potato mashers, garlic presses, plastic storage containers, rails for kitchen utensils, plastic/wooden/glass cutting boards, jugs with/without piston made of glass, metal, plastics and combinations thereof, mugs, mesh tea infusers, funnels for liquids, wine and champagne stoppers, cooling vessels, bottle neck rings, vacuum closures and vacuum pumps, shakers, stirring sticks, sieves with a spiral, plastic trays and trivets and mats under hot cookware, dusters, cleaning kitchen towels, place mats (other than paper ones) for table laying, cleaning instruments, household gloves; kitchen cutting boards; metal soap holders
Storage boxes for household use; Boxes for household use; Boxes for domestic use; Containers for household or kitchen use; Containers for household use adapted to dispense their contents; Containers for household use for storage purposes; Portable containers for household use; Boxes for kitchen use; Containers for storage purposes (household or kitchen use); Decorative boxes of glass; Decorative boxes of chinaware; Decorative boxes of earthenware; Decorative household containers of china; Decorative household containers of earthenware; Decorative household containers of glass; Decorative household containers of porcelain; Baskets for household purposes; Baskets, for household use; Bread baskets for household purposes; Buckets for household use; Ceramics for household purposes; Combined containers (non-metallic for household use); Cutting (chopping) boards for household use; Drums (containers) for household use; Egg containers for household use in the storage of eggs; Glassware for household purposes; Hollow glass containers for household use; Hollow glassware for household use; Household containers; Household utensils; Insulated bottles (flasks) for household use; Insulated vessels for household use; Insulating vessels for household use; Metal trays (household); Ornamental ware for household use; Porcelain for household use; Portable containers (household) for beverages; Storage baskets for household use; Storage tins for household use; Trays for household purposes; Utensils for household purposes; Canteens (containers for beverages); Combined containers for kitchen use; Containers for beverages; Containers for cosmetics; Containers for domestic use; Containers for flowers; Containers for food; Containers for foodstuffs; Containers for pot pourri; Containers for powder; Containers for soap; Containers for toothbrushes; Coolers (non-electric containers); Domestic containers for beverages; Domestic containers for food; Domestic kitchen containers; Drinking containers; Earthenware containers; Food containers for birds; Food storage containers; Glass containers; Glass flasks (containers); Heat insulated containers for beverages; Heat insulated containers for drinks; Heat retaining containers for food; Heat-insulated containers; Heat-insulated containers for beverages; Holders for containers; Ice containers; Insulated containers; Kitchen containers; Kitchen containers for water; Milk churns (domestic container); Oven dishes (containers); Plastic bowls (household containers); Plastic containers (household utensils); Plastic containers for dispensing drink to pets; Plastic containers for dispensing food to pets; Plastic containers for holding metal cans; Plastic household containers; Plastic kitchen containers; Porcelain containers; Portable domestic containers; Refrigerating containers (not electric or gas powered); Soap containers; Steel decanters (household containers); Storage containers for domestic use; Thermally insulated containers for food; Thermally insulated domestic containers; Toothbrush containers; Water bottles (containers); Articles of wood for kitchen use; Tubs made of wood for containing flowers; Tubs made of wood for containing plants
Steel wool for cleaning; carpet beaters, not being machines; carpet beaters [hand instruments]; brooms; carpet sweepers; saucepan scourers of metal; cleaning instruments [hand operated]; furniture dusters; mops; scouring pads; feather-dusters; dusting cloths [rags]; gloves for household purposes; polishing gloves; cloth for washing floors; cleaning tow; gardening gloves; shoe brushes; cleaning instruments and washing utensils; cooking pot sets; corkscrews; bottle openers; cooking skewers, of metal; stew-pans; cauldrons; pot lids; cooking pots; cutting boards for the kitchen; funnels; spice sets; whisks, non-electric, for household purposes; frying pans; fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes; cake molds [moulds]; griddles [cooking utensils]; grills (cooking utensils); basting spoons, for kitchen use; utensils for household purposes; bread boards; pepper mills, hand-operated; pepper pots; graters [household utensils]; containers for household or kitchen use; salt cellars; salt shakers; napkin holders; baskets for domestic use; kitchen containers; kitchen utensils; oil cruets; bread bins; mixing spoons [kitchen utensils]; spatulas [kitchen utensils]; garlic presses [kitchen utensils]; disposable table plates; crumb trays; fitted picnic baskets, including dishes; paper plates; trays for domestic purposes, of paper; services [dishes]; dishes; saucers; soup bowls; sugar bowls; cups; tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons; table plates; boxes for sweetmeats; trays for domestic purposes; chopsticks; cookie [biscuit] cutters; cups of paper or plastic; lazy susans; lunch boxes; washing boards; buckets; pails; spouts; metal boxes for dispensing paper towels; soap boxes; sieves [household utensils]; candle rings; candelabra [candlesticks]; candlesticks; toilet brushes; cosmetic utensils; cleaning utensils for cosmetic use, namely, sponges, cloths, brushes; toilet cases; toilet sponges; powder puffs; powder compacts; eyebrow brushes; perfume sprayers; perfume vaporizers; shaving brushes; shaving brush stands; abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin; cheek brush; eyeshadow brush; eyelash brush; bread baskets for domestic use; bottles; cups; glassware; porcelain ware; pottery; drinking vessels; tea services [tableware]
Stubby holders; Lunch boxes; Cages for household pets; Covers for cages for household pets; Food bowls for pets; Litter boxes for pets; Litter trays for pets; Plastic containers for dispensing drink to pets; Plastic containers for dispensing food to pets; Restraining cages for household pets; Wire cages for household pets; Apparatus for wax-polishing, non-electric; Ski wax brushes; Cooking utensils for use with domestic barbecues; Cooking utensils, non-electric; Domestic cooking utensils; Griddles (cooking utensils); Griddles (non-electric cooking utensils); Grills (cooking utensils); Non-electric cooking utensils; Cool bags for fishing bait; Bottles; Cooling bottles (non-electric); Decorative sand bottles; Drinking bottles for sports; Fragrance bottles; Glass bottles; Hand tools (hand operated) for opening bottles; Implements for opening bottles; Infants' drinking cups (other than bottles); Insulated bottles (flasks) for household use; Perfume bottles; Plastic bottles; Plastic water bottles; Refrigerating bottles; Water bottles (containers); Funnels; Plastic funnels; Kitchen tools (utensils, not electric); Coolers (ice pails); Ice buckets; Ice containers; Ice cube molds (moulds); Ice cube trays; Ice packs for chilling beverages; Ice packs for chilling food; Ice pails; Ice tongs; Ice trays; Plastic ice cube moulds; Reusable ice cubes; Bottle buckets; Buckets; Plastic buckets; Stainless steel buckets; Beverage coolers (containers); Bottle coolers (receptacles); Coolers (non-electric containers); Portable coolers, non-electric