Soap dispensers; Basting spoons, for kitchen use; Boxes for kitchen use; Boxes for household use; Storage boxes for household use; Ceramic figurines; Ceramic ornaments; Ceramic tableware; Ceramics for household purposes; Ceramics for kitchen use; Glass vases; Vases; Vases of ceramic; Kitchen vessels; Basins (bowls); Bathroom basins (receptacles); Bowls (basins); Plastic bowls (basins); Eating bowls; Ornamental plates (dishes); Plastic plates (dishes); Plates (dishes); Table plates; Coffee pots (non-electric); Decorative pots of glass; Pots; Pots for flowers; Serving pots; Chopping boards for kitchen use; Scoops for household purposes; Containers for household or kitchen use; Crockery; Crockery for kitchen use; Dishes; Drinking cups; Saucers; Serving bowls; Serving trays; Cutting boards for the kitchen; Dish drainers; Dispensers for cleaning materials; Egg rings; Graters for kitchen use; Household utensils; Bread tongs; Ice tongs; Meat tongs; Pastry tongs; Salad tongs; Spaghetti tongs; Ice cream scoops; Kitchen grinders, non-electric; Kitchen mitts; Mortars for kitchen use; Pestles and mortars; Spatulas for kitchen use; Cooking pots; Teapots; Toilet brushes; Chopping boards for domestic use; Cutting (chopping) boards for household use; Kitchen boards for chopping; Non-electric kitchen devices for chopping; Electric combs; Eyelash combs; Hair combs (other than lice combs); Kitchen sponges; Sponges for household cleaning; Sponges for household purposes; Brushes; Non-electric articles for cleaning purposes; Steelwool; Porcelain; Domestic earthenware; Earthenware; Earthenware utensils
Soap dispensers; dispensers for liquid soap [for household purposes]; soap dishes; soap boxes; soap holders; household or kitchen utensils; cake stands; cake servers; cake brushes; cake tins; cake plates; cake stands; sugar bowls; ice cream scoops; rolling pins; citrus squeezers; garlic presses; whisks; graters for household purposes; bread bins; pedal bins; egg poachers; vegetable mashers; spoon rests; mixing spoons [kitchen utensils]; serving spoons; garlic presses; bread boards; champagne buckets; vases; kitchen containers; containers for household use; sponges for household purposes; coasters (tableware); jars; coffeepots, non-electric; non-electric cooking steamers; chopsticks; serving dishes; spatulas; tea strainers; containers for beverages; bottles; oven gloves; biscuit cutters; tea sets; glass ornaments; crystal ornaments; ornaments made of china; ornaments made of porcelain; canister sets; tea canisters; candlesticks; glass candlesticks; candlesticks of precious metal; fruit bowls; salad bowls; serving bowls; mixing bowls; bottle openers; cooking utensils for use with domestic barbecues; cutlery trays; plastic coasters; leather coasters; wine coasters of precious metal; coasters, not of paper or textile; sandwich boxes; trays for household purposes; serving trays; decorative chinaware; decorative porcelain ware; porcelain flower pots; porcelain cake decorations; porcelain signboards; cups; mugs; saucers; plates; bowls; dishes; butter dishes; glass jars; cookie jars; candle jars; glass storage jars; salt mills; pepper shakers; pots; egg cups; tea caddies; spice racks; jugs; teapots; non-electric kettles; drinking glasses; tankards; coolers for wine; wine openers; serving ladles; thermal insulated containers for food or beverages; portable beverage container holders; water bottles; aluminium water bottles; water bottles sold empty; reusable plastic water bottles sold empty; reusable stainless steel water bottles sold empty; flasks; drinking flasks for travellers; shot glasses; wine glasses; champagne flutes; cocktail glasses; glass bowls; glass carafes; glass dishes; margarita glasses; whisky glasses; beer glasses; glass floor vases; fruit bowls of glass; incense burners; candle holders; candle jars [holders]; incense burners; incense burners [domestic]; combs; cosmetics brushes; pill boxes for personal use; tissue box covers; fitted vanity cases; oven mitts; sponges; brushes (except paint brushes); waste paper baskets
Soap dispensers, namely, pumps and dispensers for household use comprising a metal pump and bottle for dispensing soap and other liquids at or near sinks; dispensers with pumps for dispensing soap and other similar household or commercial liquids at or near sinks; over cabinet towel bars in the nature of towel bars which are securable to a cabinet or which hang over the top of a cabinet; plastic suction mounted towel bars; spoon rests; metal and non-metal plastic suction mounted baskets, namely, hanging wire baskets for straddling a double sink and wire baskets securable to sinks for draining scrubbers; over the toilet tank toilet paper containers and holders for household use; toilet bowl brushes and holders; combination sponge caddy and soap dispenser with pump; plungers for clearing blocked drains; turntables in the nature of countertop valets having turnable tops for kitchen and household use and lazy susans; household accessories, namely, metal racks for drying dishes, squeegees, sponge trays, flatware holders in the nature of kitchen containers, metal toilet tissue holders, metal tissue holders in the nature of tissue boxes for holding and dispensing tissue paper, metal towel rings, household metal paper towel holders; housewares, namely, paper towel holders; napkin rings; household wooden paper towel holders; trivets; plastic baskets for household purposes; plastic bath racks; plastic dish drying racks; beverageware; bottles sold empty; plastic coasters; boxes for dispensing paper towels for household use; all-purpose portable household containers; soap containers; household containers for coffee packets, eggs, spices; containers for household or kitchen use; beverageware, namely, cups, plastic cups, drinking vessels; household utensils, namely, drain board mats for dish drying, scrubber and sponge holders, sink trays in the nature of trays for household purposes, mug storage trees, pails, soap cradles in the nature of holders for soap, sponge cradles in the nature of holders for sponge, scrub pad holders, dish drainers in the nature of dish drying racks, hanging baskets for straddling a double sink, and baskets securable to sinks for draining scrubbers; metal bottles sold empty; metal trivets; plastic housewares, namely, beverageware coasters; wooden housewares namely, paper towel holders; drain board mats, namely, mats specially adapted for dish drainers to catch water runoff; dish drainers; laundry hampers for domestic or household use; laundry baskets; baskets for household purposes; laundry accessory organizers for household use, namely, caddies specially adapted to hold laundry cleaning supplies; trays for domestic purposes; shower caddies in the nature of shower tension caddies; caddies for holding mouthwash for household use; napkin holders; fruit bowls; spice racks; scoops for household purposes; plastic toilet tissue holders; storage racks, namely, multi-peg utility racks for storage of mugs; baskets for household use made of common metals that hang over kitchen cabinets; wooden bath accessories, namely, cup holders, shower caddies; wooden dish drying racks; wooden wastebaskets