Serving bowls; serving dishes; serving pots; serving trays; baking containers; baking dishes; baking sheets; baking tins; baking trays; baking utensils; articles for use in cooking; cooking dishes; cooking pans; cooking pot sets; cooking pots; cooking utensils, non-electric; domestic cooking utensils; non-electric steamers for cooking; shallow pans for cooking; skewers (cooking implements); bone china tableware (other than cutlery); ceramic plates (tableware); ceramic tableware; cloths for wiping tableware; disposable tableware made of plastics (other than cutlery); glass tableware; oven-to-table tableware; plastic tableware; scoops (tableware); services (tableware); tableware (other than knives, forks and spoons); tableware holders; tableware in the form of earthenware; tableware in the form of glassware; tableware made of paper (other than knives, forks and spoons); tableware of cardboard (other than knives, forks and spoons); tableware of plastics material (other than knives, forks and spoons); tableware of porcelain; aluminium moulds (kitchen utensils); articles of china for kitchen use; articles of earthenware for kitchen use; articles of glass for kitchen use; articles of wood for kitchen use; basting spoons, for kitchen use; ceramics for kitchen use; chopping boards for kitchen use; container lids made for household or kitchen use; containers for storage purposes (household or kitchen use); crockery for kitchen use; cutting boards for the kitchen; glassware for kitchen purposes; hand implements for household or kitchen use in removing the lids of jars; kitchen sponges; kitchen utensils; kitchenware; moulds (kitchen utensils); plastic kitchen containers; porcelain for kitchen use; pouring spouts for kitchen use; servers (kitchen utensils); shaping machines (hand-operated) for kitchen use; shredders (hand operated), for kitchen use; spatulas (kitchen utensils); stirrers (kitchen utensils); vegetable peelers (hand operated kitchen utensils, other than knives); articles for use in cake decorating; cake molds (moulds); cake separators; cake servers; cake stands; cake supports; cheese boards; cheese-dish covers; fruit and vegetable peeling machines (hand-operated); fruit bowls; fruit cups; fruit plates; fruit squeezing machines (hand-operated); hand-operated fruit juice extractors; wine glasses; biscuit cutters; tea sets; coffee cups; coffee pots (non-electric)
Serving trays; Serving bowls; Serving dishes; Coasters, not of paper or textile; Drink coasters (other than of paper or textile); Articles of wood for household use; Articles of wood for kitchen use; Broom handles; Broomsticks (handles); Handles for brooms; Handles for brushes; Handles for garden implements; Handles for non-electric kettles; Handles for saucepans; Handles for sweeping brushes; Handles made of simulated wood for brooms; Handles made of simulated wood for brushes; Handles made of simulated wood for sweeping brushes; Tubs made of wood for containing flowers; Tubs made of wood for containing plants; Washing boards; Bread boards; Carving boards for kitchen use; Chopping boards for domestic use; Chopping boards for kitchen use; Cheese boards; Cutting (chopping) boards for household use; Cutting boards for the kitchen; Non-electric kitchen devices for cutting; Cabarets (trays); Cutlery trays; Cylinders, trays, punnets and pots of non-compostable material for use in horticulture; Draining trays; Litter trays for birds; Litter trays for pets; Metal trays (household); Pin trays; Seed trays; Trays for household purposes; Boxes for biscuits; Boxes for dispensing paper towels; Boxes for dispensing serviettes; Boxes for domestic use; Boxes for household use; Boxes for kitchen use; Boxes for playing cards; Boxes for tissues; Coin (money) boxes; Lunch boxes; Soap boxes; Window boxes; Decorative plates; Holders for paper napkins; Holders for paper towels; Holders for shaving brushes; Holders for soap; Holders for teabags; Holders for toilet articles; Holders for toilet paper; Holders for toothbrushes