Rubber household gloves; containers for household or kitchen use; loofahs for household purposes; laundry hampers for household use; apparatus for processing food and drinks for household purposes other than electric; plastic containers for household use; articles for cleaning purposes; shoe horns; containers for Korean traditional food for household or kitchen use; pot lids; ironing boards; all-purpose portable household containers; heat-insulated containers; buttonhooks; chopping boards for kitchen use; holders for cutting boards; lunch boxes; ceramic tableware; mangers for animals; turners for kitchen use; buckets; large bowls; bottles (except vases); insulated flasks; thermal insulated containers for food; glass based products (not for building); cups, not of precious metal; tumblers, not of precious metal; soap holders and soap boxes; non-electric pots; non-electric cooking utensils; non-electric dusting apparatus; non-electronic apparatus for preventing vermin; table mats, not of paper or textile; combs; sponges; wash basin pitchers and receptacles; washing brushes; cleaning tools and washing utensils other than electric; laundering nets; laundry drying racks; washing utensils; brushes; towel rails and rings; loofahs; tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons; services (dishes); glass seal containers for preserving food; waste baskets; eyeglass cleaning cloths; pet feeding dishes; portable cooking kits for outdoor use; water tanks for live fish; measuring cups for cooking; cooking pans; cooking mesh bags, other than for microwaves; sanitary gloves for household purposes; boxes of glass; glass caps; potties for children; electric devices for attracting and killing insects; drinking vessels; garbage cans for food waste; toothpicks; porcelain ware; Reusable plastic water bottles sold empty; piggy banks; electric and non-electric lint removers; electric and non-electric bottle openers; electric toothbrushes; brushes for cleaning feeding bottles; utensils used in ancestral rites; kitchen graters; kitchen utensils; spatulas for kitchen use; kitchen mitts; woks; side-dish boxes; julienne cutters; candelabra (candlesticks); dental floss; toothbrushes; knife blocks; portable pots and pans for camping; frying pans; tongue cleaners; flower vases; flower pots; cosmetic utensils; make-up removing appliances; toilet paper holders; non-electric portable coldboxes