Raw, worked, machined and formed glass and glass-ceramic, namely glass-ceramic, normal and special glass and flat glass, hollow glass, glass tubes, glass rods, glass fibers, glass powder, glass granulate, sintered glass, glass panels and glass plates for optical, opto-electronic, electro-technical, electronic, electrical, chemical, physical, biological, agricultural, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical, scientific, technical, precision engineering, ornamental, household and building construction purposes; piping, structural and functional glass components, vessels, apparatus, instruments and appliances for all kind of laboratories, plants and products of the electronic, electro-technical, agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, packaging, building construction, mechanical engineering and automotive industries; laboratory apparatus and instruments, namely volumetric glassware and apparatus, filtration apparatus, interchangeable glassware, beakers, bottles, round bottom flasks, flat bottom flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks, Kjeldahl flasks, test tubes, funnels evaporating and crystallizing dishes, watch glass dishes, drip trays, Petri dishes, dropping funnels, weighing bottles, pipettes, burettes, measuring cylinders, mixing cylinders, volumetric flasks, filtering flasks, filter discs, filter candles, filter crucibles, adapters, filter funnels, screwfilters, gas washing bottles, suction tubes, filter tubes, desiccators, flat flange reaction vessels, stirrer bearings and stirrer shafts, stopcocks, joints, valves; complete processing plants and their components and parts primarily made of special glass for process engineering in the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, food and other related industries for distillation, rectification, extraction, absorption and reaction purposes, namely pipelines, drain and vent lines, valves, vessels and stirrers, chemical and metering pumps, column components, heat exchangers, measuring and control equipment such as thermometers and timers, couplings and gaskets, framework construction components such as framework tubes, tube bases, tube couplings and sleeves, hinged connectors; porous filter elements made of sintered glass; glass and glass ceramic products for household and kitchen, glass ceramic cooktop panels, glassware for cooking, baking and serving; glass or glass ceramic components for kitchen apparatus and other household appliances such as cookers, baking ovens, fireplaces, refrigerators, microwave ovens, food processors, coffee machines, cooking and water heating apparatus; crystal glassware, vases, bowls, candlesticks and other decorative glass products; glass components for furniture, shower cabins; glass packaging, primary packaging made of special glass for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, namely flasks, dripping pipettes, ampoules, vials for perfume samples; glass components, bulbs, tubes, screens, funnels, necks, contrast enhancement filters; special glass in the form of powder, granulate or sintered pre-forms for hermetic sealing of display housings, diodes, ceramic housings for integrated circuits, for the passivation of semi-conductors, for soldering glass to glass, glass to ceramics, or glass to metal, as for example in ceramic glazing for buildings; substrates and bases of sintered glass ceramic, glass solder, granulate, powder and sintered pre-forms for electronic components; coloured glass and special glass for decorative/ornamental and artistic purposes