Pans; non-electric coffee pots (not of precious metal); Tetsubin (cast-iron kettles); kettles; tableware (not of precious metal); ice pails; household whisks (non-electric); strainers; pepper pots (not of precious metal); sugar bowls (not of precious metal); salt shakers (not of precious metal); egg cups (not of precious metal); napkin holders and napkin rings (not of precious metal); trays (not of precious metal); toothpick holders (not of precious metal); bamboo bowls; shakers; rice scoops; hand-operated coffee grinders and pepper mills; funnels; wooden pestles; earthenware mortars; dining trays and stands; bottle openers; graters; tart scoops; pan-mats and trivets; chopsticks; chopstick cases; dippers; sieves and sifters; chopping boards; rolling pins; grills; toothpicks; lemon squeezers; non-electric waffle irons; cooking skewers; portable cold boxes; rice chests; glass preserving jars; drinking flasks; insulating flasks and vacuum bottles; gloves for household purposes; toilet utensils (cosmetic utensils); electric toothbrushes; dental floss; clothes brushes; shoe brushes; shoe horns; shoe shine cloths; handy shoe shiners; shoe trees; shoe dowels; shoe pegs; shoe handles; packaging containers of glass (excluding stoppers, plugs, lids and covers of glass); packaging containers of ceramic; ironing boards; sprayers; ironing stands; feeding vessels for pets; brushes for pets; bird cages; bird baths; flower pots; watering cans; cinder shifters for household use; coal scuttles; boot jacks; soap dispensers; chamber pots; toilet paper holders; piggy banks (not of metal); mouse traps; fly swatters; bath water stirrers; bathroom pails; candle extinguishers and candlesticks (not of precious metal); vases and flower bowls (not of precious metal); koro (incense burners) and perfume burners; outdoor cooking sets (kocher)
Pans, non-electric coffee pots (not of precious metal), tetsubin (cast-iron kettles), kettles, tableware (not of precious metal), ice pails, household whisks (non- electric), strainers, pepper pots (not of precious metal), sugar bowls (not of precious metal), salt shakers (not of precious metal), egg cups (not of precious metal), napkin holders and napkin rings (not of precious metal), trays (not of precious metal), toothpick holders (not of precious metal), bamboo bowls, shakers, rice scoops, hand-operated coffee grinders and pepper mills, funnels, dining trays and stands, bottle openers, graters, tart scoops, pan-mats and trivets, chopsticks, chopstick cases, dippers, sieves and sifters, chopping boards, rolling pins, grills, toothpicks, lemon squeezers, non electric waffle irons, cooking skewers, portable cold boxes, rice chests, glass preserving jars, drinking flasks, insulating flasks and vacuum bottles, gloves for household purposes, toilet utensils (cosmetic utensils)(other than electric toothbrushes), electric toothbrushes, dental floss, clothes brushes, shoe brushes, shoe horns, shoe shine cloths, shoe trees, packaging containers of glass (excluding stoppers, plugs, lids and covers of glass), packaging containers of ceramic, ironing boards, sprayers, ironing stands, feeding vessels for pets brushes for pets, bird cages, bird baths, flower pots, watering cans, cinder shifters for household use, coal scuttles, boot jacks, soap dispensers, chamber pots, toilet paper holders, piggy banks (not of metal), mouse traps, fly swatters, bath water stirrers, bathroom pails, candle extinguishers and candlesticks (not of precious metal), vases and flower bowls (not of precious metal), Koro (incense burners) and perfume burners, outdoor cooking sets (kocher)
Pans, spring form pans, and bundform pans; barware, namely, coasters, shot glasses, and cocktail shakers; stainless steel and copper mixing bowls; colanders; jugs, namely, cappuccino steamers and juice servers; fondue condiment sets, namely, ceramic jars, spoons, and wire rack; food preparation equipment, namely, food mills, food mill disks, potato mashers, potato ricers, juicers, French fry cutters, apple corers, rotary cheese graters, shredder drums, rotary herb graters, plane graters, plane shredders, Parmesan graters, six-sided graters, and four-sided graters; scoops, namely, ice cream scoops, cookie dough scoops, and coffee measure scoops; food storage vessels, namely, canisters, spice shakers, salt and pepper shakers; mesh strainers, conical strainers; kitchen utensils; namely, serving tongs, utility tongs, spatulas, pie servers, turners, dough scrapers, cake servers, griddle scrapers, skimmers, spaghetti servers, spoons, perforated spoons, garlic presses, peelers, apple corers, melon ballers, lemon zesters, cheese knives, cheese slicers, pastry brushes, rubber bowl scrapers, citrus juicers and squeezers, splatter guards, trivets, non-slip base pads, chafing dishes, pot warmers, tea infusers, canning funnels, pastry blenders, potato mashers, meat pounders, soap dishes, paper towel holders, flexible Swedish whisks, piano whisks, balloon whisks, jug whisks, flat whisks, egg whisks, rolling pins, wooden spoons, wooden spatulas; teapots, water pitchers, gravy boats, and cheese shakers