Ice packs; Cleaning wipes; Dispensers for paper wipes (other than fixed); Materials (wipes) for polishing; Spectacle cleaning wipes (impregnated and non-impregnated cloths); Disposable gloves for use in catering; Domestic gloves; Dusting gloves; Gardening gloves; Gloves for cleaning; Gloves for domestic use; Gloves for household purposes; Gloves for polishing; Gloves for washing; Household gloves; Housework gloves; Latex, rubber or vinyl gloves for general use to protect items being handled; Latex, rubber or vinyl gloves for general use to protect the hands (other than against accidents or injury); Oven gloves and mitts (gloves for household purposes); Plastic disposable gloves for household purposes; Polishing gloves; Rubber gloves for domestic use; Rubber gloves for household use; Toothpaste holders; Dental floss; Dental floss in the form of tape; Dental floss in the form of thread; Dental flossing aids; Containers for toothbrushes; Electric toothbrushes; Electrical toothbrushes incorporating oral irrigators; Holders for toothbrushes; Refilling cartridges for toothbrushes; Toothbrush cases; Toothbrush containers; Toothbrush jugs; Toothbrushes; Toothbrushes, electric; Dispensers for liquid soap; Dispensers for soap; Holders for soap; Apparatus for wax-polishing, non-electric; Depilatory wax applicators; Boxes for tissues; Dispensers for tissues; Tissue box covers; Tissue dispensers (containers); Tissue holders (containers); Tissues for cleaning purposes; Dental apparatus for personal use (electric and non-electric); Non-electric cleaning instruments; Non-electric instruments for cleaning purposes; Non-electric instruments for dusting purposes; Non-electric instruments for household cleaning purposes; Boxes for dispensing paper towels; Holders for paper towels; Paper towel dispensers (not fixed); Wall mounted dispensers for paper towels; Sanitary disposal bins; Applicators for cosmetics; Cosmetics applicators; Cosmetics brushes; Devices for cleaning the teeth (electric and non-electric); Devices for washing the teeth (for personal use); Utensils for cleaning teeth; Beakers; Beakers of glass; Beakers of porcelain; Flasks; Glass flasks (containers); Brushes; Applicators in the nature of sponges (other than for medical use); Artificial sponges for household purposes; Kitchen sponges; Sponges for household cleaning; Sponges for household purposes; Sponges for toilet use; Toilet sponges; Kitchen utensils; Combs; Brushes for cleaning babies' feeding bottles; Feeding bottle brushes