Heating or cooling packs filled with chemical substances ready to react when required; dental floss [floss for dental purposes]; unworked or semi-worked glass, not for building; mangers for animals [troughs for livestock]; poultry rings; cosmetic and toilet utensils; tub brushes; metal brushes; brushes for pipes; industrial brushes; ship-scrubbing brushes; gloves for household purposes; industrial packaging containers of glass or porcelain; industrial packaging bottles of plastics; kitchen utensils and containers, not including gas water heaters for household use, non-electric cooking heaters for household purposes, kitchen worktops and kitchen sinks; cleaning tools and washing utensils; ironing boards; tailors' sprayers; ironing boards [kotedai]; hera-dai [fabric marking boards]; stirrers for hot bathtub water [yukakibo]; bathroom pails; candle extinguishers; candlesticks; cinder sifters for household purposes; gotoku [trivets for Japanese charcoal heaters for household purposes]; coal scuttles; Japanese charcoal extinguishers [hikeshi-tsubo]; mouse and rat traps; fly swatters; flower pots; hydroponic plant pots for home gardening; watering cans; feeding vessels for pets; brushes for pets; bird cages; bird baths; clothes brushes; chamber pots; piggy banks; talisman; sacred lots [omikuji]; boxes of metal for dispensing paper towels; soap dispensers; tanks [indoor aquaria] and their fittings; toilet paper holder; flower vases; flower bowls; upright signboards of glass or ceramics; perfume burners; shoe brushes; shoe horns; shoe shine cloths; shoe shine sponges and cloths; shoe-trees [stretchers]; portable cooking kits for outdoor use; cattle hair for brushes, raccoon dog hair for brushes, pig bristles for brushes and horsehair for brushes