Graters (non-electric household utensils); Grinding apparatus (hand-operated household utensils); Hand-operated household utensils; Household utensils; Paperboard trays (household utensils); Plastic containers (household utensils); Plastics trays (household utensils); Sieves (household utensils); Tumbler holders (household utensils); Cooking pots; Non-electric cooking pots; Grills (cooking utensils); Basins (bowls); Bowls for candy; Bowls for nuts; Bowls for vegetables; Disposable plastic bowls; Eating bowls; Finger bowls; Fruit bowls; Plastic bowls (basins); Plastic bowls (household containers); Salad bowls; Serving bowls; Soup bowls; Stainless steel bowls; Bread tongs; Meat tongs; Pastry tongs; Salad tongs; Spaghetti tongs; Vegetable tongs; Carving forks; Tableware (other than knives, forks and spoons); Tableware of cardboard (other than knives, forks and spoons); Tableware of plastics material (other than knives, forks and spoons); Carving boards for kitchen use; Chopping boards for domestic use; Chopping boards for kitchen use; Knife organisers; Knife rests for the table; Oven gloves and mitts (gloves for household purposes); Non-electric kitchen devices for peeling; Spatulas for kitchen use; Dinnerware of stoneware; Plug-in diffusers for mosquito repellents; Serving dishes; Serving ladles; Serving pots; Serving trays; Spaghetti measurers; Spaghetti servers; Ceramic plates (tableware); Ceramic tableware; Cloths for wiping tableware; Coffee services (tableware); Disposable tableware made of plastics (other than cutlery); Oven-to-table tableware; Plastic tableware; Tea services (tableware); Aluminium cookware; Cookware; Plastic cookware items; Terrines (cookware); Aluminium foil containers; Baking containers; Beverage coolers (containers); Brushes for cleaning containers; Combined containers (non-metallic for household use); Combined containers for kitchen use; Combined lids for household containers; Combined lids for kitchen containers; Containers for beverages; Containers for domestic use; Containers for food; Containers for household or kitchen use; Containers for pot pourri; Containers for storage purposes (household or kitchen use); Heat insulated containers for beverages; Baking trays; Pot cleaning brushes; Surface cleaning brushes; Baking utensils; Cooking utensils for use with domestic barbecues; Cooking utensils, non-electric; Domestic utensils; Griddles (cooking utensils); Griddles (non-electric cooking utensils); Kitchen tools (utensils, not electric); Non-electric cleaning utensils; Picnic utensils; Plastic utensils; Servers (kitchen utensils); Stirrers (kitchen utensils); Utensils for cleaning pots