Fruit bowls; Glass bowls; Plastic bowls (basins); Plastic bowls (household containers); Salad bowls; Serving bowls; Soup bowls; Stainless steel bowls; Sugar bowls; Articles of china for household use; Articles of earthenware for household use; Articles of glass for household use; Articles of wood for household use; Artificial sponges for household purposes; Baskets, for household use; Bins for household refuse; Boxes for household use; Brushes for household purposes; Buckets for household use; Ceramics for household purposes; Combined lids for household containers; Composite caps for household containers; Container lids made for household or kitchen use; Containers for household or kitchen use; Containers for household use adapted to dispense their contents; Containers for household use for storage purposes; Containers for household use incorporating a pump; Containers for plants (for household use); Containers for storage purposes (household or kitchen use); Covers for cages for household pets; Covers for household or kitchen utensils; Cutting (chopping) boards for household use; Decorative household containers of china; Decorative household containers of earthenware; Decorative household containers of glass; Decorative household containers of porcelain; Disposable lids for household containers; Drums (containers) for household use; Fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes; Glassware for household purposes; Gloves for household purposes; Graters (non-electric household utensils); Grinding apparatus (hand-operated household utensils); Hand implements for household or kitchen use in removing the lids of jars; Hand operated vaporizers for household use (not tools); Hand-operated apparatus for household use; Hand-operated household utensils; Hand-operated pumps for household use in dispensing cleaning preparations; Hand-operated pumps for household use in dispensing detergents; Hollow glass containers for household use; Hollow glassware for household use; Household containers; Household gloves; Household rubbish containers (bins); Household utensils; Insulated bottles (flasks) for household use; Insulated vessels for household use; Insulating vessels for household use; Jars for household use; Meat choppers (non-electric machines) for household use; Metal trays (household); Non-electric household machines for washing; Non-electric instruments for household cleaning purposes; Non-electric kitchen machines for household purposes; Non-electric peeling machines for household use in the preparation of food; Ornamental ware for household use; Oven gloves and mitts (gloves for household purposes); Paper holders for household use; Paper roll holders for household use; Paperboard trays (household utensils); Plastic containers (household utensils); Plastic disposable gloves for household purposes; Plastic household containers; Plastics trays (household utensils); Polishing buffs (hand-operated) for household polishing; Porcelain for household use; Portable containers (household) for beverages; Portable containers for household use; Presses for foodstuffs for household use (hand-operated); Restraining cages for household pets; Rubber gloves for household use; Sieves (household utensils); Sifters (household utensils); Smoke absorbers for household purposes; Sponge material for household cleaning; Sponges for household cleaning; Sponges for household purposes; Steel decanters (household containers); Stirrers (household utensils); Storage baskets for household use; Storage boxes for household use; Storage receptacles for household use; Storage tins for household use; Strainers for household purposes; Tanks (containers) for household use; Thermally insulated flasks for household use; Trays for household purposes; Utensils for household purposes; Whisks, non-electric, for household purposes; Wiping cloths for household use
Fruit muddlers; non-electric ice crushers; ice tongs; bread tongs; implements (hand operated -) for cracking lobsters; barbecue tongs; vegetable tongs; meat tongs; fish scoops; non-electric garlic peelers; cherry pitters; serving spoons; serving ladles; pasta serving forks; serving forks; ladles for serving wine; bulk sugar scoops; bulk rice scoops; rice scoops; fish slices; nutcrackers not of precious metal; nutcrackers of precious metal; nutcrackers; non-electric pasta makers for domestic use; sugar tongs; carving forks; Japanese style earthenware mortars [suribachi]; clothes-pegs; cleaning rags; lunch boxes; cosmetic powder compacts; paper plates; isothermic bags; cups of paper or plastic; saucers; flasks; cookie jars; combs; perfume vaporizers; toothbrushes; toothpicks; toothbrushes, electric; boxes of glass; glass bowls; glasses [receptacles]; painted glassware; moulds [kitchen utensils]; ice cube molds; bottles; disposable table plates; buckets; bread bins; bread baskets for household purposes; bread boards; frying pans; mugs; beverage glassware; straws for drinking; hip flasks; drinking vessels; portable cool boxes, non-electric; pot lids; pots; toilet sponges; toilet roll holders; shakers; cake moulds; toilet utensils; plates; tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons; trays for household purposes; basins [bowls]; cookie [biscuit] cutters; containers for household or kitchen use; sponges for household purposes; towel racks; brushes, brooms, and other cleaning implements and articles for cleaning purposes, brush-making materials; tableware, cookware and containers; cosmetic and toilet utensils and bathroom articles; statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, made of materials such as porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, included in the class; unworked and semi-worked glass, not for building; brushes and brush-making articles; cleaning articles; compost containers for household use; watering cans; garden syringes; gardening gloves; seed tray inserts; watering can sprinklers; flower vases of precious metal; flower vases; flower pots; flower pot holders; flower syringes; jardinieres of earthenware; jardinieres of glass; flower bowls of precious metal; flower bowls; flower baskets; window-boxes; holders for flowers; bouquet holders; sprinklers for watering flowers and plants; holders for flowers and plants [flower arranging]; sprinkling devices; repotting containers for plants; containers for flowers; planters of clay; porcelain flower pots; planters of plastic; planters of earthenware; planters of glass; plastic spray nozzles; water syringes for spraying plants; glass vases; vases; saucers for flower pots; pot plant support sticks; sprayer wands for garden hoses; nozzles for watering hose; sprayers attached to garden hoses; greenhouse syringes; spray nozzles for garden hoses; nozzles for hosepipes; bowls for plants; bowls for floral decorations; plastic lids for plant pots; covers, not of paper, for flower pots; plant syringes; plant baskets; sprinklers; seed trays; terrariums (indoor -) [plant cultivation]; terrariums (indoor -) [vivariums]; indoor aquaria and vivaria; statues, figurines, signs and works of art, included in this class; articles for animal husbandry, namely aquariums and vivariums, bird baths, cages, feeding and drinking articles, fish bowls, brushes for grooming animals, scoops for the disposal of pet waste; household articles for clothing and footwear, namely boot jacks and shoehorns, button hooks, stretchers for clothing, trouser presses; shoe polishing mitts, shoe trees (stretchers) and shapers; parts and accessories for all the aforesaid goods, included in this class