Figures made of terracotta; Figurines made of terracotta; Model animals (ornaments) made of terracotta; Model figures (ornaments) made of terracotta; Models (ornaments) made of terracotta; Plant containers of terracotta; Sculptures made from terracotta; Sculptures of porcelain, terracotta or glass; Wall decorations of terracotta (other than parts of buildings); Bud vases; Flower vases; Glass vases; Vases; Vases of ceramic; Vases of earthenware; Vases of glass; Vases of plastic; Vases of porcelain; Ceramic plates (tableware); Decorative plates; Fruit plates; Glass plates; Ornamental plates (dishes); Plates (dishes); Plates for collectors (decorative); Table plates; Containers for pot pourri; Culinary pottery; Flower pots; Hanging flower pots; Horticultural pottery; Plant containers in the nature of pots; Plant containers of pottery; Plant pot covers, not of paper; Plant pots; Plaques of pottery; Pots for flowers; Pots for plants; Pottery; Urns; Basins (bowls); Bowls (basins); Bowls for candy; Bowls for flowers; Bowls for nuts; Bowls for plants; Bowls for vegetables; Eating bowls; Finger bowls; Food bowls for pets; Fruit bowls; Glass bowls; Goldfish bowls; Salad bowls; Serving bowls; Platters; Glass mosaics; Mosaics of glass, not for building; Plant containers of clay; Plaques of clay; Decorative boxes of earthenware; Decorative earthenware; Decorative glassware; Decorative household containers of china; Decorative household containers of earthenware; Decorative household containers of glass; Decorative household containers of porcelain; Decorative objects (ornaments) made of china; Decorative objects (ornaments) made of earthenware; Decorative objects (ornaments) made of glass; Decorative objects (ornaments) made of porcelain; Decorative porcelain ware; Decorative pots of earthenware; Decorative pots of glass; Figures made of decorative glass; Figurines made of decorative glass; Porcelain articles for decorative purposes
Fitted picnic baskets; Fitted picnic baskets (including dishes); Picnic boxes; Picnic crockery; Picnic utensils; Picnic ware; Domestic kitchen containers; Kitchen containers; Kitchen containers for water; Non-electric kitchen machines for food preparation; Non-electric kitchen machines for grinding; Non-electric kitchen machines for handling foodstuffs; Non-electric kitchen machines for household purposes; Non-electric kitchen machines for macerating; Non-electric kitchen machines for making aerated beverages; Non-electric kitchen machines for making fruit juice; Non-electric kitchen machines for preparing beverages; Non-electric kitchen machines for preparing food; Non-electric kitchen machines for slicing food; Salad drainers (non-electric kitchen machines); Cutlery holders; Cutlery rests; Cutlery trays; Dish drainers; Bakeware; Hand-operated kitchen utensils; Kitchen utensils; Mixing spoons (kitchen utensils); Molds (kitchen utensils); Moulds (kitchen utensils); Non-electric hand held kitchen utensils; Servers (kitchen utensils); Stirrers (kitchen utensils); Vegetable peelers (hand operated kitchen utensils, other than knives); Graters for kitchen use; Baking containers; Baking dishes; Baking mats; Baking sheets; Baking tins; Baking trays; Baking utensils; Cooking utensils for use with domestic barbecues; Beverageware; Basins (bowls); Bowls (basins); Eating bowls; Serving bowls; Ice cube molds (moulds); Ice cube trays; Ice packs for chilling food; Reusable ice cubes; Ladles for wine; Wine aerators; Wine buckets; Chopping boards for domestic use; Cutting (chopping) boards for household use; Coffee cups; Coffee filters, non-electric; Coffee percolators, non-electric; Coffee pots (non-electric); Non-electric apparatus for making coffee; Cooking utensils, non-electric; Domestic cooking utensils; Grills (cooking utensils); Non-electric cooking utensils; Covers for dishes; Covers for household or kitchen utensils; Dish covers; Bottle coolers (receptacles); Bottle or can carriers for domestic use; Domestic containers for beverages; Domestic containers for food; Portable domestic containers; Thermally insulated domestic containers; Drinking bottles for sports; Drinking containers; Drinking cups; Drinking flasks; Drinking glass holders; Drinking glasses; Drinking straws; Drinking vessels; Straws for drinking; Tumblers (drinking vessels); Egg containers for household use in the storage of eggs; Colanders; Lunch boxes; Heat insulated containers for drinks; Heat-insulated containers; Insulated bottles (flasks) for household use; Insulated bowls; Insulated cups; Thermally insulated containers for food; Thermally insulated flasks for household use
Fitted picnic baskets; Storage jars; Reed diffusers being devices for diffusing perfume, sold empty; Picnic utensils; Cups; Mugs; Cheese boards; Chopping boards for domestic use; Container lids made for household or kitchen use; Soap containers; Soap dispensers; Glasses (drinking vessels); Soap holders; Combined corkscrews; Corkscrews; Picnic ware; Corkscrews with knives; Applicators for cosmetics; Cases adapted for cosmetic utensils; Containers for cosmetics; Cosmetic bags (fitted); Cosmetic cases (fitted); Beverage coolers (containers); Cosmetic powder compacts; Crockery; Dispensers incorporating pumps; Dispensing devices adapted to spray (other than hand tools); Actuators for dispensing pumps; Disposable drinking vessels in paper; Disposable drinking vessels in plastic; Disposable drinking vessels in polystyrene; Disposable lids for household containers; Containers for beverages; Bottle coolers (receptacles); Drinking bottles for sports; Drinking flasks; Flasks for containing beverages; Insulated bottles (flasks) for household use; Insulating flasks; Anti-drip devices for bottles; Thermally insulated flasks for household use; Drip preventers for bottles; Drip preventing rings and collars for bottles; Eating bowls; Bottle openers; Glass bowls; Plastic bowls (basins); Plastic bowls (household containers); Serving bowls; Plates (dishes); Food storage containers; Apothecary jars; Fragrance bottles; Perfume bottles; Glass bottles; Bottles; Glass boxes; Glass dishes; Glass stoppers; Hand-operated pumps for dispensing cosmetic preparations; Hand-operated pumps for dispensing toiletries; Heat insulated containers for beverages; Heat insulated containers for drinks; Barbecue mitts; Heat-insulated containers; Heat-insulated containers for beverages; Candle holders; Infant cups; Infants' drinking cups (other than bottles); Insulated containers; Thermally insulated containers for food; Jam pots; Cookie jars; Vacuum jars; Kitchen utensils; Baskets for household purposes; Kitchenware; Candle jars (holders); Plastic water bottles; Shaving brush stands; Vacuum bottles; Vacuum flasks for holding drinks; Vacuum flasks for holding food; Vacuum flasks for household use; Glass vials (receptacles); Drink coasters (other than of paper or textile); Chopsticks; Beverageware; Jars for household use; Containers for food; Vases; Cleaning wipes; Cool bags; Cosmetics applicators; Cosmetics brushes; Glass containers; Plastic cups; Wine buckets; Wine glasses
Figurines of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass; Kitchenware; Tableware (other than knives, forks and spoons); Cooking pans; Cooking pots; Glass tableware; Glassware; Jugs; Jars for household use; Decanters; Pitchers; Drinking glasses; Glass bottles; Glass bowls; Glass containers; Glass dishes; Plates (dishes); Dishes; Cooking dishes; Baking dishes; Basins (bowls); Bowls (basins); Salad bowls; Ovenware; Bakeware; Cookware; Picnic ware; Lunch boxes; Domestic utensils; Household utensils; Kitchen utensils; Cutting boards for the kitchen; Trays for household purposes; Spice sets; Cups; Drinking cups; Mugs; Bottles; Ceramic tableware; Ceramics for household purposes; Ceramics for kitchen use; Ornaments made of ceramics; Stoneware; Earthenware; Ornaments made of earthenware; Porcelain decorations; Dinnerware of bone china; Dinnerware of porcelain; Dinnerware of stoneware; Coffee filters, non-electric; Coffee pots (non-electric); Coffee grinders, hand-operated; Coffee percolators, non-electric; Kettles, non-electric; Tea caddies; Tea sets; Tea strainers; Teapots; Table napkin holders; Bottle openers; Servers (kitchen utensils); Coolers (ice pails); Ice buckets; Cool bags; Flower pots; Flower vases; Hanging flower pots; Indoor terrariums (vivariums); Watering cans; Vases; Containers for household or kitchen use; Containers for storage purposes (household or kitchen use); Food storage containers; Kitchen containers; Storage containers for domestic use; Place mats made of plastics