Electric toothbrushes; powder compacts; toilet brushes; cosmetic utensils; toilet utensils; glass jars (carboys); glass vials (receptacles); cooking pots; frying pans; stew-pans; coffee filters, non-electric; coffee percolators, non-electric; kettles, non-electric; non- electric coffee drippers for brewing coffee; tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons; dishes; beer mugs; liqueur sets; lunch boxes; pitchers; salad bowls; saucers; services (dishes); table plates; teapots; glass tableware; cups; tea canisters; tumblers for use as drinking glasses; drinking glasses; non-electric portable coldboxes; food preserving jars of glass; drinking flasks for travellers; insulating flasks; cookware; drinking straws; cooking skewers; ice pails; whisks, non-electric; pepper pots; sugar bowls; salt shakers; funnels; corkscrews, non- electric; bottle openers, non-electric; egg cups; tart scoops; napkin holders; napkin rings; chopsticks; chopstick cases; sifters (household utensils); trays for domestic purposes; toothpicks; toothpick holders; cocktail shakers; coffee grinders, hand-operated; mills for domestic purposes, hand-operated; cutting boards for the kitchen; lemon squeezers (citrus juicers); waffle irons, non-electric; candle extinguishers; candlesticks; feeding vessels for pets; brushes for pets; birdcages; bird baths; vases; flower bowls; brushes for shoes and boots; shoe horns; shoe shine cloths; shoe-trees (stretchers); coffee services (tableware); plastic water bottle holders; aroma therapy pots and their parts