Earthenware and stoneware: namely, coffee services, dinner services, tea services, plates, cups, saucers, oatmeals (bowls), serving dishes, soup tureens, vegetable dishes, sauce boats and stands, pickle dishes, fruit bowls, mugs, sandwich trays, teapots, coffee pots, sugar bowls, sugar boxes, jugs, egg cups, egg coddlers and egg boxes, salt and pepper pots (shakers), butter dishes, jam/marmalade pots, coasters, napkin rings (not metal), salad bowls, plant pots, planters and planter stands, herb jars, storage jars, vases, scalloped dishes, crudite dishes, shell dishes, jumbo cups and saucers, cake plates, Collector plates, spaghetti jars, flight bowls, tankards, presentation bowls, comports, bon-bon dishes, candlesticks, tiered cake plates, figurines, limited edition figurines and collector plates, plaques, boxes, sweet dishes, centre-pieces, cabinet cups and stands, footed cups and saucers, loving mugs, ginger jars, hors d'oeuvre trays, mustard pots, fluted dishes, votives, cachepots, canisters, cheese dishes, ewer basins, tea kettles, toast racks, water pitchers, corn-on-cob dishes, melon dishes, ice pails, crocus pots, dinner bells, crescent salad plates, trivet stands, ornamental plates, butter dishes, card boxes, candy dishes, table mats, platters, prawn dishes, servers, cheese cutters, teapot stands, photoframes, candle snuffers, candle extinguishers; glassware namely: pitchers, wine glasses, high ball glasses, cocktail glasses, whiskey glasses, imperial jugs; earthenware and stoneware place name/tags; oven-to-tableware, namely; entree dishes, baking dishes, egg dishes, souffle dishes, flan dishes, handled dishes, triple dishes, square dishes, rectangular dishes, pasta/salad dishes