Dustbins, containers for household and kitchen use (not of precious metal), goblets, beer mugs, holders for flowers and plants, candy boxes (not of precious metal), frying pans, cooking skewers, bread boards, cutting boards (for the kitchen), bread bins, bread baskets, brush goods, butter dishes, butter-dish covers, China ornaments, closures for pot lids, hot pots (non-electric), buckets of all kind, egg cups (not of precious metal), glass jars, disposable table plates, ice buckets, cruet stands for vinegar and oil, cruets for vinegar and oil (not of precious metal), drinking flasks for travellers, strainers for household purposes, flasks not of precious metal, bottles, bottle openers, moulds for ice cubes, deep fryers (non-electric), fruit presses (non electric, for household purposes), vegetable dishes, spice sets, boxes of glass, glass receptacles, grills, grill supports, gloves for household purposes, insulating flasks, insulating containers, insulated containers for beverages, insulated containers for food, cabarets (trays), coffeepots (non-electric and not of precious metal), cooking pot sets, cauldrons, kitchen containers, kitchen utensils, coffee grinders (hand-operated), coffee services (not of precious metal), jugs, decanters, coasters (not of paper and other than table linen), casseroles, cookie jars, ceramics (for household purposes), candlesticks (not of precious metal), candle rings (not of precious metal), garlic presses (kitchen utensils), cooking utensils (non-electric), cooking pots, corkscrews, baskets (for domestic use), cake moulds, coldboxes (portable), food cooling devices (for household purposes), isothermic bags, candelabras, liqueur sets, knife rests for the table, manual mixers (shakers), blenders for household purposes (non-electric), mills (non-electric) for household purposes, noodle machines (hand-operated), fruit cups, paper towel dispensers of metal, pepper mills (hand-operated), pepper pots, plates (dishes), porcelain ware, cocktail; sticks, salad bowls, salt pots, salt cellars, spatulas, bowls, scoops (tableware), signboards of porcelain or glass, pressure cookers (non-electric), basting spoons, dishes, whisks (non-electric, for household purposes), dish covers, trivets, saucepans, soap boxes, serving plates (not of previous metal), lazy susans, napkin rings, sifters (household utensils), siphons for carbonated water, vessels of metal for making ices and iced drinks, menu card holders, confectioner's decorating bags (pastry bags), earthenware, soup bowls, trays for domestic purposes, epergnes, tableware (other than knives, forks and spoons), services (tableware), cups, tea caddies, tea infusers, teapots, teapots (not of precious metal), tea services, tea strainers, rolling pins, crumb trays, pottery, toilet paper holders, pie servers, pot lids, pots, drinking vessels, drinking glasses, saucers, vases, sugar bowls
Dustbins; dusting apparatus, non-electric; mugs; beer mugs; flower pots; boxes for sweetmeats; butter dishes; bread bins; bread baskets, domestic; brushes (except paint brushes); painted glassware; china ornaments; hot pots, not electrically heated; deodorising apparatus for personal use; buckets; egg cups; cruets; cruets; chopsticks; brushes, electric (except parts of machines); combs (electric); bottle openers, electric and non-electric; flasks; bottles; figurines, statuettes of porcelain, earthenware or glass; non-electric frying pans; fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes; glassware for household purposes; vegetable dishes; spice sets; glasses (receptacles); household or kitchen utensils and containers (not of precious metal or coated therewith); glass bowls; griddles (cooking utensils); gridiron supports; blenders, non-electric, for household purposes; napkin holders; household utensils; insulating flasks; kitchen containers; crystal [glassware]; coffee sets; cheese-dish covers; cookie jars; ceramics for household purposes; pitchers; decanters; candlesticks; baskets for domestic use; cake moulds; works of art, of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass; kitchenware, cooking pot sets; moulds (kitchen utensils); combs and sponges; garlic presses [kitchen utensils]; cooking pots; kitchen utensils; knife rests for the table; shakers, non-electric kitchen mills; mills for domestic purposes, hand-operated; noodle machines, hand-operated; fruit cups; unworked glass and semi-worked glass (except glass used in building); hand-operated cleaning implements; beaters, non-electric; stirring spoons (for kitchen use); cocktail stirrers; fitted picnic baskets (including dishes); pepper pots; dishware; porcelain and earthenware, all the aforesaid goods included in this class; lunch boxes; articles for cleaning purposes; cutting boards for the kitchen; soap boxes; soap holders and soap dishes; soap dispensers; menu card holders; dishware; salad bowls; salt shakers; basins [bowls]; pan mats, soup bowls; lazy susans; napkin rings; cocktail shakers; scrapers (kitchen implements); scoops (tableware); hot pots, not electrically heated; sieves (household utensils); sifters (household utensils); tea caddies; tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons; services [dishes]; tea services [tableware]; meal trays; table utensils; pots; crockery; pottery; cups; teapots; table plates; drinking vessels; beverage glassware; toilet paper dispensers; toilet paper dispensers; saucers; vases; wall-mounted soap dishes; waffle irons, non-electric; kettles, non-electric; toothbrush holders; sugar bowls; decorative objects and works of art of glass, porcelain or material similar to porcelain
Dustbins; dishwashing brushes; basins (receptacles); containers for household or kitchen use (except in precious metal); bread bins; bread baskets (domestic); cruets, not of precious metal; vegetable dishes; tableware (other than knives, forks and spoons) not of precious metal; boxes of glass; metal boxes for dispensing paper towels; towel holders, not of precious metal; coffee grinders, hand operated; decanters; cheese-dish covers; stew-pans; cauldrons; cooking utensils, non-electric; mills for domestic purposes; porcelain, included in this class; sugar bowls, butter dishes and powder compacts, not of precious metal; trays for domestic purposes, not of precious metal; coasters, not of paper and other than table linen; wine-tasters (siphons); goblets, not of precious metal; brooms; beer mugs; sprinklers for watering flowers and plants; holders for flowers and plants (flower arranging); flower-pot covers, not of paper; cloth for washing floors; scrubbing brushes; bread boards and cutting boards for the kitchen; ironing boards; brush goods; butter dishes; egg cups, not of precious metal; pails; glass jars (carboys); ice buckets; figurines, statuettes of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass; bottles; bottle openers; ice cube moulds; fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes; glass bowls; mosaics of glass, not for building; hand-operated cleaning instruments; shirt stretchers; trouser presses; trouser stretchers; thermally-insulated containers for food and drink; cabarets (trays), not of metal; biscuit tins; ceramics for household purposes; candle extinguishers, not of precious metal; candlesticks, not of precious metal; candle rings, not of precious metal; stretchers for clothing; buttonhooks; cooking pot sets; pots, not of precious metal; works of art of porcelain, terracotta or glass; candlesticks (not of precious metal); knife rests for the table; mixers, manual (cocktail shakers); fruit cups; opaline glass; cups of paper or plastic; wax-polishing appliances for parquet floors, non-electric; fitted picnic baskets (including dishes); signboards of porcelain or glass; shoe horns; wax-polishing appliances, non-electric, for shoes; shoe-trees (stretchers); dishes, not of precious metal; sponges for household purposes; soap boxes and holders and soap dispensers; menu card holders; carpet beaters (hand instruments); toilet cases; portable cold boxes and coolers, non-electric; ironing board covers (shaped); vases, not of precious metal; wash-tubs; indoor terrariums (plant cultivation); flower pots.
Dustbins, baking mats, mugs, containers for household or kitchen use, beer mugs, candy boxes, frying pans, cooking skewers of metal, bread boards, bread bins, ironing boards, butter dishes, butter-dish covers, closures for pot lids, egg cups, glass jars [carboys], disposable table plates, coolers [ice pails], bottle openers, electric and non-electric, corkscrews, electric and non-electric, cruets, strainers for household use, containers for household or kitchen use, vegetable dishes, spice sets, basting spoons [cooking utensils], boxes of glass, glasses [receptacles], oven mitts, grills [cooking utensils], grill supports, noodle machines, hand-operated, cleaning instruments, hand-operated, coffee grinders, hand-operated, mills for domestic purposes, hand-operated, pepper mills, hand-operated, utensils for household purposes, heat-insulated containers, insulating flasks, heat-insulated containers for beverages, thermally insulated containers for food, coffee services [tableware], decanters, cheese-dish covers, cookie jars, ceramics for household purposes, garlic presses [kitchen utensils], cookery molds [moulds], cooking pot sets, cooking pots, cooking utensils, non-electric, baskets for domestic use, cake molds [moulds], kitchen containers, kitchen utensils, kitchen utensils, basting brushes, refrigerating bottles, cocktail shakers, heaters for feeding bottles, non-electric, food steamers, non-electric, hot pots, not electrically heated, deep fryers, non-electric, fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes, coffee filters, non-electric, coffeepots, non-electric, coffee percolators, non-electric, blenders, non-electric, for household purposes, kitchen grinders, non-electric, beaters, non-electric, whisks, non-electric, for household purposes, non-electric autoclaves, wax-polishing appliances, non-electric, for shoes, tortilla presses, non-electric [kitchen utensils], waffle irons, non-electric, kettles, non-electric, crushers for kitchen use, non-electric, f; ruit cups, oven mitts, waste paper baskets, fitted picnic baskets, including dishes, porcelain ware, lunch boxes, kitchen graters, mixing spoons [kitchen utensils], cocktail stirrers, salad bowls, salt cellars, spatulas [kitchen utensils], cutting boards for the kitchen, dishes, lazy susans, vessels of metal for making ices and iced drinks, confectioners' decorating bags [pastry bags], earthenware, trays for domestic purposes, tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons, cups, tea infusers, teapots, tea services [tableware], tea strainers, pastry cutters, rolling pins, domestic, plates, toilet cases, pot lids, pots, pottery, pie servers; funnels, drinking vessels, drinking glasses, tankards, saucers, laundry drying racks, washtubs, pipettes [wine-tasters]