Containers for used diapers of paper, for hiding or preventing the smell of the used diapers; containers for rubbish, for hiding or preventing the smell of the rubbish; potties; chamber pots with washing water squirter; baby baths; pans and pots; non-electric coffee-pots (not of precious metal); 'tetsubin' (cast iron kettles); kettles; tableware (not of precious metal); ice pails; household whisks (non-electric); portable coldboxes; strainers; pepper pots/sugar bowls/salt shakers (not of precious metal); egg cups (not of precious metal); napkin holders/napkin rings (not of precious metal); trays (not of precious metal); toothpick holders (not of precious metal); bamboo bowls; shakers; rice scoops; hand-operated coffee grinders/pepper mills; funnels; glass preserving jars; drinking flasks; wooden pestles; earthenware mortars; dining trays/stands; bottle openers; graters; tart scoops; pan-mats/trivets; chopsticks; chopstick cases; ladles/dippers; sieves/shifters; chopping boards; insulating flasks/vacuum bottles; rolling pins; toothpicks; lemon squeezers; non-electric waffle irons; cleaning and laundry equipment; gloves for household purposes; toilet utensils (cosmetic utensils); clothes brushes; shoe brushes; shoe horns; shoe shine cloths; handy shoe shiners; shoe-trees; packaging containers of ceramic or glass; ironing boards; flower pots; sprayers; boot jacks; ironing stands; watering cans; chamber pots; soap dispensers; piggy banks (not of metal); toilet paper holders; 'hera-dai' (tailors' tracing spatula boards); bath water stirrers; bathroom pails; candle extinguishers and candlesticks (not of precious metal); vases (not of precious metal); 'koro' (incense burners/perfume burners); outdoor cooking sets; flower bowls (not of precious metal); wind chimes
Cooking pot sets, beer mugs, drinking vessels, beverages (heat insulated containers for-), soap boxes, glass bowls, decanters, fruit cups, crystal (glassware), cooking pots, cutting boards for kitchen, spice sets, crockery, earthenware, pots (flower-), pans (frying-), drinking flasks for travellers, pots, vegetable dishes, liqueur sets, utensils for household purposes, not of precious metal, paper plates, trays for domestic purposes, of paper, porcelain ware, vases, not of precious metal, pottery, containers for household or kitchen use (except in precious metal), salad bowls not of precious metal, salt shakers, not of precious metal, dishes, not of precious metal, saucers not of precious metal, soup bowls, not of precious metal, statues of porcelain, terra cotta or glass, sugar bowls, not of precious metal, cups, not of precious metal, teapots, not of precious metal, urns, not of precious metal, goblets, not of precious metal, mugs, not of precious metal, works of art of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, table plates, not of precious metal, toothbrushes, busts of china terra-cotta or glass, coolers (portable), trays for domestic purposes, not of precious metal, jugs, not of precious metal, pitchers, not of precious metal, pots, not of precious metal, kitchen containers, not of precious metal, cooking utensils, non-electric, signboards of porcelain or glass, figurines (statuettes) of porcelain, terra cotta or glass, flasks, not of precious metal, tankards, not of precious metal, cups of paper or plastic, drinking glasses, lunch boxes
Cookware, namely pots, pans, and covers therefor; bakeware, namely baking sheets, baking cups, broiler pans, cookie pans, crispers, grill toppers, loaf pans, muffin pans, pie pans, pizza pans, roasters, roast pans, and roast racks; kitchenware and gadgets, namely bag closure clips, bagel holder, basters, basting spoons, bottle openers, bottle pourers, bottle stoppers not of rubber, bouillon spoons, bowl and plate scrapers, butter dishes, cake decorating kits, cake racks, cake servers, cake testers, can piercers, can tappers, canister sets, cheese boards, plastic coasters, wooden coasters, cocktail shakers, domestic coffee measures, colanders for household use, oven-to-table racks, corers, cork pullers, corkscrews, corn sets, corn skewers, cutting boards, dough blenders, drainers, non-electric egg beaters, egg separators, funnels, garlic presses, graters, gravy skimmers, hamburger turners, ice cream dippers, ice cream scoops, ice cube molds for refrigerators, iced drink spoons, icing bags, bottle openers, non-electric juicers, ketchup dispensers, lemon-lime squeezers, lid grippers, meat servers, meat tenderizers, melon ballers, mixing bowls, mug trees, mustard dispensers, napkin holders, nut picks, pan drainers, poultry cavity closing device consisting of wires to which thread is attached to close the cavity, spatulas, confectioners' decorating bags, pie servers, paper towel holders, pastry brushes, cocktail picks, potato mashers, rolling pins, salad spinners, salt and peper shakers, seafood picks, service scoops, salad dressing shakers, shot glasses, shrimp deveiners, flour sifters, skewers, carving boards, spaghetti measures, spatulas, spice racks, spoon rests, steamer baskets not of precious metal, mixing spoons, strainers, sugar and creamer sets, tea balls not of precious metal, tea squeezers, tongs, tuna squeezers, utensil wall racks, vertical roasters, and whisks; household products and containers, namely bottle brushes, stove burner covers, sponges for household purposes, dishwashing sponges, magnetic clips being kitchenware, metal and porcelain range top drain pans, sink drainers, soap dishes, towel bars; brushes, namely basting brushes, pastry brushes, grill cleaning brushes, and vegetable brushes, chopsticks, pastry blenders, salad servers, egg timers, plastic lobster bibs, in international class 21
Containers; sacred containers or vessels; household or kitchen containers and utensils (all not of precious metals); containers made of metal, wood, plastic, porcelain, ceramics, glassware, earthenware or any mix thereof; containers for storing a variety of items, including storing writing materials, stationery, audio cassettes, CD's, cards, and other novelty items, such as crystal indicators, semi precious stones used to signal messages and other articles particularly related to storing and or communicating messages; containers for novelty gift items such as confectionery, and chocolates; containers in various designs for use as gift containers for special occasions and events which are to be placed in the house; containers for: display and decorative purposes, statues, statuettes, figurines of porcelain, terracotta, glass, china ornaments; boxes of glass: containers for: perfume, burners, sprayers and vaporisers, deodorising apparatus for personal use, signboards of porcelain and glass, candlesticks, candle rings, and napkin holders, napkin rings (not of precious metals); household and kitchen containers, including salt and pepper cellars, tankards, beer mugs, cookie jars, portable coolers, crystal (glassware) decanters, drinking glasses, drinking vessels, goblets, not of precious metals, ice buckets, toilet paper holders, bread bins, flower pots, kitchen containers (not of precious metails), lunch boxes, mess tins, mixers manual (cocktail shakers), moulds (ice cube and kitchen utensils), mugs; urns in this class made of glass, ceramic, metal, plastic or wood; knobs of porcelain; gardening gloves; glassware painted, indoor terrariums; lazy susans, liquor sets being liqueur sets; table plates and table wares; trays; coasters; drinking flasks for travellers
Containers for household or kitchen use, cookie jars, cups (egg) cups (fruit) cups (not of precious metal) cups of paper or plastic, cutting boards for kitchen, decanters dishes not of precious metal, drinking glasses, drinking vessels, dustbins, dusting cloths, earthenware, enamelled glass, flower pot covers not of paper, flower pots, fruit cups, glass bowls gardening gloves, glass flasks (containers), glass jars (carboys), glass stoppers, glass unworked or semi worked (except building glass), glassware (painted), gloves for household purposes, gloves (gardening), gloves polishing, goblets not of precious metal, heat insulated containers, holders for flowers and plants (flower arranging), ice buckets, ice cube moulds, ice pails, unsulating flasks, ironing board covers (shaped), isothermic bags, jars (glass) (carboys), jugs not of precious metal, kitchen containers not of precious metal, knobs of porcelain, lazy susans, leather (polishing), liquer sets, litter boxes (trays) for pets, lunch boxes, lye washtubs, menu card holders, mixers manual (cocktail shakers), mixing machines non electric for household purposes, mixing spoons (kitchen utensils), mops, mosaics of glass not for building, moulds ice cubes), moulds (kitchen utensils), mugs not of precious metal, napkin holders not of precious metal, napkin rings not of precious metal, nest eggs (artificial), nozzles for sprinkler hose, nozzles for watering cans, opal glass, opaline glass, pads for cleaning, pails, pans (frying), paper plates, pastry cutters, peppermills hand operated pepper pots not of precious metal, perfume burners, pets (litter boxes (trays) for), picnic baskets (filled) including dishes, pie servers, piggy banks not of precious metal, pitchers not of precious metal, plate glass (raw material), plates (paper), plungers for clearing blocked drains, polishing gloves, polishing leather, polishing materials (for making shiny) (except preparations paper and stone, porcelain ware, pot lids, pots, pots (f; lower), pots not of precious metal, pottery, powder compacts not of precious metal, powder puffs, powdered glass for decoration, rags for cleaning, refrigerating bottles, refuse bins, roses for watering cans, sacred vessels not of precious metal, salad bowls not of precious metal, table plates not of precious metal, tableware (other than knives, forks, and spoons not of precious metal, tea balls not of precious metal, tea strainers not of precious metal, tea pots not of precious metal, toilet paper holders, toothbrushes, toothpick holders not of precious metal, trays for domestic purposes not of precious metal, trays (litter) for pets, utensils for household purposes not of precious metal, vases not of precious metal, watering cans, whisks non electric for household purposes, works of art of porcelain terracotta or glass
Compacts using light emitting diodes; dental floss (floss for dental purposes); wired plate glass (not for building); laminated flat glass (not for building); colored sheet glass (not for building); figured plate glass (not for building); glass pipes (not for building); glass balls and beads (not for building); glass rods and bars (not for building); modified sheet glass (not for building); glass bulbs and tubes (not for building); photosensitive sheet glass (not for building); tempered glass (not for building); ultraviolet ray transmitting glass (not for building); infrared ray absorbing glass (not for building); decorative glass (not for building); glass incorporating fine electrical conductors (not for building); luminous glass (not for building); common sheet glass (not for building); radiation shield glass (not for building); foam glass (not for building); glass for chemical laboratory glassware; lens glass (unwrought or partly wrought material, not for building); mangers for animals (troughs for livestock); poultry rings; cooking skewers; tub brushes; metal brushes; brushes for pipes; industrial brushes; ship scrubbing brushes; industrial packaging containers for beverages; industrial packaging containers for cosmetics; industrial packaging containers for food; industrial packaging containers for medicines; industrial packaging containers of ceramics; glass stoppers (for industrial packaging containers); glass covers and lids (for industrial packaging containers); flower vases and bowls (not of precious metal); wind chimes; upright signboards of glass or ceramics; perfume burners; personal washing cloths; face-powder cases; pocket mirrors; pocket mirror bags; combs; comb cases; cosmetic cream cases; make-up sets; toilet sponges; toilet brushes; vanity cases (fitted); perfume sprayers (sold empty); powder compacts (not of precious metal); soap holders and boxes; toilet cases; nail brushes; powder puffs; toothbrushes (non-electric); toothbrush cases; shaving brushes; shaving brush stands; hair brushes; lip brushes; eyebrow brushes; portable cooking kits for outdoor use; pig bristles (hog bristles for brushes)
Containers for soap; containers for soap solutions; dishes for soap; dispensers for liquid soap; dispensers for soap; holders for soap; magnetic soap holders; soap boxes; soap boxes; soap containers; soap dishes; soap dispensers; soap dispensers; soap holders; wall mounted dispensers for soap; applicators for cosmetics; containers for cosmetics; cosmetics applicators; cosmetics brushes; cosmetics utensils; brushes for the hair; hair brushes; hair combs; hair for brushes; large-toothed combs for the hair; abrasive sponges for kitchen (cleaning) use; abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin; applicators in the nature of sponges (other than for medical use); artificial sponges for household purposes; kitchen sponges; scouring sponges; skin (abrasive sponges for scrubbing the -); sponge bags; sponge cloths for cleaning; sponge holders; sponge material for household cleaning; sponge mops; sponges for household cleaning; sponges for household purposes; sponges for toilet use; toilet sponges; cases for combs; comb (electric); comb cases; combined closures for containers (for household use); combined containers (non-metallic for household use); combined containers for kitchen use; combined corkscrews; combined lids for household containers; combined lids for kitchen containers; combined stoppers for kitchen containers; combs; combs for animals; combs for use on domestic animals; electric combs; eyelash combs; hair combs; large-toothed combs for the hair; baby baths (portable); bath brushes; bathroom basins (receptacles); bird baths; denture baths; plastic bathroom fittings; rings for towels (bathroom fittings); boxes of for dispensing paper towels; boxes of metal, for dispensing paper towels; demisting towels; dispensers for the hand towels of paper (other than fixed); dispensers for towels (other than fixed); holders for paper towels; paper towel dispensers (not fixed); rings for towels (bathroom fittings); towel holders; towel rails; wall mounted dispensers for paper towels; coasters not of paper or textiles; fiberglass other than for insulation or textile use; fiberglass thread, not for textile use; fibreglass other than for insulation or textile use; fibreglass thread, not for textile use; glass fibre yarns (other than for textile use); glass fibres (other than for textile use); glass thread, other than for textile use; glass yarns, other than for textile use; industrial wiping cloths of textile; non-textile cloths for commercial cleaning; non-textile cloths for domestic cleaning; non-textile cloths for industrial cleaning; non-textile fabrics of glass fibre; place mats not of paper or textile; textile cloths for cleaning; textile materials for wiping (cleaning); textile wiping cloths; vitreous silica fibers (fibres), not for textile use
Coffee cups; coffee filters, non-electric; coffee grinders, hand-operated; coffee mugs; coffee percolators, non-electric; coffee pots (non-electric); coffee services; coffee-pot stands; coffeepots, non-electric; hand operated coffee mills; non-electric apparatus for making coffee; non-electric coffee brewers; non-electric coffee makers; non-electric coffee percolators; non-electric coffee pots; services for coffee; cardboard cups; coffee cups; cups; cups made of cardboard; cups made of ceramic material; cups made of china; cups made of earthenware; cups made of paper; cups made of plastics; cups made of porcelain; cups made of pottery; cups of paper or plastic; devices for domestic use in holding cups; dispensers of disposable cups; drinking cups; glass cups; insulated cups; paper cups; plastic cups; coasters not of paper or textiles; coasters, not of paper and other than table linen; drink coasters (other than of paper or table linen); beverage coolers (containers); containers for beverages; flasks for keeping beverages cold; flasks for keeping beverages hot; heat insulated containers for beverages; disposable drinking vessels in paper; disposable drinking vessels in plastic; disposable drinking vessels in polystyrene; disposable plastic drinking vessels; drink coasters (other than of paper or table linen); drinking containers; drinking cups; drinking flasks; drinking flasks for travellers; drinking glass holders; drinking glasses; drinking glasses made of plastics; drinking mugs made of earthenware; drinking mugs made of porcelain; drinking receptacles; drinking vessels; drinking vessels made from glass; fitted cases adapted for dispensing drinks; glasses (drinking vessels); heat insulated containers for drinks; holders for drinking vessels; tumblers (drinking vessels); tumblers (drinking vessels) of china; tumblers (drinking vessels) of glass; tumblers (drinking vessels) of plastic; vacuum flasks for holding drinks; sugar bowls; sugar pots
Combined containers (non-metallic for household use); combined containers for kitchen use; combined lids for kitchen containers; combined stoppers for kitchen containers; composite caps for household containers; composite caps for kitchen containers; containers for beverages; containers for domestic use; containers for food; containers for foodstuffs; containers for household or kitchen use; containers for household use adapted to dispense their contents; containers for household use for storage purposes; containers for household use incorporating a pump; containers for household use made of plastic; containers for kitchen use made of plastics material; containers for storage purposes (household or kitchen use); coolers (non-electric containers); devices for domestic use in holding containers; domestic containers for beverages; domestic containers for food; domestic kitchen containers; drinking containers; food containers; food storage containers; heat insulated containers for beverages; heat insulated containers for drinks; heat retaining containers for food; heat-insulated containers; household containers; household containers of plastics; ice containers; infants' drinking containers (other than bottles); insulated containers; kitchen containers; plastic kitchen containers; portable containers (household) for beverages; portable containers for household use; portable domestic containers; pumps for dispensing liquids from containers (hand-operated); refrigerated containers (not electric or gas powered); stackable containers for household use in food preparation; thermally insulated containers for food; thermally insulated domestic containers
Cooking skewers, of metal; skewers (cooking implements); aluminium moulds (kitchen utensils); covers for household or kitchen utensils; egg separators (kitchen utensils); garlic presses (kitchen utensils); hand-operated kitchen utensils; kitchen utensils; molds (kitchen utensils); servers (kitchen utensils); spatulas (kitchen utensils); stirrers (kitchen utensils); tenderizers (kitchen utensils); vegetable peelers (hand operated kitchen utensils, other than knives); hand tools (hand operated) for opening bottles; kitchen tools (utensils, not electric); baking containers; brushes for cleaning tanks and containers; combined containers for kitchen use; containers for beverages; containers for domestic animals; containers for food; containers for garbage; containers for household or kitchen use; containers for pet food; containers for plants (for household use); drinking containers; foil food containers; food containers; food containers for pet animals; heat insulated containers for beverages; heat retaining containers for food; household containers; plant containers in the nature of pots; plastic containers (household utensils); plastic containers for dispensing drink to pets; plastic containers for dispensing food to pets; plastic household containers; portable domestic containers; refrigerating containers (not electric or gas powered); refuse containers; storage containers for domestic use; thermally insulated containers for food; waste paper containers for domestic use; water bottles (containers)
Combs for personal grooming, hair combs, eyelash combs; wash bags; cosmetics brushes, brushes for personal hygiene, eyebrow brushes, eyelash makeup applicators, cosmetics applicators, hair brushes, nail brushes, sponges being personal grooming articles, skin cleansing brushes; clothes brushes, shoe cleaning brushes; shoe cloths, non-electric shoe polishers; toothbrushes, toothpicks, toothpick holders, tooth polishing appliances for personal use; electric toothbrushes incorporating oral irrigators, electrical devices for home use in the care of the teeth and mouth; boot brushes; cosmetic utensils, cosmetic powder compacts, powder compacts sold empty; potpourri jars; perfume burners; vanity cases, toiletry cases; deodorizing apparatus for personal use; name card holders; art objects of China, earthenware and glass; candle sticks, candle rings of common metal; ceramic ornaments; China figurines; coasters in the form of crockery; coffee services of china, common metal or non-metallic materials; crockery for kitchen use; culinary pottery; cups (not of precious metal); cutlery holders and rests; decorative Chinaware, earthenware, porcelain and glassware, decorative objects made of china, earthenware, glass and porcelain, decorative pots and trays of China for household purposes, earthenware, glass and porcelain; drink coasters (other than of paper or table linen); drinking mugs made of earthenware and porcelain; drinking glasses; shot glasses; carafes and decanters; figurines of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, China, ceramic, crystal and decorative glass; statues of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass; flower vases, vase covers not of metal, vases not of precious metal, decorative vases not of precious metal; plant pots, plant pot covers not of metal; glassware for household and kitchen purposes; holders for glasses, tumblers, drinking vessels, paper napkins and paper towels; jugs not of precious metal; jars for household use; kitchen cutting boards; non-electric kitchen machines and devices for food preparation; hand-operated mixing apparatus for kitchen use; plates; crockery of ceramic, including plates, bowls, cups and saucers; ceramic dinnerware, namely plates, bowls, cups, saucers and serving pieces; teapot stands; woks; sugar bowls, pepper pots and salt shakers; bowls, bowls for plants, bowls for vegetables, eating bowls, fruit bowls, serving bowls, soup bowls, salad bowls; mugs, not of precious metal; teapots, not of precious metal; egg cups; tea canisters; coffee canisters; sugar canisters; tumblers (drinking vessels); dispensers for paper wipes, paper hand towels and serviettes (other than fixed); decorative boxes of china, chinaware, earthenware and glass; drip mats for tea; drink stirrers, sticks for stirring drinks or cocktails; fitted vanity cases
Coffee pots (non-electric); Cooking pots; Flower pots; Hot pots (not electrically heated); Plant pots; Pots; Serving pots; Stew-pots; Utensils for cleaning pots; Cooking pot sets; Teapots; Cake pans; Cooking pans; Frying pans; Non-electric chip pans; Stew-pans; Utensils for cleaning pans; Bowls (basins); Eating bowls; Finger bowls; Fruit bowls; Glass bowls; Plastic bowls (household containers); Salad bowls; Soup bowls; Stainless steel bowls; Wash bowls (receptacles); Glassware; Bakeware; Baking containers; Baking dishes; Baking tins; Baking trays; Baking utensils; Crockery; Paper cups; Paper plates; Tableware (other than knives, forks and spoons); Brooms; Buckets incorporating mop wringers; Mop heads; Mop pails; Mop squeezers; Mops; Dustcloths; Dusters; Dustpans; Feather-dusters; Bath brushes; Brush and shovel sets; Brushes; Brushes for footwear; Dishwashing brushes; Fireplace brushes; Lavatory brush stands; Lavatory brushes; Bread bins; Refuse bins; Vases; Non-electric food cooking vessels; Non-electric cool boxes; Heat-insulated containers; Heat-insulated containers for beverages; Insulated boxes; Insulated containers; Flasks for containing beverages; Cool bags; Cutlery holders; Holders for dispensable articles; Holders for flowers and plants (flower arranging); Holders for paper napkins; Holders for paper towels; Holders for soap; Holders for toilet paper; Holders for toothbrushes; Food storage containers; Storage containers for domestic use; Clothes drying racks (not heated); Towel racks; Vegetable racks; Dish drainers; Salad drainers (non-electric kitchen machines); Glass containers; Food containers; Mugs; Buckets
Coffee pots, tea pots, coffee cans and tea cans whether or not with filter (non electric, made of precious metals); cafetieres (non electric, made of precious metals), coffee sets and tea sets made of precious metals; coffee boxes, tea boxes, coffee cans and tea cans made of precious metals; coffee cups and tea cups made of precious metals, coffee mugs and tea mugs made of precious metals; saucers, made of precious metals; tea eggs, tea strainers made of precious metals; cream sets, cream cans, sugar pots and trays for domestic use, all of precious metals; holders for coffee glasses and tea glasses made of precious metals; cardboard cups; coffee grinders, to be served manually; non-electrical coffee and tea making apparatus; coffee pots and tea pots, whether or not with filter (non electric, not of precious metals); coffee cans and tea cans, whether or not with filter, non electric); coffee filters (non electrical) and plastic holders for coffee filters; coffee percolators (non electric); cafetieres (non electric), coffee sets and tea sets (not of precious metals or gilted or silvered); coffee boxes and tea boxes (not of precious metals or gilted or silvered); coffee cans and tea cans (not of precious metals or gilted or silvered); coffee glasses and tea glasses; holders for coffee glasses and tea glasses, (not of precious metals or gilted or silvered); coffee cups and tea cups, coffee mugs and tea mugs, (not of precious metals or gilted or silvered); saucers, (not of precious metals or gilted or silvered); tea eggs, tea strainers, cream sets, cream cans, sugar pots and trays for domestic use, all n