Ceramic plates (tableware); Fruit plates; Glass plates; Plastic plates (dishes); Plates (dishes); Table plates; Coffee cups; Cups; Drinking cups; Insulated cups; Plastic cups; Bowls for nuts; Bowls for vegetables; Finger bowls; Fruit bowls; Insulated bowls; Salad bowls; Serving bowls; Soup bowls; Stainless steel bowls; Sugar bowls; Platters; Colanders; Food colanders; Serving dishes; Serving pots; Serving trays; Rolling pins (domestic); Pestles and mortars; Baking utensils; Cooking utensils for use with domestic barbecues; Cooking utensils, non-electric; Domestic cooking utensils; Egg separators (kitchen utensils); Garlic presses (kitchen utensils); Graters (non-electric household utensils); Hand-operated domestic utensils; Hand-operated kitchen utensils; Juice extractors (utensils); Kitchen tools (utensils, not electric); Kitchen utensils; Mixing spoons (kitchen utensils); Spatulas (kitchen utensils); Vegetable peelers (hand operated kitchen utensils, other than knives); Aromatherapy burners (non-electric); Articles of wood for kitchen use; Soup tureens; Potato mashers (hand-operated kitchen implements); Cheese boards; Cheese-dish covers; Drinking glasses; Glasses (drinking vessels); Wine glasses; Ceramic mugs; China mugs; Coffee mugs; Drinking mugs made of earthenware; Drinking mugs made of porcelain; Mugs; Coffee grinders, hand-operated; Coffee percolators, non-electric; Coffee services (tableware); Containers for food; Containers for foodstuffs; Teapots; Non-electric steamers for cooking; Salt mills; Salt shakers; Pepper mills, hand-operated; Stands for pepper mills; Cake servers; Cake stands
Ceramic mugs; Ceramic plates (tableware); Ceramic tableware; Ceramics for household purposes; Ceramics for kitchen use; Plant containers of ceramic; Vases of ceramic; Dinnerware of bone china; Dinnerware of porcelain; Dinnerware of stoneware; Glass tableware; Oven-to-table tableware; Plastic tableware; Tableware (other than knives, forks and spoons); Tableware in the form of earthenware; Tableware in the form of glassware; Tableware made of paper (other than knives, forks and spoons); Tableware of cardboard (other than knives, forks and spoons); Tableware of porcelain; Tea services (tableware); Articles of china for household use; Articles of earthenware for household use; Articles of glass for household use; Baskets, for household use; Buckets for household use; Combined closures for containers (for household use); Combined containers (non-metallic for household use); Combined lids for household containers; Container lids made for household or kitchen use; Containers for household or kitchen use; Containers for household use for storage purposes; Containers for storage purposes (household or kitchen use); Covers for household or kitchen utensils; Decorative household containers of china; Decorative household containers of earthenware; Decorative household containers of glass; Decorative household containers of porcelain; Glassware for household purposes; Household containers; Household utensils; Plastic bowls (household containers); Plastic containers (household utensils); Porcelain for household use; Storage baskets for household use; Storage boxes for household use; Storage receptacles for household use; Storage tins for household use
ceramic sculptures; works of art made of terra cotta, porcelain or glass; glassworks of art; works of art made of crystal; works of art made of china, ceramic, porcelain, earthenware or glass; mosaic art tiles made of glass and ceramic, not for building; mugs; cups; china ornaments; ceramic ornaments; cloths for cleaning lenses; travel mugs; coffee travel mugs; souvenir plates; commemorative plates; containers for food or beverages; containers for household use; beverage stirrers; insulated drink holders for bottles and cans; portable coolers for food and beverages; portable beverage coolers; portable beverage dispensers; cooling containers for bottles; drinking flasks; jugs; drinking glasses; lunchboxes; lunch pails; cups of paper or plastic; vessels of metal for making ices and iced drinks; containers for ice; non-electric coffee percolators; hip flasks; bottle stands; tumblers; cooling containers for bottles; beverage glassware; beverageware; candle holders not of precious metal; canteens; coasters not of paper and not being table linen; coasters; cookie cutters; cookie jars; cork screws; decorating bags for confectioners; decorative boxes; decorative glass; decorative plates; dinnerware; dishes; flower pots; glassware, hair brushes; hair combs; heat-insulated vessels; household or kitchen utensils and containers (not of precious metal or coated therewith); insulated containers; insulating sleeve holders for beverage containers; lipstick holders (other than of precious metal); lunch kits consisting of lunch boxes and insulated containers; napkin holders; napkin rings not of precious metals; oven mitts; paper plates; plastic trays; plates; porcelain and earthenware not included in other classes; removable insulators for drink cans and bottles; soap dishes; sponges; steel wool; tea kettles; tea sets; toothbrushes; trays; trivets; unworked or semi-worked glass (except glass used in building); vacuum bottles; wastepaper baskets; drinking steins; pot holders
Ceramics for kitchen use; Combined containers for kitchen use; Containers for household or kitchen use; Containers for storage purposes (household or kitchen use); Covers for household or kitchen utensils; Crockery for kitchen use; Crushers for kitchen use, non-electric; Cutting boards for the kitchen; Domestic kitchen containers; Domestic non-electric kitchen apparatus; Egg separators (kitchen utensils); Garlic presses (kitchen utensils); Glassware for kitchen purposes; Graters for kitchen use; Hand implements for household or kitchen use in removing the lids of jars; Hand-operated apparatus for kitchen use; Hand-operated kitchen utensils; Hand-operated slicing machines for kitchen use; Hollow glass containers for kitchen use; Hollow glassware for kitchen use; Kitchen containers; Kitchen containers for water; Kitchen grinders, non-electric; Kitchen mitts; Kitchenware; Meat tenderizers (hand-operated kitchen utensil); Mechanical presses (non- electric machines) for kitchen use; Mixing apparatus (hand-operated) for kitchen use; Molds (kitchen utensils); Moulds (kitchen utensils); Non-electric hand held kitchen utensils; Non-electric kitchen devices for chipping; Non-electric kitchen devices for chopping; Non-electric kitchen devices for cutting; Non-electric kitchen devices for dicing; Non-electric kitchen devices for extruding; Non-electric kitchen devices for grating; Non-electric kitchen devices for grinding; Non-electric kitchen devices for mashing; Non-electric kitchen devices for mincing; Non-electric kitchen devices for paring; Non-electric kitchen devices for peeling; Non-electric kitchen devices for pressing; Non-electric kitchen devices for scraping; Non-electric kitchen devices for shelling; Non-electric kitchen devices for shredding; Non-electric kitchen devices for slicing; Non-electric kitchen machines for food preparation; Non-electric kitchen machines for grinding; Non-electric kitchen machines for handling foodstuffs; Non-electric kitchen machines for household purposes; Non-electric kitchen machines for macerating; Non-electric kitchen machines for making aerated beverages; Non-electric kitchen machines for making fruit juice; Non-electric kitchen machines for preparing beverages; Non-electric kitchen machines for preparing food; Non-electric kitchen machines for sharpening; Non-electric kitchen machines for sieving; Non-electric kitchen machines for slicing food; Non-electric kitchen mixers; Non-electric machines for use in the kitchen; Plastic kitchen containers; Potato mashers (hand-operated kitchen implements); Pouring spouts for kitchen use; Salad drainers (non-electric kitchen machines); Servers (kitchen utensils); Shaping machines (hand-operated) for kitchen use; Shredders (hand operated), for kitchen use; Vegetable peelers (hand operated kitchen utensils, other than knives)
Ceramics for household purposes; figurines [statuettes] of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass; decorative china; candy boxes, not of precious metal; china ornaments; signboards of porcelain or glass; ornamental models made of porcelain; busts and statues of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; works of art made of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; ornaments made of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; piggy banks of china; boxes of porcelain; porcelain eggs; porcelain mugs; works of art made of earthenware; coin boxes made of earthenware; boxes of earthenware; earthenware basins; pottery; plaques of pottery; works of art made of ceramic; ceramic coin boxes; plaques of pottery; glass holders for candles; garden gnomes of glass, earthenware and porcelain; figured plate glass, not for building; mosaics of glass, not for building; works of art made of glass; decorative boxes of glass; ornamental glass spheres; containers for household or kitchen use; ceramic hollowware; ceramic tableware; ceramics for household purposes; heat insulated domestic vessels of porcelain, glass or earthenware; services [dishes]; porcelain ware; dishes; table plates; table plates and drinking glasses made of glass; table plates and drinking glasses made of paper or plastic; serving platters; trivets [table utensils]; coasters (tableware); glass holders; mugs; coupes [bowls]; bowls [basins]; plastic bowls [household containers]; coffee services [tableware]; tea services [tableware]; cups; coffee cups; coffee scoops; china mugs; tea cups; sugar bowls; coffeepots, non-electric; vases; trays for household purposes; baskets for household purposes; waste baskets; bottles made of glass or plastic; bottle stands; pitchers; decanters; household or kitchen utensils; kitchen containers; cooking pot sets; baking utensils; baking dishes; aluminium moulds [kitchen utensils]; cookery moulds; spatulas for kitchen use; basting spoons [cooking utensils]; cutting boards for the kitchen; knife rests for the table; cans for kitchen use; epergnes; napkin holders; potholders; oven mitts; household containers; lunch pails; canister sets; thermally insulated containers for food or beverages; all-purpose portable household containers; butter dishes; bread baskets for household purposes; salad bowls; dessert plates; cake brushes; cookie [biscuit] cutters; wine buckets; graters for kitchen use; citrus reamers; perfume burners; cleaning instruments, hand-operated; gloves for household purposes; brooms; plastic buckets; combs and brushes for hairs; toothbrushes; soap holders; sponges