Aquarium equipment being feeding or breeding traps; Aquarium hoods; Aquariums; Ceramic ornaments; China ornaments; Crystal ornaments; Glass ornaments; Perfume atomizers; Scent sprays (atomizers); Bakeware; Hand operated hand sprayers, for watering plants; Barbecue mitts; Waste paper baskets; Basting brushes; Bath brushes; Toilet sponges; Plastic bathroom fittings; Holders for shaving brushes; Mechanical presses (non- electric machines) for kitchen use; Lunch boxes; Disposable stirrers of plastics for beverages; Bottle openers, electric and non-electric; Bottles; Table stands for bottles; Glass stoppers; Brushes for footwear; Bakers' brushes; Brushes; Brushes for household purposes; Dishwashing brushes; Toilet brushes; Washing brushes; Pot cleaning brushes; Surface cleaning brushes; Clothes brushes; Clothes drying racks (not heated); Cookie cutters; Grills (cooking utensils); Corkscrews; Corkscrews, electric and non-electric; Cosmetics brushes; Cruet sets; Cruet sets for oil and vinegar; Cups; Mugs; Dinnerware of bone china; Dinnerware of porcelain; Dinnerware of stoneware; Plungers for clearing blocked drains; Strainers for household purposes; Spray bottles (vaporizers) for toilet preparations; Combs for animals; Brushes for grooming pet animals; Grinding apparatus (hand-operated household utensils); Hand-operated condiment grinders; Non-electric grinders; Holders for toilet paper; Make-up brushes; Make-up removing appliances; Food bowls for pets; Domestic gloves; Gloves for cleaning; Gloves for washing; Latex, rubber or vinyl gloves for general use to protect the hands (other than against accidents or injury)