Accessories for wash rooms, sanitary and cleaning rooms, namely dispensers for towels, for paper towels, for face towels, for cosmetic tissues, for bags for sanitary towels, for disinfectants and soaps, holders for toilet rolls, for toilet paper, for toilet brushes, for soaps, for glasses and for tooth brushes, for soap dishes, for waste bins, for waste buckets; baskets, for domestic use, not of precious metal; washing baskets, flower pots, towel racks, all aforementioned goods also combined, all aforementioned goods essentially of metal, fixed or removable; utensils and containers for household and kitchen use, in particular cookery pots, sieves, bowls, dishes, as far as included in this class, and in particular for the storage of foodstuffs or kitchen utensils (not of precious metals or plated); kitchen sink accessories of metal, namely wire-mesh dishes, draining bowls and trays, wire-mesh grates and baskets; washing troughs, flower pots, each essentially of metal; kitchen waste and/or sorting modules, consisting of a support (for example, swivel or roller mounted), bucket, lid; preparation boards, dishes and sieves for kitchen activities; kitchen utensils, cookery utensils; barbecue grills (kitchen appliances), sieves (household appliances); all aforementioned goods of metal and in particular of stainless steel; cutting boards for kitchen use; steel wool for cleaning purposes, scouring pads for kitchen use, cleaning utensils, cleaning cloths (in particular impregnated with detergent)