Wardrobe doors; metal shelving (furniture); modular shelving (furniture); non-metallic hangers for shelving; non-metallic shelving parts; office shelving; panels configured to engage fixture elements for supporting shelving; plastic edging materials for shelving; shelving apparatus (furniture); shelving for sale in kit form; shelving frames of metal (furniture); shelving frames, not of metal (furniture); shelving made of metal (furniture); shelving sold in kit form; shelving units; wooden shelving (furniture); article storage apparatus (furniture); boxes for storage purposes (plastic); boxes for storage purposes (wood); cabinets for storage purposes; furniture for storage; furniture for use in the storage of television apparatus; furniture for use in the storage of video apparatus; garment covers (storage); hanging storage racks (furniture); magazine storage files (furniture); mobile storage racks (furniture); non-metallic containers for storage purposes (other than household or kitchen use); non-metallic racks (furniture) for use in storage; non-metallic storage racks (furniture); non-metallic tool storage containers; pedestal storage units (furniture); relocatable metal storage racks (furniture); relocatable non-metallic storage racks (furniture); shelves for storage; side storage units; storage apparatus (furniture); storage baskets (furniture); storage boxes (furniture); storage cabinets (furniture); storage cases (furniture); storage chests made of plastic; storage chests made of wood; storage containers for use in cars; storage cupboards (furniture); storage drawers (furniture); storage frames (furniture); storage furniture; storage installations (furniture); storage modules (furniture); storage rails (furniture); storage shelves (furniture); storage units (furniture); storage units for cupboard conversions; under bed storage chests for clothing; wooden chests for the storage of toys; wooden storage boxes; work stations (furniture) incorporating storage space; hooks for bath robes; non-metallic rails for sliding doors; non-metallic rollers for sliding doors; non-metallic runners for sliding doors; non-metallic sliding doors for furniture; non-metallic tracks for sliding doors; non-metallic, non-electric mechanisms for sliding doors; sliding doors for furniture; wardrobe sliding doors; storage baskets (furniture); bathroom mirrors; cupboards fitted with mirrors; frames for mirrors; mirrors being items of furniture; silvered glass (mirrors); wall mirrors